; What Emma Stone Uses for Even Flawless Skin
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What Emma Stone Uses for Even Flawless Skin


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									                     What Emma Stone Uses for Even Flawless Skin

 The lovely waif, Ms. Emma Stone, suffers from allergies to many ingredients, so what skin care
ingredients does she use to achieve such perfect even clarity? Is it a high end serum or
moisturizer, genetics, naturally derived ingredients or all of the above? The simple, yet reliable,
ingredient that brings about Emmas flawless skin may surprise

The star actually lavishes her skin with the age-old botanical care of grapeseed oil as a soothing
alternative to average face care. She says, 'I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store
on my face as moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then Ill use it throughout the day and
at night. The down to earth Emma chooses no far fetched remedy for her sensitive skin and it is
easy to find organic varieties at health markets. So, how effective is this natural moisturizing oil?

What the experts say

Dr. Allan Izikson of the New York Dermatology Group in Manhattan says the evidence shows it
works. "Grapeseed oil is a good natural emollient," Dr. Izikson shares. "It helps to moisturize skin
while protecting and healing from UV exposure and other daily stressors." So Ms. Stone is
definitely on the right track to clear glowing skin.

According to celebrity skin care guru Joanna Vargas, Because grapeseed oil contains no chemical
additives, dyes, or fragrances, it is safe for all skin types including those that are allergy-prone.
Like other pure botanic oils it contains a number of essential vitamins and nutrients that hydrate
and nourish for younger looking complexion. The bonus is that this natural elixir is loaded with
antioxidants, which "slow down the aging process, making skin look younger," says Ms. Vargas

What other skin oils are equally beneficial?

Emma has made a smart natural skincare choice, but there other pure oils that surpass or equal
the reparative qualities of grapeseed oil.

Jojoba Oil. This botanic face care is one of the most deeply penetrating moisturizing oils with
enriching ingredients found in top quality organic skin products and sun screens. As a wax ester,
rather than oil, it has been tested and proven to boost dermal endurance and elasticity. The anti-
inflammatory properties of jojoba are known to soothe and nourish extremely dry and irritated skin.
It is closest in make up to the sebum in our skin and abundant in antioxidants to protect against
free radical damage.

Neroli Oil. Massage Neroli oil into your skin before bed, as Emma does with grapeseed oil: that
natural mood enhancer and anti-depressant thoroughly hydrates the dermis to erase the lines that
etch into skin under stress. It reliably softens and evens texture for an ageless appearance.
Argan Oil. It features nourishing compounds unique to this North African oil such as schottenol
and spinasterol. They are the most powerful and saturating anti-inflammatories that effectively
treat sensitive skin, acne, (sun)burns, and rosacea. It is a healing oil that repairs damaged skin
tissue for complete revitalization. Environmental and UV solar degradation are easily avoided
with the antioxidant shield Argan oil provides.

This oil combination can be found in the Rejuvenating Serum by, celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas.


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