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									Questions and Answers For
Self Service Time and Attendance (SSTA)
For the Employee

How do I log in to SSTA?
You navigate to the SSTA by clicking the "Enter My Time" button on the MassHR
website ( Enter your employee ID in the user ID field and an
assigned password to get to your online timesheet. The first time you log in to SSTA you
will be prompted to change your password.

How do I report time?
You enter your time on your online time sheet. Your online timesheet is pre-populated
with your regular work schedule (if you have one). Make any necessary adjustments to
your time and click "submit" to report your time.

How do I request time off?
Your agency's policy with regard to requesting leave time remains the same.

How is time approved?
Your supervisor/manager will review and approve your online timesheet.

Can I view my vacation, sick or personal time balances on my online timesheet?
Yes, your leave balances are available on your online timesheet.

I have an approved flex. schedule. Will I enter my hours in an online timesheet?
Yes, you will enter you time on your online timesheet.

Who do I call if I have questions about how to use the online timesheet?
Call the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC). It is your first stop to answer
questions about time and attendance.

I am a punch time employee and have a default schedule on my timesheet. What do
I do if I work a rolling schedule?
Punch time employees using a predefined schedule but working a rolling schedule can
manually update their online timesheet to reflect actual work times.
If I punch in on Monday using a TCD, then work offsite on Tuesday, can I go online
and manually enter my time on an online timesheet for the Tuesday time?
No. Employees may only enter their time in one way. If you are a TCD employee you
can only enter time through the TCD. You will only be able to view your timesheet
online. You will not be able to edit your timesheet online.

Can I change my timesheet once my Time Approver has approved the time on my
Yes. You may change your timesheet for the current pay period and one pay period in
arrears. All changes to the online timesheet need to be approved by your Time

Will I be notified that my time has been approved?
No. Employees can see the status of their reported time by viewing their online time

Will I be notified that my time has been denied?
Yes. If a Time Approver denies an employee's time, the employee will receive an
automated message indicating their reported time was denied. Suggested business
practice is that approvers follow up with the employee to correct any issues regarding the
online time sheet.

How can I enter afternoon time? The system keeps defaulting to morning (AM).
To enter afternoon time, type the letter "P" after the number or enter military time. If you
do not enter the letter "P" or use military time, the time will automatically default to AM.
For 5:00 PM you would enter "5p" or "17."

Do overtime and comptime Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) require a secondary level
of approval?
Yes. An employee or Time Approver may enter overtime and comptime Time Reporting
Codes (TRCs), but HR/Payroll must apply a secondary approval before that time is paid.
During what time periods is the SSTA application available for time entry and
SSTA Operating Hours are published on the MasHR website:

Will I receive a notification that the approval of my timesheet has been delegated to
another Time Approver?
No. Suggested business practice is that managers notify their employees that time
approval has been delegated to another manager.

For the Time Approver

Will I get an email if someone delegates the approval of their employees' time to
No. The suggested business practice is that a Time Approver delegating time approval
should communicate to the delegate and provide them the time period for which approval
has been delegated and with their Group ID. The Time Approver to whom approval has
been delegated will need the Group ID to search for the delegated employees on their
Manager Dashboard.

I'm a Time Approver. To whom can I delegate time approval for my employees?
Time Approvers may delegate time approval on a temporary basis to another Time
Approver within their agency. Time Approvers are managers/supervisors who have been
identified as Time Approvers in HR/CMS. You should refer to your agency policy for
time approval when delegating.

If a position is vacant, and there are employees that report to that position number,
will the manager above the vacant position in the agency hierarchy get access to
approve time for those employees or does time approval need to be delegated?
The manager who is above the vacant position in the reporting hierarchy can see and
approve the employees' times without delegation. The manager above the vacant position
will see those employees in their Manager Dashboard automatically.

If I delegate time approval to another Time Approver, when will my employees'
time appear on the Manager Dashboard of the person to whom I delegated time
Time approval delegations are processed overnight. The Time Approver to whom you
have delegated time approval will be able to see your employees' time on their Manager
Dashboard the following day (they will need to select your Group ID from the drop down
to view your employees).

For the Agency HR/Payroll Personnel

Can a Reports To Time Approver be in another agency from the employees they
No. Approvers must be in the same agency in order to access and approve time for
employees that report to them.

I have employees who work different shifts. To what shift should I assign them (1, 2,
or 3)?
In order to utilize shift differential calculations select the shift that is their default and be
sure that their default schedule is accurate.

Is it necessary to assign a regular schedule for contractors or per diem employees?
Our contractors and per diem employees do not work a regular schedule.
It is not necessary to assign a schedule to contractors or per diem employees. Agency
HR/Payroll users should note that those without an assigned schedule will not appear on
the reports associated with under- or over-reported time.

When a new employee is set up in Self-Service Time and Attendance by agency
HR/Payroll, when will the new employee be able to view their online timesheet?
A new employee set up in SSTA should be able to see their time sheet the following day,
once an overnight update process is finished.

Can a Reports To position number be vacant?
Yes. A Reports To position number can point to a vacant position as long as the vacant
position has a valid Reports To populated to continue the Reporting structure.

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