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					                                 Performance Management
Performance improvement is one of the important elements that promote employee efficiency. This is
because it is instrumental in determining the output of a specific procedure against the output, with the
aim of increasing the effectiveness of a given procedure. As such, performance improvement may be
applicable to individual performance as well as at team level. In most cases, the findings of the
performance of the organization form the basis of new ideas that will seek to improve the output. Thus,
the primary aim of performance improvement for the organization is to increase the effectiveness as
well as efficiency of the organization by ensuring that the organization is well positioned to deliver the
services or goods as per the set parameters.

The other important element of within an organization is performance appraisal that refers to the
systematic process that is used in evaluating the productivity and performance of an individual
employee based on preset criteria as well as the objectives of the organization. Some of the aspects of
individuals that are considered during this process include accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses, and
potential for improvement among others. Even then, it is unfortunate that most organizations tend to
abuse this management tool as many managers undertake performance appraisal with wrong motives.
Thus, they will often be the basis of a promotion determination, pay increase determination and in
some instances, sackings too are based on performance appraisals.

The main purpose of appraisals is to foster performance management by giving employees feedback on
their performance. Appraisals are also important in identifying the training needs of your employees
that will contribute towards the desired output. Thirdly, appraisals also provide a means of documenting
the criteria that is necessary in allocating organizational resources. Through performance appraisals,
organizations are also capable of forming the basis for organizational diagnosis as well as development,
ensure that there exists smooth communication between the administrators and employees as well as
validate the human resource policy and selection techniques that promote equal employment

Organizations that want to reach their goal need to consider investing in performance management.
This is because performance management is very important in developing teams as well as individuals
so that they can become great achievers. Thus, when teams and individuals are able to achieve their
goals at different organizational levels, then the organization can be sure of reaching and even
surpassing its ultimate goals. This calls for organizations to engage the performance improvement
experts like the UK based Performance Improvement Coach that helps managers to first identify the
efficient as well as inefficient practices within the organization and consider measures to improve on the
areas that need improvement. The Performance Improvement Coach will also take managers through
the importance of getting the junior staff on their side through motivation that eventually boosts their
morale thereby building up to good results. In summary, performance management is a tool that every
organization needs to explore in order to ensure that they achieve great and desirable results at all
levels of the organization.

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