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					                   Creating a Gmail Account
Sign Up for Gmail by hitting Gmail at the top of the Google page

                         Hit Gmail to sign
                         up for an account
Hit “Create an Account”
                                Fill out all required information
For security purposes: Make sure the “Desired Login Name:” does not have your last name
                 Hit “I accept. Create my account” at the bottom of the form
You will receive a confirmation of your account
Make sure you add this information on to your Personal Information Sheet
         This form should be located at the front of your binder
   Setting up your Google Site Web Page
From the Google page or from your Gmail page:
    Use the drop down menu under “More”
                  Hit “Sites”
Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account
Step 2: Hit “Create Site”
         Step 3: Fill in all required information including the site design
    For security purposes, DO NOT include your last name in the site name.
                                Choose your themes
Under More Options, make sure you hit “Everyone in the world can view this site”
                                 Hit “Create site” and
Voila! A website is born
                But you do not have to use Google Sites.
The web offers LOTS of free sites that are both attractive and easy to use.
                         For example, Weebly
Sign up for a domain (web address) and again remember NOT to use your full name
You’re ready to choose a theme and begin to add elements to your page
                      Other sites where you can create a free website are:

                               Wix (for experienced webinauts)

         Make sure you send me your full domain/web address on the Student Questionnaire.
                              I will link your account to my webpage
                                                                               Website Organization

                                                                                        Home Page

                                                                         Freshman       Sophomore   Junior   Senior

         Freshman Year                                     Sophomore Year                               Junior Year            Senior Year
      My Story Essay/Pictures                            Who Am I Essay/Pictures                     My American Story   Making Plans for My Future

    English 9 Honors, Biology                       English 10 Honors, Chemistry, Pre-
  Geometry French 2 Geography                       Calculus, Spanish 3, World History,
 Sculpture, Additional Choice of                         Photography, Additional
 Links (i.e. Clubs, Sports, Friends)                  personalized pages (i.e. Clubs,
                                                                Sports, Fr

                                                   Eng           Chem         Calc      Spanish
Eng          Bio         Math            Friends
                         enthE             Eng
      Hist         Art           Clubs                   World       Photos          Drama

         Sports          Friends                                              Pets

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