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									Swiss Consortium
Divertor Cassette for ITER

June 2012
Swiss Consortium

                    Aerospace – Defence – Technology

 HBB Biegetechnik            Lehner AG             RUAG Mechanical AG
   Core: Piping             Core: Welding            Core: Machining
HBB Biegetechnik

Bending & Welding
 Tube diameter 2 mm – 115 mm
 Stainless steel, steel, aluminium,
 brass
 Cross-section max. B 100 mm x H
  150 mm x 3,5 mm
 Aluminium cross-section max. B
  100 mm x H 150 mm x 5 mm

Agenda                                 2   May 2012
HBB Biegetechnik

 Branch of industries
 •Railway
 •Automotive
 •Transport systems
 •Aircraft
 •Industry
 •Metal construction

Agenda                   3   May 2012
Lehner AG

     Engineering     3 CAD Stationen, Inventor /Catia
     Expertise       Project leader, Ing ETH/HTL, Physiker, Chemiker

                     Cran up to 50 To
     Locksmith‘s,    C-Steel / CrNi-Steel welding area
     Assembly and
     Welding shop    Door b x h 448 x 475 cm
                     15 000 m/2 Production place

                     Machines up to bis 10‘000 mm lane
                     See maschine liste (www.lehnerag.ch)

                     Deliveries in 24 hours
                     Own truck
                     Flexibel in changes
                     Integrated ERP System “pro alpha”
Lehner AG
Lehner AG
RUAG Mechanical AG

                                                                                    Machinery & Equipment
                       Semiconductor                         Energy


                  Frames                          Inner & outer rings             Tool machine elements
   Main           Carrier structures              Flanges                          housings, carriers, frames
 Products                                          Torque Arms                     Space components

                  ASML                            Siemens                         Krauss Maffei Technologies
Key Clients       Esec                            ZF Windpower (Hansen)            (Netstal); Mikron, Schuler,
                                                                                    Voith, Caterpillar
                                                                                    RUAG Space

►   Focus on niche products with a leading position in machining of high-precision large parts

                                                         7                                                         May 2012
Market Segment Semiconductor

                                         Key Client Example: ASML

                                                  ASML is largest customer of Mechanical Engineering
                                                  Collaboration exists for more than 10 years
                                                  Both companies work very close together and ASML appreciates
                                                   support provided by Mechanical Engineering in the development
                                                   of new products, for example its process engineering input
                                                  Main products:
                                                       Carrier frame: for lithography system TwinScan NXT
                                                        (steel welded, machined and assembled)
                                                       Wafer stage, metro frame: for lithography system TwinScan
                                                        NXT (aluminium machined and pre-assembled)
                                                       Wafer stage, metro frame (WSMF) & main body, bottom frame
                                                        (MBBF): for new Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) technology
                                                        (WSMF machined in aluminium, MBBF welded in aluminium
                                                        and machined) – sole development partner for EUV parts
                                                       Titan carrier structure: upgrade module for high performance
                                                        (in titanium, machined)

►   Main activity is production of highly precise main frame carriers for ASML
►   Close and long-term partnership with ASML, incl. development support during R&D / prototype phase

                                                         8                                                        May 2012

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