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Sample Technology Plan - DOC by J0vi4YEw


									Axia College Material
                                             Appendix F

Sample Technology Plan – use this sample as a guide for completing your final project. Be
sure to consider these seven criteria and include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

Criteria One: Organization Description and Demographic Information

    Provide a brief description of the organization and demographic information.

    Consider the following questions: Who are the people in the organization? Owners are graduates in
    Business Admin and musicians (Lisa – jazz violin, Ruben –Drums) Who are the people the
    organization serves? Net Generation and Milennials are major customer base

Criteria Two: Goals and Strategy

    Provide a clear set of goals and a strategy for using information systems to achieve these
    goals and improve business.

    Consider the following questions: What are the short- and long-term goals of the organization? What
    role will information systems play in achieving these goals? How will information systems fulfill that
    Goal 1: online shopping for products and tickets, Goal 2: properly serve high tech customers, Goal: 3
    expand menu and reduce costs. Strategies are ERP, CRM, and SCM systems.

Criteria Three: Professional Development

    Provide a professional development strategy that ensures staff training on the new systems.

    Consider the following questions: How will the staff learn to use the technology and integrate it into
    their work? How will training be conducted? When will the training be offered? Who will provide the
    training? How will staff familiarize themselves with technology appropriate to their positions?

Criteria Four: Assessment of Needs

    Provide an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other
    services that will be needed to improve service.

    Consider the following questions: What is the current technology environment at the organization?
    What proposed services and systems will be purchased and installed to meet the goals specified in
    Criteria Two? What is the timeline for implementation?

Criteria Five: The Budget

    Provide a budget that identifies the organization funds available for the system being

    Consider the following questions: What size budget is available? What is the best use of these funds
    in terms of acquiring and maintaining hardware and software, professional development, and other
    services that will be needed to implement the strategy for improved service?

Criteria Six: Evaluation
   Provide a plan for evaluation that enables the organization to monitor progress toward the
   goals specified in Criteria Two.

   Consider the following questions: Who will conduct the evaluation? How will the evaluation be
   conducted? When will the evaluation occur?

Criteria Seven: Inventory

   Provide a complete inventory of the current hardware, software, and types of
   telecommunications services being used.

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