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									E. Competitive Events Information

 DECA Competitive Events Overview ................................................2-3

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                          DECA Competitive Events
Since its conception, DECA has held a channel for students to compete against peers for
recognition of skills necessary to marketing careers. DECA Competitive Events parallel
Marketing Education curricula and industry-validated competencies, referred to as
Competency-Based Competitive Events (CBCE).

The events are held in the major career clusters of:

                           Business Administration & Management
                                    Hospitality & Tourism
                                 Marketing, Sales & Service

Within each of the career cluster areas are specific occupational categories:

  Apparel and Accessories                     Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  Advertising                                 Restaurant and Food Service Management
  Business Law                                Retail Merchandising
  Services Marketing                          Hotel Lodging
  Sports and Entertainment Marketing          Technical Sales
  Food Marketing                              Automotive Services

Within each of these occupational categories, students participate in evaluation of
competencies in the following instructional areas:

          Human Resource Foundations (Communications, Human Relations, & Career
          Selling (Selling, Product/Service Technology, Math)
          Promotion (Advertising, Sales Promotion, Visual Merchandising)
          Distribution (Inventory Control, Transportation, Storage)
          Risk Management
          Economic Foundations
          Marketing and Business Foundations
          Purchasing
          Marketing Information Management-Product/Service Planning
          Pricing

Participants compete in written and role-playing events, which simulate actual business
situations. They are judged by business people in the specific occupational area.
Competency-Based Competitive Events provide great opportunities for student recognition.
Participants reaching a designated proficiency level of competency are recognized. Finalists
in both the instructional areas and overall are presented with awards.

Through CBCE’s, students experience practical, realistic situations encountered on the job.
DECA, through CBCE’s, has responded to the call from industry for employees educated on
basic and occupational levels. At the same time, DECA has instilled confidence and the thrill
of success to thousands of young students.

                           Competency-based Competitive Events

Each DECA event has three parts: procedures, competencies/indicators and a situation.
Students are given a short time to read a case study, make some written or mental notes, and
present their ideas to a judge. Students are evaluated not only on general marketing savvy,
but additionally on their knowledge of a specific occupational area. In addition, a part of the
score is reflected in the appropriateness of the student’s business attire.

In order to better prepare students to compete nationally, the Marketing Education
Leadership Council voted for NC DECA to incorporate events written provided by National
DECA into state competition. Although we may alter the format to maintain our traditional
three page event format, the situations will be taken directly from those provided by National

See National DECA Website:

See Mark-ed Website – for complete Competency List.

In addition, the DECA Guide contains ordering information for the Comprehensive Exams given
during the International CDC. These make excellent test items for your Marketing Education
students. Order these exams from DECA Related Materials.

    DECA Competitive Events – High School Division

   Individual Series Events

   ACT        Accounting Applications
   AAM        Apparel and Accessories Marketing
   ASM        Automotive Services Marketing
   BF F       Business Finance
   BSM        Business Services Marketing
   FMS        Food Marketing Series
   HLM        Hotel & Lodging Management
   HRM        Human Resource Management
   MMS        Marketing Management Series
   QSRM       Quick Serve Restaurant Management
   RFSM       Restaurant and Food Service Management
   RMS        Retail Merchandising Series
   SEM        Sports & Entertainment Marketing
   PBM        Principles of Business Management and Administration
   PFN        Principles of Finance
   PHT        Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
   PMK        Principles of Marketing

   Team Decision Making Events
   BLTDM     Business Law and Ethics
   BTDM      Buying & Merchandising
   FTDM      Financial Analysis
   HTDM      Hospitality Services
   MTDM      Marketing Communications
   STDM      Sports & Entertainment Marketing
   TTDM      Travel and Tourism Marketing

Students participating in team decision making events compete in teams of two.
Participants are required to take a 100 question exam on general marketing
competencies at the management level. Scores from the exam are averaged with
the score the team receives after making their presentation to the judge(s). Students
participating in team decision making events cannot participate in any other CBCE.
However, they may participate in a written event.

Business Operations Research

BOR  Business (includes human resources, IT, and personal and contracted
     services businesses)
BMOR Buying and Merchandising (includes retail and wholesale business that
     provide consumer goods)
FOR  Finance (includes banks, credit unions, accounting, investments and
     other financial businesses)
HTOR Hospitality (includes hotel, restaurants and tourism related businesses)
SEOR Sports and Entertainment Marketing (includes businesses that conduct
     sporting and/or entertainment events

Written Chapter Team Events
CSP      Community Service Project
CMP      Creative Marketing Project
EPP      Entrepreneurship Promotion Project
FLPP Financial Literacy Promotion Project
LEP      Learn and Earn Project
PRP      Public Relations Project

Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events
ENGB Entrepreneurship – Growing Your Business
ENI    Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan
ENPF Entrepreneurship Participating (organizing a Franchising Business)
ENPI   Entrepreneurship Participating (organizing an Independent Business)
ENW    Entrepreneurship Written
IBP    International Business Plan

Marketing Representative Events
ADC     Advertising Campaign
FMP     Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
HTPS Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
PSE     Professional Selling
SEPP Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan

Special Activity
H & R Block Dollars & Sense
Stock Market Game
Virtual Business Challenge

Teachers should review the DECA Guide from National DECA for
complete, updated guidelines for all written events/projects.


National DECA currently has the following policy for National Competition participation. This
will not affect NC DECA policy for State CDC participation.


A student may enter one event at the Career Development Conference.

Number of Entries Eligible per Chapter:

The number of members eligible to compete in the State Competency-Based Competitive
Events (series competition) is very simple to compute:

                Membership                                 Eligible
                Number of High School               Maximum Number
                Student Members                     Eligible to Compete
                      95           =                       95

NC DECA Board Policy states a student may enter up to two (2) competitive events. If both
have a test, it must be in the same career cluster area. (See chart on following page.)


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