Logan Visit by MIT Students -- November 2004 --- Richard de Neufville by Q9Pg4wvt


									Logan Visit by MIT Students -- November 2004 --- Richard de Neufville

This sheet summarizes some statistical data observed by MIT graduate students visiting Logan.

Travel Time to Logan by T
Generally good – for students not carrying bags.

However, unreliable: The difference between the shorter and the longer time to/from the
student’s base and the airport was about 25%, with a range of 0 to 65%.

Logan Shuttle got bad reports:
    long time from new T station to first terminal (up to 15 minutes, including wait for bus)
    Stops at Terminal B confusing – even to students studying airport and reading signs
    Reports of drivers getting off bus, leaving passengers waiting for several minutes.

People Arrive Very Early at Airport
The data are remarkable compared to 1990’s data.

In the 1990’s domestic passengers observed by the class arrived at airport about 55 minutes
ahead of flight. In 2004 they arrived about 1h30 min ahead of time – slightly down from 2002,
when it was 1h45min.

The comparable data for international passengers was about 1h45 min in both 2004 and 2002.

       Minutes ahead of flight passengers arrive at Logan (2004)

Type of Flight       60    80     100    120    140    Average      Range

Domestic             xx    xxx    xxx xxxx       x         91      75 - 130
International              xxx    xxx xxxxx      xx        104     62 - 135

Delivery of Bags
The service is as close to identical with previous years: it takes an average of 15 minutes from
the time the plane arrives to when the first bag is on the carousel. The last bag takes an average
of 10 minutes more.

The system is however unreliable. Waits of over 30minutes have always been common at
Logan, and this was confirmed by observations this year.

             Times to arrival of first and last bag at Logan (2004)

                 5    10  15     20     25     30     35    40 Average Range
 First Bag       x   xxxx xxx    xx                   x          15     5 - 34
 Last Bag                 xx     xxx     x     xx     xx    x    24    13 - 39

Time in Check-In Queues
The proliferation of kiosks (and home/office check-ins) mean that the observations this year
cannot be compared when data of previous years.

It is clear, however, that this process is vastly improved compared to life without kiosks.

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