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                UK Prepares for a New Gateway on Scott Street

       LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 31, 2008) − When the Newtown Pike extension is
completed and Scott Street evolves into a more heavily traveled thoroughfare, the
University of Kentucky will have a new, more convenient gateway to campus.
       Proposing the creation of a more attractive, more functional front door for its
visitors that will also further community development goals, the university recently
announced its intention to sell four buildings and adjacent land on the west edge of
campus. The chosen developer will be required to renovate Reynolds Building #1 for a
Fine Arts Facility and lease back the property to the university.
       The six-acre parcel of property includes university-owned and privately owned
land and buildings. Bolivar Street borders the property to the north, Scott Street to the
south, South Broadway to the west, and the parking area behind Taylor Education
Building to the east. The university is offering for sale about five acres of land with four
buildings, Reynolds Buildings #1, #2 and #3 and the IRIS Building. An optional acre
behind Taylor Education Building is also available.
       According to the RFP, the mixed-use development project might comprise
hotel/conference, residential, parking, retail, restaurant and classroom facilities.
Developers are encouraged to create inviting public spaces with connectivity to campus.
       The University’s development goals are to:
       • improve the existing Fine Arts Facility, located in the Reynolds Building #1
       • assure appropriate and compatible long-term development adjacent to the
campus border
       • meet community economic redevelopment and infill goals
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       • provide amenities that will help attract exceptional students, faculty and staff and
serve the needs of the university and local community as well as the many visitors to the
campus and surrounding area
       • stimulate high quality development to elevate the design and character of the
“gateway” to UK following the completion of the Newtown Pike extension.
       • engage the community as a stakeholder and be responsive to the adjacent
neighborhoods and community.
       Constructed in 1917, the Reynolds Warehouse with its tall, flexible floor areas,
durable surfaces and large windows, has been home to the majority of faculty and
students in the Department of Art for more than 30 years. The Reynolds Warehouse
features durable materials, sound construction techniques and a sense of craftsmanship,
rendering an enduring sense of quality not often achieved in today's construction
environment. Its timber structure and masonry exterior lend a strong sense of character
to the building, and a tremendous affinity for the building has been voiced by the
students, faculty and alumni.
       These positive attitudes exist despite the building's many persistent problems.
Improvements are needed in lighting, campus access, building egress, fire safety,
ventilation and inadequate environmental control.
       Recent developments off campus have changed the public perception of South
Broadway and the area occupied by the Reynolds properties. To the west of the rail
underpass a large residential complex has been constructed, where a series of
warehouse structures once stood. To the west of Bolivar Street, land has been cleared of
warehouse and industrial buildings to make way for another residential development. On
the same contiguous block as the Reynolds property, warehouses have been renovated
as loft apartments. Across Bolivar to the north a new mixed use development is being
constructed. These projects have dramatically changed the area around the Reynolds
Building and have increased its visibility to the public.
       The 2002 Physical Development Plan proposed relocating the College of Law to
Scott Street. Acceptance of this recommendation along with the presence of the College

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of Education makes the Reynolds Building site a viable location for the Department of Art.
In 2004, a study undertaken for the College of Education showed improvements and
additions to the Taylor Education Building and Dickey Hall that would locate pedestrian
access and outdoor functions, including food service, on the west side of Taylor facing
the Reynolds property.
           Fine arts, law, and education are all programs which involve continuous, intensive
use through the day and evening, making this precinct a busy and vibrant place on UK’s
future campus.
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