Love That Dog Poetry Project by StDbHK


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                                 Poetry Project
In Love That Dog, Jack was inspired by the poems Miss
Stretchberry shared with class. You are going to use the same
poems as your inspiration. There are project choices below. You
will be completing this project in class. The attached rubric will be
used for grading. All assignments must have a title. Time, effort,
and creativity are important! All projects are due 10-28-10.

                                  Choice 1
               “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos William

William Carlos Williams paints a picture for us using specific vivid words. Following his
style, create your own poem. The first two lines should be, “So much depends upon,”
and must include at least six more lines. Write a draft, edit it, then type the final copy.

                                  Choice 2
           “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

This poem by Robert Frost features stanzas that are four lines long. This poem, like
many of his poems, is about nature. This poem also rhymes. Create a poem in a similar
style that features 4-line stanzas that rhyme. Choose a topic that has to do with
something in nature that you love. Write at least two stanzas. Write a draft, edit it,
then type the final copy.

                                      Choice 3
                            “The Tiger” by William Blake

William Blake uses a style of poetry in which each stanza features four lines, and each
line features seven syllables and rhymes. Create a poem about an animal that is
written in the same style. Then illustrate the poem. Be sure to create a draft first and
edit it. You may write or type the poem. Illustrations must be original.

                                      Choice 4
                               “Dog” by Valerie Worth

In class, we discussed how this “small poem” (as Jack calls it) is like a snapshot. Create a
piece of art, that shows what you visualize when you read this poem.
                                     Choice 5
                          “Street Music” by Arnold Adoff

This poem uses onomatopoeia to describe a place (a city street). Choose a place and
write a poem of at least ten lines that uses at least five examples of onomatopoeia.
Create a draft, edit it, then type the final copy.

                                    Choice 6
                             “The Apple” by S.C. Rigg

This poem is a concrete poem. It uses words to create a shape based on the topic of the
poem. Create your own concrete poem. Draft it first and edit as necessary. Your final
copy may be written or typed.

                                   Choice 7
                     “Love That Boy” by Walter Dean Myers

Jack uses some of Walter Dean Myer’s words in his own poem. Think about the things,
people or animals that you love. Pick three, then write three poems, as Jack did, using
Walter Dean Myer’s style and some of his words. Draft and edit the poem, then type
the final copy.

                 Criteria                                  Score 5,4,3,2,1,0
Did you follow the assignment directions?

  Creativity and word choice. Did you
  create a vivid picture for the reader?

    Did you use correct grammar and

   Does your work have a creative and
             effective title?

Did you use your class time wisely and put
            forth 100% effort?

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