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					                                                                         PRESS RELEASE
                                                                         24 SEPTEMBER 2009

Sustainability under one roof!
Australian Living launches their first ‘Eco-Challenge’ project and
constructs the first residential pool to use Envirocrete - Boral’s
Green Concrete.

Australian Living has launched the first of a series of projects called ‘Eco-Challenge’. The
‘Eco-Challenge’ promotes the sustainable building industry and challenges home owners to
build sustainable homes. Together with Boral and Prime Design Pools, Australian Living is
constructing the first residential swimming pools to use Envirocrete, Boral’s green concrete.

“At Australian Living, we define a sustainable home as one that emits close to zero carbon
emissions by not relying on traditional energy sources and one that has minimal impact on
our environment. The combination of smart design, thermal comfort technology and the use
of eco-friendly products can allow the home owner to not only reduce their eco-footprint but
to allow them to save dollars in the future in energy and water costs.” says Cameron Rosen,
Owner of Australian Living.

“It is inevitable that Australians will be paying a lot more for their electricity when the
Emissions Trading Scheme kicks in. So it is important to build smartly now for the future.”
says Cameron.

Australian Living’s first ‘Eco-Challenge’ project is the development and construction of four
new sustainable homes on a large block of land on Strickland Street, Rose Bay, New South

“These four homes will showcase how sustainability can be applied under one roof. Each
home has a different owner who has chosen their own architects and Australian Living has
been assisting them and educating them about how they can build a home that goes beyond
the current state sustainability requirements. One of the four homes has scored a BASIX
equivalent eight star rating for thermal performance.” says Cameron.

Australian Living has researched the sustainable building products and services and is
bringing together a team of suppliers that will assist them in designing and delivering
sustainable homes.

“We are aware that there are ‘green/sustainable’ claims out there so we researched how
sustainable a product or service really was. We looked at whether a product is certified for
sustainability and used a variety of sustainable product rating tools.” says Cameron.

“It is fantastic that, through Australian Living’s Eco-Challenge project, Boral is able to further
showcase and promote Envirocrete as a sustainable concrete that has all-round usage.”
says Bob Bornstein from Boral Concrete.”

Bob continues, “For the pools we are providing a concrete that uses waste or recycled
cementitious materials and aggregates in quantities that can contribute two points to the
Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating scheme. Builders and developers are
starting to see the benefits of using green concrete.”
                                                                       PRESS RELEASE
                                                                       24 SEPTEMBER 2009

Tas Kipriotis from Prime Design Pools says “This is the first time that we have used green
concrete in the construction of a pool and at first we were unsure as to how it would turn out.
There were a couple of teething problems but these were quickly sorted out and the end
result was as good as a pool using standard concrete. We are now a lot more confident in
recommending green concrete to customers.”

Cameron says, “The building industry needs to better show that it is ready to build
sustainable homes and Australian Living will help show consumers how it is possible to bring
sustainability under one roof.”

About Australian Living

Australian Living Pty Ltd is a Sustainable Building Management and Consultancy
incorporated in 2008 by Cameron Rosen.

Cameron has a Bachelor of Building from University of New South Wales and has been
building and renovating residential, retail and corporate premises since 1992.

Australian Living is developing Eco-Challenge projects to promote the sustainable building
industry and challenge home owners to design the most sustainable house they can afford.


If you would like more information about this topic or you would like to arrange an interview
with Cameron Rosen please contact Anthony Lieberman 0413 803 987 or email

Australian Living Pty Limited
PO Box 357
Rose Bay NSW 2029
Mobile 0411 222 231
ABN 85 131 194 637

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