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									                                       Was Andrew Carnegie a hero?
                                                    DBQ-Essay Rubric
Analysis: the organization of information and thoughtful discussion of ideas demonstrate an individual construction of
knowledge as opposed to a reproduction of knowledge that simply restates the documents

                      Outstanding                       Commendable                          Developing                        Lacking
                  Strong introduction                 Strong introduction               Addresses the question            Inadequate in
                   paragraph                            paragraph                          but lacks focus                    addressing or
                  Developed thesis that               Developed thesis that             Introductory paragraph             identifying the
Organization       includes analytical categories       includes distinct categories       contains a stated or               question
  of Essay        Clearly organized body              Organized body                     recognizable thesis               Lacks a clear thesis
                   paragraphs (in order of              paragraphs (in order of           Recognizable                      No transitions
  _____/8          thesis)                              thesis)                            organization with main            Has unclear
                  Contains clear topic                Contains obvious topic             ideas divided into                 organization
                   sentence for each paragraph          sentence for each                  paragraphs; body
                  Smooth transitions tie               paragraph                          paragraphs may not be in
                   information together                Mostly smooth transitions          same order as thesis
                  Strong conclusion with               tie information together          Lacks necessary
                   succinct summary                    Conclusion that restates           transitions
                                                        thesis and may summarize          Has some sort of
                                                        argument                           concluding paragraph,
                                                                                           may be unnecessarily

                  Uses a majority of the              Uses a majority of the            Contains references to            Makes reference to
                   documents                            documents.                         several documents, but             few documents.
                  Cites the documents.                Not all documents cited.           there could easily be             Citations are
                  Strong grouping of                  Groups documents into              more.                              missing.
                   documents into a well-               appropriate analytical            Some accurate groupings           Documents are
  Content          developed analytical                 category                           of documents, but one              misunderstood.
                   category                            Accurately interprets most         group be inaccurate               Includes no relevant
  _____/24        Accurately interprets the            but not all of the documents      Contains some effort at            information from
                   documents                            cited.                             document analysis.                 beyond the
                  Includes strong analysis—           Contains evidence of              Includes little relevant           documents.
                   close detail, synthesis, finds       document analysis                  information from outside          The focus in each
                   inconsistencies, questions          May cite some relevant             learning.                          body paragraph is
                   author bias, makes                   information from outside          Does not clearly explain           missing.
                   judgments                            learning                           how evidence answers
                  Cites information from              Includes an argument that          the question.
                   outside learning                     addresses the topic
                  Provides an argument that            sentence
                   shows how the documents
                   answer the larger question

                  The essay uses exemplary            The essay uses satisfactory       There are significant             The use of
                   grammar, usage, and/or               grammar, usage,                    errors in grammar, usage,          grammar, usage,
Conventions        vocabulary. Few to no                mechanics, and/or                  mechanics, and/or                  mechanics, and/or
                   errors.                              vocabulary. There are a            vocabulary, and it is              vocabulary is so
  _____/8                                               few errors, but they present       difficult but not impossible       flawed that it is not
                                                        no problem for                     to understand the                  possible to
                                                        understanding meaning.             student’s meaning.                 understand


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