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									                                     James McIntyre

                             Cortlandt Manor, New York, 10567

      Objective: A challenging position where I can use my educational background,
                    along with my broadcasting and telecommunications experience

                           Licenses: FCC First Class Radio Telephone

  Employment: History:              Technical Controller
                          The New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation
                                1501 Broadway, New York, N.Y.

                 Supported and maintained the OTB on line betting system.
         Performed diagnostics tests on Verizon T1 Sonet Ring circuits using our
                           Castlerock test and monitoring system
       Reconfigured the system, correcting malfunctions of branch office equiptment
                          in coordination with branch personnel.
Responsible for configuring the Satellite TV signals for our Master Control, that we received
  through our Integrated Receiver Decoders, used for transmission of these signals on our
          TV Channels 71 and 73 on the Time Warner and Cablevision systems.
       Configured these signals through our Knox Router for the appropriate channel.
 Recorded all of the problems of the day in our PC Database using our Help Desk system.

                                        WCBG Radio
                                 Radio Hill, Chambersburg, Pa.

                 DJ/ Newscaster responsible for a daily air shift, which included
                                 Newscasts and Commercials.

                                Life Insurance Premium Adjuster
                          The North American Reassurance Corporation
                                 245 Park Ave., New York, N.Y.

           Responsible for calculating and adjusting premiums on client's policies and
               for communication with the Ceding Companies about such policies.

             Education:     Graduate of Broadcast and Electronics Programs
                                     Announcer Training Studios
                                           New York, N.Y.

                                       M.S. Degree Sociology
                                Southern Connecticut State University
                                      New Haven, Connecticut

                                       B.A. Degree Sociology
                                   The University of South Florida
                                          Tampa, Florida

               Special Training: Disc Jockey Shows, Newscasting, Interviews,
                    Control Board Operation, Programming and Production,
                    Radio and TV Broadcast Systems, Satellite Transmission,
                   Receiver/Decoders, Audio Systems, and Trouble Shooting

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