; The Characteristics of the Website that loved by google
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The Characteristics of the Website that loved by google


Editorial SEO Tactics

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									             The Characteristics of the Website that loved by google

The main purpose of a blog is actually a real blogger and should certainly be liked and interested
visitors. However, as the world’s progress in Indonesia’s pemblogger more and more people from
the master and to the laity began his career being a blogger. And the effect is the increasing number
of blogs that have sprung up. Blogs are nearly 80% of its quality is not inferior to each other. While
20% of it again is a dummy blogs whose job as a blog supporting the main blog of a blogger. Not
surprisingly, the bloggers / webmasters get dizzy. consciously or unconsciously begins to lose its
quality as the most comprehensive search center. For example, when we search for keyword “SEO
tactics”, instead of getting a website that provides an information we need, but instead raises the
blogs SEO Indonesia contest participants who recently held flare.
The following points should be noted that these blogs can be more intimate friend ama skipper of the
om-sukur sukur until the lift can be a nephew. Hhe * but more pingin appointed skipper in-law wrote
sich .. xixixi *
A. Blog with arrangement and a clear text link. Each page must be achieved at least one static text
2. Blog that offers a site map for visitors with a direct link to goto the importance of your blog. If the
sitemap there are more than 100 links, you should separate my friend site map to a different page.
3. Blog that contains useful information, solid and clear and can accurately describe the content of
the website.
4. Look for keywords that are much sought after other people.
5. Have to use text instead of images, if you want to display a name, describe the content or link.
Google will not recognize text contained in images.
6. Make sure your title tags and attributes that my friend used accurately and completely describe
the contents of the blog.
7. Diligently examine whether there are dead links or incorrect HTML code.
8. When my friend use dynamic pages (such as URLs containing a “?”), Be careful because not
every search engine can index dynamic pages. Try to make as short as possible and few
parameters only.
9.make sure number of links in your blog / website or a friend in a rational number.
I hope this article useful for their own bosses and we are all, keep learning to be better, visitors
support this blog for SEO skipper who is studying this blogspot to become more Maik again in writing
articles that are beneficial to the blogger buddies. Thank you.

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