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					Course Syllabus
Modern Technology
William E. Cattin Instructor

Course: Modern Technology, IET 101, 5 Credits

Hours: MTuWThF 12:00PM – 12:50AM
Room: 219 Hogue.

Office phone: (509) 963-1911
Office 301 Hogue Technology Blg.
Home: 962-8370

Text: Technology, R. Thomas Wright; Goodheart-Wilcox

This course is designed to provide an overview of the world of Industrial Technology.
The study of Industrial Technology is a basic building block of a liberal education. The
study of Industrial Technology is a fundamental tool for understanding the development
of humankind; its history, science, economics, and cultural development. The word
technology is derived from the Greek words techne and logos. Technology is not
complex or a space age phenomenon. Technology has been here as long as humans
have walked upright. Technology is humans using objects to change the natural and
human-made environment. Technology is purposeful action by people, to extend
human ability or potential to do work.

Although the course provides great breath in readings and types of technology covered,
there are a variety of learning experiences that provide very specific learning, giving
realism and relevance to course topics.

The purpose of this course, under the Applications of Natural Science section of the
Breadth Requirements of the General Education Program, is to provide students with an
understanding of how technology uses basic scientific principles to manipulate the
natural world by developing applications used in everyday life. The course is targeted
at students who desire to know how the technologies they use daily, operate and
consume resources in the natural world.

ADA Statement:
Students who have special needs or disabilities that may affect their ability to access
information and or material presented in this course are encouraged to contact me or
Ms. Nancy Howard, ADA Compliance Officer, Director, ADA Affairs and Students
Assistance on campus at 963-2171 for additional disability related educational

WEC 03/04 Tech
At the completion of this course a student will be able to:

     1. Explain the role of artisan in early production

     2. Define technology and its relationship to housing, tools, weapons,
        communication, transportation, and energy

     3. Describe the materials and processes involved in the production of silicon
        integrated circuits and the impact on the environment

     4. Fabricate, using simple techniques, a technical/historical model representing a
        topic from instructor list OR develop a presentation and supply a stimulating
        instructional experience in a group setting

     5. Give a presentation on a new technological development, chosen by each
        student from an instructor list

     6. Understand the process that drives technology progress

     7. Explain the role of technology in changing political systems

     8. Explain the role of capitalism in technology evolution

     9. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the different technology classes
        and how they relate to American culture.


TASK                                            ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES
Observe lectures, student presentations,        Three quizzes, and final exam
videos, photons and participate in
Tech Check Give a presentation on a new         Each student will present a minimum 15
technological development, chosen from          minute PowerPoint presentation
instructor provided list.
News and Discovery Select one current           Present article in class, lead a discussion
news article relating an aspect or concept      about it and hand in article to class.
of modern technology.
Historical Interview, student will interview    Present a short “photon” to class regarding
a seasoned citizen about technology             the most significant technology
advancements observed in their lifetime.        advancement from interview. Submit a one
                                                page minimum summary of interview on
                                                day of presentation.

WEC 03/04 Tech
   A. Exams:
       Exams will consist of multiple choices, T/F, fill in the blank, and essay questions
on everything and anything covered in class or assigned.
Quiz                          100 points                         Oct. 1,Oct. 28, –Nov. 10
Final                         200 points                         As scheduled finals wk

         Tech Check Presentation (TC) 250 points.
                Chose a topic from the list of current technologies provided.
                Develop a 15 minute PowerPoint Presentation on your topic that
                6 or more slides
                6 or more good photographs of artifacts
                an appropriate amount of explanatory text
                The relationship of the technology (positive/negative) to society and the
                 world. This last element must be substantiated by factual sources, not
                 your opinion. You must include a minimum of 2 internet sources, 1 text
                 book, and 1 current periodical in a bibliography (minimum 4).
                You may not “read” your PowerPoint presentation. It is assumed that
                 all students in this class can read. Your charge is to elaborate upon the
                 slides presented. This is a public speaking, teaching and learning
                 opportunity, as such their will be a reduction in points awarded for
                 reading your PowerPoint presentation.

Humanity of Technology (HT) 150 points
This assignment is to expose a facet of technology that is invisible to the casual
observer. Your assignment is to interview a senior citizen at least 70 years old and
preferably older; regarding the advances and changes in technology that have occurred
during their lifetime. The purpose of this assignment is to inject a human experience
into your studies about technology. This interview is to be completely voluntary with the
senior and is to be done with the highest level of respect. This assignment can be done
with relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, virtually anyone that consents to a discussion
and meets the age criteria. This interview can take place over several meetings or just
one. Suggestions for questions are as follows:

          What changes in transportation technology have affected you most?
          What technology has had the greatest positive impact on your life?
          Negative impact? In what manor did this cause a change?
          What technology changes have impacted family life the most?
          How do you view the technology derived from the space program?
          Did the war (WWII) have a positive or negative impact on technology in your life?
          What is the most significant technological improvement that you experienced in
           your working life?
          At what age did you become aware of technology advances?
          What technology progress did your parents experience?
          What progress in technology would you have wanted your parents to

WEC 03/04 Tech
          What do you see as the disadvantages of the pace at which technology is being
          What do you want young people today to understand about the technology of the
          What modern technology system do you get the most use from today?
          What advice would you give to students today if given the opportunity to advise

These questions are suggestions and are not meant to be a list that must be
answered. The intent is for you to listen with respect and give some measure of honor
to our most treasured human resource, our seniors!

The submission of this assignment will be done in two methods.
You are to submit a written summary of your interview (follow the guidelines) in which
you identify your relationship with the person interviewed and summarize the responses
to your questions. In addition, you are to give a reaction to the responses and a positive
comment about this experience.

The second method will be a brief presentation to the class covering the same issues in
the written submission. This is to be an informal address to the class with your personal
reaction and commentary about the interview

Tech Check and Back to Future topic list
 Tech check: no modeling, presentation   Additional Topics:
       1. Monocultural Agriculture         1. Artificial limbs and joints
       2. ADHD Treatment                   2. Athletic shoe design, materials
       3. Biomass energy                   3. Battery model, working
       4. Cancer treatments                4. Digital hearing aids, ear horn
       5. Kidney dialysis                  5. Electric motor, working
       6. Salmon farming                   6. Electrical generator working model
       7. DVD technology                   7. Fire making, early models
       8. Electrical power generation      8. Water treatment methods
           from wind
       9. Exercise technology              9. Home building materials/ new &
       10. Extending life span             10. Hydrogen gas production
       11. Alzheimer’s treatments          11. Latest Bicycle technology

WEC 03/04 Tech
            12. Hybrid Automobiles              12. Multiple pulleys model/block and
            13. Communicable disease control    13. Nutrition technology
            14. Leisure activities & time for   14. Outdoor Clothing technology
            15. Longevity technology            15. Personal computers
            16. Radioactive waste               16. Atomic energy production
            17. World technology distribution   17. Robotics, simple model
            18. Ethanol vs. MTBE                18. Gasoline production
            19. Weight management               19. Sports medicine artifacts
            20. Energy storage                  20. Battery technology
            21. Medical diagnosis technology    21. Medical implants
            22. Future weapons                  22. Weapons early models
            23. Genetically modified foods      23. Agriculture production
            24. Concrete placement              24. Construction materials and
            25. Machine tools/computer          25. Machine tools, beginning to
                controlled                          present
            26. Jet propulsion engines          26. Petroleum fuel production
            27. Future aircraft designs         27. History of flight
            28. Fuel cells                      28. Fuel cell history
            29. Medical Life support systems    29. Tool making sequence throughout
            30. Current state of reusable       30. Solar cell progression, state of the
                launch vehicles                     art and future being researched
            31. Reverse Osmosis                 31. Water filtration methods
            32. Replaceable human Organs        32. Silicon chip manufacture
            33. Aircraft development            33. Boeing 787 features
            34. Remote Location electricity     34. History of agriculture irrigation
            35. Manufacture of Confections      35. Alternate energy state of Art
            36. Mineral resource extraction     36. ANWAR oil exploration
            37. Current practices for oil       37. History of Otto cycle engine
            38. Latest development of F1        38. Online marketing processes
            39. Race car cheating technology    39. Cosmetic production and testing
            40. Current Logging practices       40. Special ED. teaching technology

      Current News Article 100 points.
             Choose a current news item that has relevance to one or more points in
               “Ethics and Technology”.
             Write a maximum one-page analysis of the relevance in MS Word.

WEC 03/04 Tech
                  The article should be copied from a periodical, or found on an internet
                   news source, and printed.
                  Present the article and analysis to the class.
                  Hand in analysis and article immediately following presentation

  o Spelling and grammar
  o Inclusion of all elements described above
  o Technical accuracy of your words (do you understand what you say!?)
  o The interest level of your presentation (what is your motivation?)

Grading Procedure:
The course is designed around a minimum of 1000 points, but could be more.
1.    All assignments will be turned in on the day designated during class time for the
      course. No grade will be given for late work.

2.         No make-up assignments or examinations will be allowed unless provisions for
           circumstances are made in advance of the date in question.

3.         All written work will be evaluated on the following criteria:
                   a. neatness
                   b. spelling
                   c. content quality
                   d. completeness

4.         Please ask questions if assignments are unclear. The final responsibility for
           misunderstandings and late work rests with the student.

5.         Points will be assigned for each student’s work. The total points obtained
           throughout the course will then be evaluated according to the following chart:

                  A      100-92%        A-     90-92%
                  B+     88-90%         B      82-88%        B-      80-82%
                  C+     78-80%         C      72-78%        C-      70-72%
                  D+     68-70%         D      62-68%        D-      60-62%

6.         Missing class is not “OK”. Discussion questions, safety instruction, and
           instruction on equipment and instruments are all valuable and should not be
           missed. Absences cause expensive wear and tear on equipment, supplies and
           facility. Demonstrations on equipment and technique will not be given over.

7.         All written work will be typed or word-processed double-spaced, with 1” margins.
           Papers will be stapled in the upper left-hand corner.

8.         Appointments can be directly made with the instructor or E-Mail.

9.         “Close” grades will be determined by attendance patterns, enthusiasm and
           willingness to learn.

WEC 03/04 Tech

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