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The Support Services and Spending Plan (SSSP) must provide documentation of your SSSP costs. It
includes all BSB services to be provided, the frequency, amount, and annual cost of the services.

Determining Your Consumer-Directed Budget

Your individual budget is based on your needs and what the Senior and Long Term Care (SLTC) Division
would pay your personal assistance agency and your case management team to meet those needs. Your
total individual BSB budget is determined from two primary sources: your historic Home and Community
Based Services (HCBS) waiver service plan of care and cost sheet and your personal assistance service
authorization from the Mountain-Pacific Quality Health (M-PQH) nurse. Five percent of your total individual
budget will be rolled into a BSB contingency fund that the Department manages. For more information on
how to access contingency funds refer to BSB 919.

You will receive information on the amount of your BSB budget after:
    you view the training video,
    you meet with the Regional Program Officer (RPO) for mandatory training,
    you sign the Consumer Agreement Form, and
    M-PQH has conducted an in-person BSB review.

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   o State Plan Personal Assistance :
       32 hours week @ $15.08/hour X 52 =                                     $25,093.00

   o Historic HCBS Waiver Cost Plan:
       Respite, Medical Alert, Habilitation Aide                              $14,000.00
       Case Management Fee (9.05/day)                                         $ 3,303.00

                                   =                                          -------------
       Total                                                                  $42,396.00

   o BSB Individual Budget:
       Subtract 5% for contingency fund                                       $ 2,120.00

$25093+$14000+$3303-$2120 = $40,276 per year
                           $3,356 per month
SSSP Budget Limit

While your budget is intended to last through your SSSP year, you may be able to access contingency
funds if your health condition or needs change suddenly. See BSB 919 for a discussion regarding change
in condition and contingency funds.

            You will not get any additional BSB money in your budget unless your condition
changes. If you overspend your monthly budget, you will need to reduce the total number of hours
of service you receive or go without some of the other services you currently receiving.

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SSSP Budget Savings

You are able to save money in your budget for one-time purchases. In the Savings Plan section of your
SSSP you can list the items you plan to save for and include an estimated cost for each item. You can
access to the money set aside in your SSSP when your monthly spending report indicates that you have
enough in savings to cover the cost of the item. The only exception to this is when you plan to save all year
for a more expensive item. In this case you can purchase the item before you have saved the entire
amount, but you must have three months of monthly spending reports that demonstrate your ability to spend
within the parameters of your monthly spending and savings plan. If you plan to spend your savings in
advance you will want to talk with your Independence Advisor about the process.


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