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									Good Morning,

I looked through the GSA and CAP! websites to check out the types of funding offered and
deadlines. The major funding source for conferences (they also have thesis/dissertation, public
scholarship and community development funds) through the GSA is the Professional
Development Fund (PDF). I have copied some information below, but more details can be found
on their funding page:

The priority application window for activities occurring during the Fall 2012 semester is
September 10-24 and November 21-Decmber 2 for Spring the semester funding. Stacy and I
discussed sending a reminder email a week before the window opens as well as the day before. It
would also be helpful if students could fill out the application beforehand so they can submit it as
soon as the window opens. The PDF program has a waiting list, so if money is leftover at the
end of the semester they can assist students on the waiting list. This will require students to keep
up with their receipts.

I think it would be helpful to have the GSA funding page on our departmental website to direct
students to the funding sources. Perhaps a general "funding opportunities" link under the
"Information" tab on the home page would work.

I logged into the Community (the CAP!) site and a letter was in my inbox that indicates that
there is a mandatory meeting next week. It appears that all communication with CAP! will run
through Community and emails will not be sent directly to representatives. Stacy and I will be
attending the meeting on Tuesday so we can meet the staff and put faces with names. The
contact person for CAP! is Curtis Tarver ( who I worked with back in my
UNCG "Staff" days. He is well organized and easy to get along with. The point person for
funding through the GSA is less obvious from the website, so Stacy and I will swing by the GSA

The GSA awards Professional Development Fund (PDF) grants of up to $300 to graduate
students in academic departments who meet the affiliation requirements. PDF grants can be used
to reimburse expenses associated with attending professional conferences and other professional
development activities. Examples of acceptable expenses include conference registration fees,
travel expenses, lodging costs and meals. Expenses such as abstract fees
and membership fees are not allowable expenses. Please read through the information on this
page for further details about the PDF application and reimbursement process.

 PDF funding is divided into three application periods based on when the professional
development activity, usually a conference, occurs. Students may apply for PDF funding only
within the following date-ranges:

        Spring 2012: Apply for activities that occur between January 1st and May 31st. The
         priority application window is November 21, 2011-December 2, 2011.
        Summer 2012: Apply for activities that occur between June 1st and the first day of the
         fall semester. The priority application window is March 1, 2012-March 15, 2012.
        Fall 2012: Apply for activities that occur between the first day of classes in the Fall
         semester and December 31. The priority application window is September 10, 2012-
         September 24, 2012.

         Applications received before the application window will be denied and discarded
         without comment.
         Applications received after the application window will automatically be placed on
         the waitlist.


Jennifer Braswell Alford
Doctoral Student ~ National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow

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