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									The minutes of Lezayre Parish Commissioners meeting held on 5th February 2009, at 7pm,
the Community Hall, Clenagh Road, Sulby, Lezayre.

Members present: Mrs Fiona Robinson (Chair) Mrs V A Quane (Vice Chairman), Mr Chris
Birchenough and Mr Chris Roberts. Arthur Radcliffe was unable to attend as he was on
holiday, and had already given his apologies at the previous meeting. The Clerk was in
attendance. Two members of the Public attended and no Press attended.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th January 2009, having been circulated, were
taken as read and signed as a correct record by the chairman.

Matters arising from the minutes

Douglas Library – Shared arrangements Scheme. The Clerk reported that only 3 people
have used this FREE service, and the Commissioners felt that more publicity would increase
its use by the Parishioners. Information to be sent to the press regarding this.

Ballaugh Curragh Ramsar Site. As requested at the last meeting the Clerk had obtained
further information of this scheme. Detailed maps, plans and written information. The Clerk
was requested to ask a member of this scheme to come and speak to the Commissioners,
and any other interested parties. The Clerk to is write to Ballaugh and Jurby Commissioners
to advise them of this meeting to see if they would also be interested. Proposed Fiona
Robinson, seconded Vivien Quane.


Isle of Man Government

Department of Agric Fisheries and For   Invitation to Community Meetings on the DAFF
                                        Marine Nature Reserve Project. Mrs Vivien Quane
                                        will try to attend this meeting on behalf of the

Department of Education                 Careers 2009 Public Meeting Thursday 26th March
                                        2009. Poster to be displayed on the Notice Board.

                                        Careers Education Framework Consultation
                                        Comments by Friday 20.02.09. Mrs Robinson
                                        advised that she had already submitted her

Department of Health and Soc Sec        Poster “Change 4 Life” To be displayed on the Hall
                                        Notice Board.

IOM Water Authority                     Replacement of Mains between St Judes
                                        Crossroads and Sandygate. Not in the Lezayre

Department of Transport                 Leaflet re winter driving in the Isle of Man
Highways Monthly Issue 30                  Mentioning Illegal number plates, illegal tyres, winter
                                           driving, Christmas Anti-drink drive campaign. Noted

Road Transport Licensing Committee         Circular No 245,246,247,248. Advised in Circular
                                           245 Consultation Paper into Proposed Legislative
                                           changes – affecting the Island’s Taxi Services.
                                           Outcome delayed until February 09.

Digital UK                                 Advise Digital switchover Noted

Data Protection Supervisor                 Change of details for Clerk Noted

Newsletter of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Committee. To be placed on
                                         Hall Notice Board

J E Curphey                                Letter read by Clerk raising points of concern in the
                                           Parish. The Clerk is to reply with comments to Mr
                                           Curphey, and advise the action to be taken where
                                           necessary by the Commissioners.
Any Other Business

The rate set for financial year 2009-2010          The commissioners have decided to set the
rate for this coming financial year at 0.67p in the pound. Vivien Quane proposed, Chris
Birchenough seconded. 3-1 majority. (Subject to government approval). This was a 1p in
the pound reduction on last year. Press and local radio to be advised.

It was noted that several cars are parking on unlit roads without lights overnight. The
Commissioners felt this was very dangerous. Commissioners have been advised by the
police that it is illegal to park without lights outside a 30mph speed limit. They feel there is a
need to publicise this information. Fiona Robinson proposed, Vivien Quane seconded that
letters are written to the Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group, Inspector Richard
Power, and Inspector Derek Flint.

Chris Roberts – 2 criminal incidents in the last 4-6 weeks in the Parish. He asked if the
Commissioners could raise awareness in the Parish, advising people to lock up and be safe.
There are various areas in the village that operate a “Neighbourhood Watch” scheme and
Vivien is to seek posters. At the next Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group, the
commissioners will request the number of incidents around the parish.

Letter of thanks received from the Stroke Association for the money donated to them. This
was raised at the Heritage Exhibition held at the Parish Hall last year.

Civic Sunday – Reminder for everyone – To be held on 22nd February 2009 at 11am at
Lezayre Church, and afterwards in the Church hall. Everyone welcome.

At the closure of the meeting the attending public were asked if they had any thing they
wished to bring to the notice of the Commissioners.

Judy Kelly – She felt the public should be aware when criminal activity was taking place within
their local area. She also believed that Health and safety has gone over the top making the
public afraid to hold events.
Mr Jolly spoke regarding the consultation process of the Sulby Claddagh. He passed onto
the Commissioners research information he had on this process.

The Next Meeting was arranged for 5th March 2009, in the Board Room, Community Hall,
Clenagh Road, Sulby, Lezayre at 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.05pm.

Signed                          (Chairman)             Date

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