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									 John Glenn

Savannah Spencer
            John Glenn Facts

   This exploration was very important in
   The main exploration took 1 day
   The exploration took a lot of courage.
   John Glenn attended Muskingum College
    in New Concord California
             Life of Explorer

   Born July 18, 1921-Present
   He was middle class
   He was well educated
   He has don many great and important
    things in his life
   He published autobiographical information
   He married Anna Margaret Castor
        Who Sent the Explorer

   He was sent by a private group
   He was sent by NASA
    Where and When the Exploration
             Took Place
   Exploration started February 20, 1962
   It took place at the NASA space craft
    center at Cape Canaveral , Florida
    Importance of the Exploration

   It was a great technical accomplishment
   It sent world records
   It gave hope to Americans
   It shows us now days what people did in
    the past
         What the Explorer Did

   John Glenn became a marine pilot.
   He was a United States senator
   He became a NASA astronaut
   The first American to orbit the earth
Map of the Exploration Route

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