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					                             Life Group Options Available – Winter/Spring 2012
Time                Leader                               Location             Resource                          Type
Every Other         Bryan & Amy Kemink                   Edgewood             Laugh Your Way to a Better        Couples
Sunday Eves 6:30    920.324.9528                                              Marriage, Louie Giglio
1st & 3rd Sunday    Jim & Shari Kemink                   Waupun home          Sermon-based discussion           Mixed
eves                324-5058
Monday evenings     Paul Neevel                          Edgewood             Quest for Authentic               Men’s
 @ 6 p.m.           920.346.2693                                              Manhood
Tuesday evenings    Janice Gove                          Waupun home          The Kingdom of God                Women’s
7:00 – 8:30         920.948.7616                                              Crazy Love – start in Feb.
Tuesday Evening     Mike Giebink                         Edgewood             Forgotten God (Francis Chan       Mixed
6:30-8:30 p.m.      324-5007 or 324-3922                 room 122             study on the Holy Spirit)
Tuesday evenings    Tim Sandberg                         Edgewood (and        Various studies throughout        Young adult
7:00-9:00                   homes)               the year                          (18-30ish)
Tuesday Evenings    Mark & Debbie Vande Zande            Waupun home          Sermon-based discussion           Mixed – couples
6:30-8:30           920.948.3066                                                                                & Singles
Thursday eves       Kathy Stout                          Café Edgewood        The Inheritance (Beth Moore       Women’s
6:00-8:00 pm                                            DVD w/o homework)
Thursday morns      Roger Knowlton/Dwayne Schmaltz       Café Edgewood        Prayer Group                      Men’s (Prayer)
6:45 – 7:30
1st & 3rd Friday    Deb Fohrman/Deb Farr                 Edgewood             2nd part of Beth Moore Daniel Women’s
morns 9:00-10:30    920.904.5096                                              Study
Saturday morns      Jackie Koenig (296-5792)             Café Edgewood        The Hole in Our Gospel        Women’s
8:30-10:00 am       Nancy Durant (382-4677)
Once a month        Amy Tisdale (324-3467)               Edgewood             Sew and Study (Sew dresses        Women’s
                                                                              for Africa & listen to a study)
*Feel free to contact Pastor Mike Giebink (324-5007 ext. 225 or or the group leader with
questions or to join the group.

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