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                                                                                                                      Emma Temple
                                                                                                   Direct Line:       01872 222000

                                                                                                   21st July 2008

Dear Sir/Madam

A3047 Redruth to Scorrier – Changes to Speed Limits

Further to your letter regarding the above scheme, I can inform you that the consultation has now
ended. All comments from the correspondence received have been considered and a final decision
has been made to implement the 40mph and 50mph speed limits as originally proposed.

The majority of letters received were in support of the proposals however other comments were
made which I have addressed below:

1. Lowering the speed limits further – This is impractical and unrealistic as it is considered that it
would not be adhered to. It is likely that physical traffic calming measures would be required to
enforce a slower limit then that proposed.

2. Request for variable speed limits (20mph/30mph flashing signs during school start and
end times) - The current policy states that variable speed limits should be located on the road
immediately outside a school where drivers can see that a school is present. Treleigh School is
situated on a minor road set back from the A3047.

3. Requests for a new pedestrian barrier over the rail bridge on the A3047 – Nothing will be
done at this location at this time for the following reasons:-

(i) The existing barrier located before the bridge was erected as a safety precaution to prevent
vehicles leaving the carriageway and obstructing the railway track.

(ii) A Countywide review is currently being carried out to remove street furniture from carriageways
in order to improve safety for motorcyclists.

(iii) Footway widths over the railway bridge are between 1.4 and 1.6 metres which is likely to be
insufficient room for pedestrians with double buggies if a barrier with the necessary 450mm
clearance were to be erected.

                                                                             HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT
                                                     PLANNI NG, TRANSPORTATION & ESTATES
          Western Group Centre Radnor Road Scorrier Redruth TR16 5EH Tel (01872) 222000 Fax (01209) 821151
                                                                  Director Richard Fish Deputy Director Colin Jarvis
Although no action will be taken at this time, I would recommend that any further requests of this
nature are forwarded to the Divisional Surveyor for his consideration.

4. Improvements to the crossing point at the Cardrew Way Industrial Estate junction - A
number of features have been investigated here in the past including a roundabout, a central
refuge and physically narrowing the junction, however these have been ruled out on the grounds
that some HGV drivers would find it too restrictive to negotiate the turn into and out if this junction.
Cornwall County Council are currently looking into a scheme to discourage people from crossing at
the ‘bell mouth’ and directing pedestrians to the crossing point further into Cardrew Industrial
Estate where the road width is narrower. This will be consulted on in due course.

5. Extra Signage – A comment was made with regard to the lack of signs on the Scorrier
approach to the school. Having looked on site, it seems evident that there are 2 existing school
signs), one with a patrol plate and one which is yellow backed with flashing amber lights. This is
considered to be sufficient for this location.

Thank you again for taking interest in this scheme. The construction package will be issued to our
contractors, Cormac and the works will be carried out in due course.

Yours faithfully

Emma Temple
Traffic Technician

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