BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL
 The Beverly Hills High School Physical Education Department is dedicated to the philosophy that the
 quality and productivity of each student’s life can be enhanced through participation in a comprehensive,
 sequential program that promotes physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

 Each class period includes 6 minutes to change into the physical education uniform at the beginning of the
 period and 8 minutes at the conclusion. Students are expected to be sitting in their roll call lines on time.
 * Teacher and/or school are NOT responsible for lost or stolen belongings! IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

 Students are expected to change into the BHHS physical education uniform for class every day. This
 includes students with excused notes. Uniforms (T-shirt and shorts) are sold in the student store. Athletic
 socks and shoes are also required. Sweat shirts and pants are permissible as long as they are athletic wear.
 BHHS sweat shirts and pants are also sold at the student store. They must be black, white, grey or orange.
 EACH non suit lowers your ENTIRE letter grade, one letter as well as – 5 pts. PLEASE make sure you
 dress for PE. This includes the FINAL DAY.
 *First non suit is a freebie. If it isn’t used, it is worth 10 pts at the end of quarter.

 Every student attending PE class must dress in uniform for activity. If the activity must be modified for
 medical reasons, a note from the Parents (up to 2 days) or Physician (more than 2 days) is required at the
 beginning of class that day. Make up work may be allowed for the missed activity for students in good

The Beverly Hills High School Physical Education Department is aligned with the
 standards for Physical Education established by the California Department of Education.

Standard 1: Demonstrate knowledge and competency in motor skills, movement patterns and strategies
     needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Standard 2: Achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge
     of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies.

Standard 3: Demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies
     as they apply to learning and performance of physical activity.

                                                  Please cut off and return
 I, (print student’s name)___________________________, understand and agree to all the terms
 outlined in the Beverly Hills High School Physical Education Grading Practices. Only
 my most diligent commitment to these guidelines will allow me to receive the grade I

 _________________________ _____        _________________________      ________      _______
 Student’s Signature                   ID #           Guardian Signature                       Date          Period
        Participation, Effort, & Attitude        = 50%
        Skills-Improvement & Knowledge           = 15%
        Fitness- Improvement & Knowledge          = 15%
        Portfolio                                 = 10%
        Final Exam                                = 10%

Your grade in PE will be determined by multiple assessments, such as (but not limited to): fitness tests,
skill tests, written exams, journals, portfolios, and individual or group projects. Each day, students receive
a grade for a combination of participation, effort, attitude, sportsmanship, proper dress, and being on time.
(10/20 pts.) If you sit out or are absent, you do not receive participation credit for the day (see make-up
SNAP GRADES: Students grades will be posted on

A “Fail” will be assigned for the following:
              1) Less then 2/3rd (67%) participation for any reason, including excused absences and non-
              2) 4 non-suits
              3) 4 unexcused absents
              4) 10 tardies
              5) Any combination of the above which lowers the grade 4 times

Be sure to follow school policy to get absences cleared. Unexcused absents cannot be made up.

Unexcused Absents – each one lowers your quarter grade one corresponding level. (4 = fail)
Arriving to class 25 minutes or more after the tardy bell will result in an Absence!

Unexcused tardies alter your grade in the following manner: - 5pts. for each.
*First tardy is a freebie. If it isn’t used, it is worth 10 pts at the end of quarter.
         3 tardies = N in citizenship, no change in letter grade
         5 tardies = U in citizenship, 1 letter grade lower
         7 tardies = U in citizenship, 2 letter grades lower
         9 tardies = U in citizenship, 3 letter grades lower
         10 tardies = U in citizenship, fail in class

MAKE-UPS: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 3:00 pm
Each teacher gives a one time (30 minutes) half-hour make-up session each quarter:
    1. Unexcused Absences may not be made up.
    2. Non-suits may be made up by jogging 6 laps each
    3. Excused absences may be made up by jogging 6 laps each
    4. Tardies may be made up by jogging 4 laps each
    5. All make ups can only be supervised by your teacher
                              There are no make-ups for the make-up session.

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