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									                                                 PICK LISTS
           FAA Lines of Business                  FAA Organizational Office/Region     Order Channel
   LOB                       Title                                 ORG               Web
ABA       Financial Services                      EA - Eastern Region                Phone
ACR       Civil Rights                            SW - Southwest Region              Fax
ADA       Deputy Administrator                    CE - Central Region                EDI
AEP       Policy, Planning and Environment        WP - Western-Pacific Region        E-mail
AGC       Chief Counsel                           AL - Alaskan Region                TTY
AGI       Government & Industry Affairs           SO - Southern Region
AHR       Human Resource Management               EU - International Area Offices     Shipping Method
AIO       Information Services                    AC - Aeronautical Center           Standard
ATO/AJO   Administration                          GL - Great Lakes Region            2nd Day
ATO/AJA   Acquisition and Business Services       NE - New England Region            Overnight
ATO/AJC   Communication Services                  VN - Aviation Systems Standards    Other (Specify)
ATO/AJD   Flight Services                         CT - Technical Center
ATO/AJE   En Route & Oceanic Services             UN - Unknown                           Service Type
ATO/AJF   Finance Services                        NM - Northwest Mountain Region     1 -- Quote
ATO/AJP   Operations Planning Services            WA - FAA Washington HQ             2 -- Order
ATO/AJR   System Ops. Services                                                       3 -- Shipment
ATO/AJS   Safety Services                                    DOT Modes               4 -- Other (specify in comments)
ATO/AJT   Terminal Services                                    MODE
ATO/AJW   Technical Operations Services          FAA
AOA       Administrator                          FHWA
AOC       Communications                         FMCSA
API       International Aviation                 FRA
ARC       Regions and Center Operations          FTA
ARP       Airports                               MARAD
ASH       Security & Hazardous Materials         NHTSA
AST       Commercial Space Transportation        OST
AVS-1     Aviation Safety                        PHMSA
AVS/AAI   Accident Investigation                 RITA
AVS/AAM   Federal Air Surgeon
AVS/AFS   Flight Standards Service
AVS/AIR   Aircraft Certification Service
AVS/AOV   Air Traffic Oversight
AVS/AQS   Quality, Integration, Exec. Services
AVS/ARM   Rulemaking
                            Server/SAN Maintenance
                            Network Device
                            Network Maintenance

her (specify in comments)
Router, Switch
Cable, Power, Memory
                                                                                         Number             List Price   Contract    Contract
Order#   Order Channel   Purchaser Name   MODE   LOB   ORG   CLIN   SKU   Description                 Qty                                        Subtotal   Shipping Cost   Total Cost
                                                                                         (where                Each      Discount   Price Each

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                                                                                      Required                                      Shipping
Order #   Company Name Billing   Company Name Shipping   Carrier Name   Order Date                   Delivery Date   Shipped Date
                                                                                     Delivery Date                                   Method

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                                          Date/Time Received
Service Type   Customer Name   DOT Mode
                                             (m/d/yy h:mm)
Date/Time Responded   Met Contract Service
    (m/d/yy h:mm)         Level? (Y/N)
Name   MODE   LOB   ORG   Phone
Description   Date
                            Discount   Contract   Price   Contract
Order#   CLIN   SKU   Qty
                              Given    Discount   Given    Price
Action Taken
Order#   Order Channel   Purchaser Name   MODE   LOB   ORG   SKU   Description   Qty Price Each
Shipping Cost   Total Cost

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