HCOM Petty Cash Replenishment

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					                             HCOM Petty Cash Replenishment

Using HCOM, follow the steps below to replenish a departmental petty cash account:

1. Login to HCOM from the Financial & Reporting Applications page (http://vpf-

2. Select the ‘Payment Request’ tab in the upper right corner of the HCOM Home Page.

3. In the ‘Supplier Name’ field, search on Petty Cash. You can use the Oracle wildcard % to
   assist you in your search, e.g. petty%. This field is not case sensitive.

4. From the list of Search results, select the Supplier site that matches your name and location.

5. Enter an appropriate and complete business purpose in the ‘Business Purpose’ field.

6. Enter a payment amount that matches the total on your Petty Cash log. This form can be
   found on ABLE ( Add this amount to your
   Shopping Cart. Select ‘View Cart and Checkout’ to complete the Payment Request.

7. Confirm the information in the ‘Item Description’ field as this will appear on your Detail
   Listing report.

8. ‘Asset Tag Number’ and ‘Line Level Notes’ are optional fields and can be omitted for this
   transaction. Adjust the amount in the ‘Quantity’ field if necessary. Press ‘Checkout’ to
   proceed to the next step.

9. Enter a ‘Requisition Description’ is the first field; this can be the same information as the
   Business Purpose.

10. Confirm the information in the Required fields (those indicated with an *) and the 33 digit
    coding. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

11. If the Payment Request total is less than $2500, you may be able to self approve the
    transaction; depending upon how your hierarchy was established.
12. If you wish to choose an Approver, select ‘Change First Approver’ and enter the LAST name
    of the preferred approver and press the flashlight icon to search for the approver.

13. From the search results, press the ‘Quick Select’ icon to the left of the preferred approver’s
    name and press ‘Apply’ to confirm your selection.

14. ‘Note to Approver’, ‘Note to Supplier’, ‘Add Attachments’, ‘Vendor Justification/Debarment
    Certification’ are optional fields and may be left blank for this transaction. Select ‘Next’ to

15. Review all information displayed on this confirmation screen and if correct, press ‘Submit’
    to route your requisition to the designated Approver for his/her action.

16. When the requisition has been approved, record the Payment Request number in the upper
    right corner of the Petty Cash Log.

17. Keep a copy for your files and send the original log to Accounts Payable, 1033 Mass Ave., 2 nd
    floor. Once Accounts Payable has received your request, please allow 3-5 days for

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