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					                        TOWN OF WEST POINT
                     PLAN COMMISSION MEETING

      Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statues 19.84 the Plan Commission of the
Town of West Point held their semi-monthly meeting on Thursday, March
19, 2009 at the West Point Town Hall, N2114 Rausch Road, Lodi,
Wisconsin. The meeting was posted in three places as required by law and
on the town's web site. Kevin Kessler called the meeting to order at 7:30
p.m. Members present were: Kevin Kessler, Fred Madison, Nathan Sawyer,
Gordon Carncross (town board representative), Wayne Houston, Sheila
Landsverk and Ron Schoepp (7:35 p.m.). Also present was Edith Eberle-
Town Clerk.

       Agenda #2 Public Hearing for Certified Survey Map for the Lysenko
Family at W12849 Juniper Drive, Lodi, WI 53555 – Tax Parcels #112, 113
and 116 – Present representing the Lysenko family were: Rod Lysenko and
Celia Parsen. There were 14 letters sent out for the public hearing to
surrounding properties within 500 feet. Rod Lysenko explained that when
his mother died the property (113 acres and home) was left to the Lysenko
children (Rod, Celia, John and Michael) to divide. A 2 lot CSM was
presented to the Plan Commission. The Lysenko children would like to
divide the land into 2 parcels of land (parcel one (1) will be 40 acres with a
home, parcel two (2) will be 73 acres to be used as agricultural. There were
no comments from residents present at the public hearing.

      Agenda #3 Approve Minutes from February 19, 2009 – A motion was
made by Fred Madison to approve the February 19, 2009 minutes with
minor corrections, 2nd by Nathan Sawyer – motion carried.

       Agenda #4 Correspondences – Town Clerk Edith Eberle stated that
the Town of West Point has purchased a scanner and that the town board
minutes from 1983 to 2003 and Plan Commission minutes from 1992 (when
established) will be scanned by the end of next week and will soon be on the
town’s web site. Sheila Landsverk stated that the Town of West Point
should get the Sunshine award for putting the minutes on the web site.

      Agenda #5 Citizen Input – None
        Agenda #6 Certified Survey Map, Declaration of Covenants,
Conditions and Restrictions for the Lysenko Family at W12849 Juniper
Drive, Lodi, WI 53555 – Tax Parcels #112, 113 and 116 – A motion was
made by Fred Madison to recommend approval to the town board of the 2
lot Certified Survey Map and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions for the Lysenko family at W12849 Juniper Drive – Tax Parcels
#112, 113 and 116, 2nd by Sheila Landsverk. The plan commission had a
question concerning the building envelope – in the declaration of Covenants,
Conditions and Restrictions in #1 & #4 gives one development right and that
the siting standards for lot 2 shall apply to the building envelope. The
motion was carried.

       Agenda #7 Columbia County Towns Advisory Committee -
Chairman Kevin Kessler reported that he had just received the information
packet from the February 25th meeting and that he will review the packet and
have copies made for Town Board members and Plan Commission members
of portent information. The next meeting is March 25th at 6:00 p.m.

      Agenda #8 Town Board Report – Gordon Carncross reported on the
March 12, 2009 meeting.

      Agenda #9 Next Meeting Agenda – There will be no meeting on April
2, 2009 and possibly April 16, 2009.

      Agenda #10 Adjourn Meeting – A motion was made by Sheila
Landsverk to adjourn the March 19, 2009 Plan Commission meeting at 8:12
p.m., 2nd by Wayne Houston – motion carried.

                                            Respectfully submitted by,

                                            Edith K. Eberle
                                            Town Clerk

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