Transportation Safety Planning and Crash Records by FN4Cq68t


									Overcoming Local
Crash Data Limitations
        Michael Briggs
    Transportation Planner
 Mid-America Regional Council
     Kansas City, Missouri
“Someone else’s shoes”
 Local Safety & Crash
 Data Public Meeting

      March 28, 2006
         8:30 a.m.
   NKC Community Center
North Kansas City, Missouri
It’s March 28, 2003…

“How many people were killed
   in motor vehicle crashes in
  the KC metro area in 2002?”
Now on March 28, 2006…

“How many people were killed
   in motor vehicle crashes in
  the KC metro area in 2005?”

  185 fatalities (Preliminary)
      What we started with…

Roadway Fatalities   2006   2005   % +/-
Kansas                63     86    -26.7
Missouri             210    224    -6.3
      What we’ve heard…

            Comments        Accomplished
Add contributing factors
Need population rates
Need VMT rates
Need last year’s data
Need location information       --
Add disclaimer
Add maps                        --
Need injury & PDO crashes
      What we’ve heard…

            Comments               Accomplished
Do not post locations online
Add safety belt use                 Kansas only
Add motorcycle fatalities
Add age according to CDC cohorts
Email info in PDF format
Kansas Data
Missouri Data
Data Goal!!
Crash Data Issues
   Police Officer/Data Collector
       Accuracy of Data
       Location Information
       Officer Turnover
       Timeliness
   DOT or Patrol/Database Manager
       State System Bias
       Other Traffic Records
   Cultural Attitudes
   Bi-State Region
   Funding Silos
MARC’s Role in Crash Data
 Using a “bottom-up” approach
 Participate in State Traffic Records
  Coordinating Committees (TRCC)
 Advocate crash data importance in
  transportation safety planning
 Looking for funding

 Provide regional information

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