Fragrance/pewangi by wahyugaluh


									          Fragrance is one of the volatile with particular aroma.

           Modern perfume (alcoholic perfume) has been used since 14th
     century as one of the cosmetics. Now, there are three categorization of
     fragrance substances:
a.    Natural fragrance, it is fragrance substance that is distilated or extracted
      from plant and animal organs;
b.    Synthetic fragrance, it is the duplication of natural fragrance;
c.    Innovative fragrance, it is the fragrance combination of natural and
      synthetic fragrance added with unique essences.
           Natural fragrance essence is natural product. For example, fragrance
      essence that is extracted from roses, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Natural
      fragrance essence is limited both its quantity and its variety.
          The perfume spread in market consists of thousand of
     synthetic fragrance essences with the performance of natural
     fragrance essences. There are there method in making synthetic
     fragrance essences:

a.   By making different essences, but having the similar aroma to
     natural fragrance essences;

b.   By making new brand aromatic essences which we can not find
     in nature;

c.   By making complex essence facilitated with complex aroma as
    Basically, perfume consists of alcoholic ethyl (50%-90%), aquades (5%-
    20%), and fragrance essence (10%-30%). According to its composition,
    there appears following terms:

   Perfume. It is the combination of a great number of fragrance essences
    (almost 100% pure). Its fragrance essences is spread out when it is put
    on skin to set the good aroma free. As the alcoholic contain is low, the
    aroma of fragrance essences is long-lasting.
   Eau de Perfume. It is the combination of lower fragrance essences
    contain than perfume.
   Eau de Toilette. It is light perfume, softer, and consists of fragrance
    essence lower than eau de perfume.
   Cologne. It is mixed with high-concentration of alcoholic composition
    that it can result in relax atmosphere of perfume, more economic, and
    the most popular of all.
   Eau Fraiche. The containing of fragrance essence is very low and it is
    used by spraying around the skin after taking a bath.
Fragrance essence is also added in powder, shampoo, detergent,
soap, hair spray, room freshener, and deodorant, softening
cream, and face cleanser. The range of fragrance essence in this
product is 0.5%-5%.

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