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									                                Restrictions and Covenants

                                   The Legacy Subdivision

                                       Section 1 Lots 1-29
The purchaser shall take title to said property subject to the following numerated restriction. These
restrictions shall be recorded at the time of said purchase and shall be incorporated in full in any
restrictions thereafter filed by the purchaser.

    I. Area of Application
        Lots 1 thru 29, The Legacy Subdivision Section One, Cole County, Missouri

    II. Residential Area Covenant

        A. Land Use and Building Type
         No lot can be re-subdivided unless approval by the Architectural Control Committee. Exchange
         of boundary properties to straighten lines between neighbors may be made only with the
         approval of the Architectural Control Committee. All lots must meet the requirements of the
         current City of Jefferson Zoning Ordinance dealing with RS-2.

        B. Architectural Control
         No building shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot until the construction plans,
         specifications, and a plan showing the location of the structure have been approved by the
         Architectural Control Committee as to quality of workmanship and materials, harmony or
         external design with existing structures, and as to location with respect to topography and
         finished grade elevations. It shall be the responsibility of the lot owner to submit plans depicting
         internal and external design and dimensions, and failure of the committee to demand the same,
         shall not constitute a waiver of approval requirements.

        C. Dwelling Minimums
        No dwelling shall be permitted on any lot or part of said property unless the following minimums
        are met:

            1. One story houses must have a minimum of 1,400 square feet on the ground floor area
               with a two car attached garage or 1,500 square feet on the ground floor without a garage.

            2. Split-level houses must occupy a minimum of 1,500 square feet of area on a lot

            3. One and One-half story and two-story houses must have a minimum of 1,500 square
               feet, total floor space, 900 square feet of which must be on the ground floor, with a two-
               car attached garage. A variance from the 900 square feet requirement may be allowed,
               with approval of the Architectural Control Committee. Under NO condition will less than
               1,500 square feet be approved.
     4. Two car-attached garage must have a minimum size of 21 feet by 22 feet.
        The above square foot minimums must be exclusive of open porches, carport, patios,
        basements, and garages.

D.   Foundations
        All buildings shall have a poured concrete foundation. No concrete blocks shall be used
        for foundations or retaining walls. Decorative block can be approved for retaining walls.

E.   Brick
        The front, as well as both sides of the 1 story level shall be brick veneer or approved
        hard surface, to grade. No exposed concrete shall face any street. No exposed concrete
        retaining walls can be closer to the street than the front building line of the home. If front
        foundation entry is used, you must brick the front foundation and any retaining walls that
        are adjacent to such entry. The use of rowlock top on retaining walls closer to the street
        than the front building line of the home is mandatory. A Victorian style home may be
        exempt from the brick and hard surface restrictions. A colored elevation must be
        submitted before this exemption will be considered.

F.   Structural Members
        1. All framing lumber shall be on a maximum of 16 inch centers
        2. Structural headers will be used in headers over 10 foot long

G.   Roofing
        The roofing materials should be 20-year composition or better. On the main body of the
        house facing the street, the roof pitch is to be a minimum of a 6-12.

H.   Decks
        The only approved decking material is redwood or cedar. CCA may be used for the
        structural members. Other materials would need to be approved by the Architectural
        Control Committee.

I.   Factory Homes
        No earth contact homes, modular, or factory built homes will be allowed.

J.   Garbage and Refuse Disposal
        No lots shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish. Trash, garbage or
        other waste shall not be kept, except in sanitary containers. All equipment for the storage
        of such trash shall be allowed at any time. No burning of garbage or trash shall be
        allowed at any time. No vacant lot shall be used for the purposes of a garden.

K.   Fences
        No fence or wall shall be erected or maintained on any lot nearer to any street than the
        front line of the dwelling house, with the exception of retaining walls for landscape

L.   Satellite Discs and Dishes
        Satellite discs and dishes are permitted only when mounted on the house

M.   Motor Homes
        No motor homes, large trucks with gross vehicle weight over 18,000 lbs, boats, campers,
        travel trailers, or other vehicles other than an automobile or motorcycle, shall be
        permitted to be parked on the street side of the home for more than 24 hours. This also
            includes the street. Any vehicle stored along the side of the house must be on either
            concrete or asphalt.

   N.   Landscaping
            1. Sidewalks must be placed on the lot running parallel with the street(s), as shown on
               the plat of record. Sidewalks must be in place before occupancy.

            2. The only acceptable mailbox posts are those approved by the Architectural Control

   O.   Architectural Control Committee
        The Architectural Control Committee shall be composed of the managing members of Legacy
        Development Investments LLC. In the event of the death or resignation of a member or
        members of said committee, the remaining member or members shall have full authority to
        approve or disapprove such design and location, or to designate a representative with like

        In the event said committee or its designated representative, fails to approve or disapprove
        such design and location within thirty days after said plans and specifications have been
        submitted, approval will not be required and this covenant will be deemed to have been fully
        complied. Neither the members of such committee, nor the designated representative shall
        be entitled to any compensation for services performed pursuant to the covenant. The
        powers and duties of this committee and of any designated representative shall cease after
        all lots are sold. Thereafter the approval described in this covenant shall not be required
        unless, prior to the said date and effective thereon, a written document shall be executed by
        the then record owners of a majority of the lots in this section and duly recorded, appointing a
        representative, or representatives, who shall thereafter exercise the same powers previously
        exercised by said committee.

III. General Provisions
   A. Terms
        These covenants are to run with the land and shall be binding on all parties and persons
        claiming under them for a period of twenty-five years from the date these covenants are
        recorded, except as otherwise provided herein, after which time said covenants shall be
        automatically extended for successive periods of twenty-five years unless an instrument
        signed by two thirds of the then owners of the lots has been recorded, agreeing to change
        said covenants in whole or in part as provided for herein.

   B. Enforcement
        Enforcement shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any person or persons
        violating or attempting to violate any covenant, and may seek either to restrain violations or to
        recover damages, or both, and may be commenced by any record owner of property in this
C. Severability
   Invalidation of any one of these covenants by judgment or court order shall in no way affect
   any of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

D. Utilities
   The grantor reserves the right to construct and maintain, or contract for the construction and
   maintenance of sewer, water, and electric lines or other utility services, over, under, or
   through any or all lots, tracts, and parcels of ground in this subdivision. Said construction
   shall be on an easement as shown on the recorded plat.

E. Restriction Changes
   At any time after these restrictions have been in effect for three years, the owners of said
   property, if there be at least six such owners at that time, may bring a petition signed by the
   record owners of a majority of the lots, ask the Architectural Control Committee to call a
   meeting for the purpose of changing any or all restrictions. Each property owner shall be
   allotted one vote at such meeting for each platted lot he/she then owns. A vote of two-thirds
   of the lots whose owners are voting shall be required to effect any change in these

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