Office of Court Construction and Management by np6KJuHl


									                                OFFICE OF COURT CONSTRUCTION AND MANAGEMENT

                                                                  . Sacramento, California 95833-4336
                                 2860 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 400
                                              Telephone 916-643-8022 . Fax 916-263-2342

RONALD M. GEORGE                                                                                           WILLIAM C. VICKREY
 Chief Justice of California                                                                            Administrative Director of the Courts
Chair of the Judicial Council
                                                                                                         RONALD G. OVERHOLT
                                                                                                               Chief Deputy Director

                                                                                                             LEE WILLOUGHBY
                                                                                                             Director, Office of Court
                                                                                                           Construction and Management

                                          NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD

                                REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL #OCCM-2010-12-GS

                                IDIQ BUILDING COMMISSIONING SERVICES

                                                          April 2, 2010

        It is the intent of the Administrative Office of the Courts, Office of Court Construction and
        Management to enter into contracts with the following firms for services set forth in the Request
        for Proposal.

                                 Cogent Energy, Concord, California
                                 Engineering Economics, Inc., Los Angeles, California
                                 Enovity, San Francisco, California
                                 Glumac, Irvine, California
                                 3QC, Inc., Newport Beach, California

        Final selections are pending contract negotiations.

        Again, we extend our sincere thanks for the participation of all the submitting teams.


        Jim Stephenson, Manager
        Design and Construction Services

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