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									                                     London Metropolitan University

                Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG)

     The 2nd meeting of the Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG)
                will be held on 23rd April 2009 (room to be confirmed)

    1.   Apologies for absence
    2.   Chair’s announcements
    3.   Minutes of the 1st meeting
    4.   Actions arising from the 1st meeting
    5.   Environmental Sustainability Action Plan for 2009
    6.   People and Planet Green League submission for 2009
    7.   Green500 Scheme

                                     London Metropolitan University

                Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG)

                         Minutes of the 1st meeting held on 24th February 2009

1        Present

Phil Baillie, Health and Safety Office (PB)
Irene Constantinides, Marketing, Communications and Fundraising (IC)
Juan Diaz, Dynamiq (JD)
John Friary, Health and Safety Office (JF), Chair
Laurie Johnston, Information Systems and Services (LJ)
Colette McArdle, Procurement Services (CMcA)
Claire O’Sullivan, Scolarest (CO’S)

PB opened the meeting because JF was delayed by the overrunning of an earlier meeting.

2        Terms of reference (ToR) and operation of ESWG

The ToR were agreed with the proviso that the reporting line be clarified. Currently environmental
policy matters are ‘tacked on’ to the University Health and Safety Council which is a sub-committee
of the Board of Governors. John Friary will speak to the University Secretary after this meeting
about a different route for reporting back to the Board of Governors.

[The position was clarified directly after the meeting and the ToR will be amended to “...advises
and recommends to the University’s Board of Governors via the Executive Group, the policies
and procedures...”. The ESWG annual report will be submitted in time for the November meeting
of the Board.]

3        London Metropolitan University Environmental Sustainability Policy

The Group noted the Policy which was agreed and adopted by the Board of Governors on

The representatives of the University’s catering contractor, Scolarest and cleaning contractor,
Dynamiq were asked if their respective companies have an Environment Policy.

CO’S gave the Chair a copy of Issue 1 of Chartwells newsletter [Scolarest is part of Chartwells,
itself a subsidiary of Compass Group PLC]. The newsletter mentions Corporate Responsibility and
Fairtrade Credentials. There is also an Ethical Sourcing Statement.

4        Preparation for People and Planet (P&P) Green League submission for 2009

JF’s paper explained the University’s preparation for the 2009 Green League. The University’s
score was 9.5 out of 60 leading to a league position of 117th out of 119 who ‘sat the exam’ [their
phrase]. The timetable for submitting the 2009 questionnaire given in the paper is only a draft
The website for the 2008 League Table is

On 30.01.09, JF and PB attended a meeting of the London Universities Environment Group
(LUEG) at London School of Economics arranged by P&P to consider the methodology for this
year’s Green League questionnaire. The Universities were invited to give their views on the
indicators in the questionnaire and how much importance each of them should be given in the
League. JF will give the Group an opportunity to comment on the submission before it is sent.
[Action: JF]

5        Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

No draft action plan was circulated, but one will be drawn up based on the strands of the Policy.
Several suggestions were discussed including;

Sustainable Travel Plan
PB circulated 3rd draft of the document which had been amended to reflect the Transport Strategy
of the (new) Mayor of London and the changes in the Congestion Charging rates. This is on the
environment page as a draft (see the link from Some of
the apparently difficult points in the Travel Plan were discussed and some ideas for implementing
them as targets were suggested. For example, for point 3.3, (Deliveries and or contractors calling
at the University), it was suggested that, for a sample period of say a month, records could be kept
by University building Receptions and the Post Rooms to collect initial data. Considerable
co-operation from University Departments would be necessary.

PB has held meetings with Simon Lowe, Regional Travel Plan Co-ordinator, Transport Planning
who works in Camden Council’s offices but deals with the whole of London. He has on-line
surveys available (hosted at the Transport for London website) and is keen to offer their use to the
University. The statistical and anonymised results of the surveys would allow the ESWG to
establish a baseline for travel patterns and (in future years) whether efforts to influence them had
been effective. PB circulated paper versions of these on-line travel surveys, one ready to use for
staff and one in draft format to be completed by students. It was further suggested that there be a
message of the day (staff and students) and all-staff e-mail informing the University of these and
that if the take-up was not great, paper versions be handed out at Receptions. Someone would
have to enter the results and there would also be a data protection problem so that may not be
Transport for London may also help to fund improvements to facilities for cycling (e.g. cycle
storage and showers) if a good case can be made. This depends on what comes out of the
surveys. [Action: PB]

CMcA said that there is an old sustainable procurement policy does exist and that it would be
possible to update it.
[Action: CMcA]

Environmental Management
    An application has been sent to the Vacancies Approval Panel (VAP) for the post of Estates
      Environment Manager.
    All the University buildings now have Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and reports which
      are required by law (see the link from The
      reports will form the Action Plan.

Student participation
The University does not have a People and Planet student society. The Group will consider ways
of encouraging student participation and Students Union Officers will be contacted.
[Action: JF]

In conclusion, JF will e-mail a draft action plan for the year.

6        Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) membership

London Metropolitan University is a member of the EAUC and PB and JF attend two-monthly
meetings of LUEG, the London section of EAUC.

7        AOB

Visits to waste disposal facilities

John Friary visited the Bywaters recycling facility at Enfield in October and PB will be visiting the
hazardous waste contractor’s (Recycling and Resource Management) treatment plant in
Atherstone Warwickshire, with the School of Human Science Safety Officer. These visits
constitute part of the University’s obligations under Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act
1990 and the Duty of Care Regulations 1991.

Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting should be held near the end of April, date and place to be

[Next meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd April 2009 at 10:00, place to be confirmed. Please
let PB know if you cannot attend.]


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