Present:      D Richardson            -   Warrington Borough Council
              Dave Bradburn           -   Warrington Primary Care Trust
              Neil Colquhoun          -   Warrington Collegiate Institute
              Conrad Birtles          -   Warrington Borough Council
              Stewart Burton          -   JAG Fitness
              Sharon Marley           -   Sport Cheshire
              Nigel Howells           -   Priestley College
              Kathy Yates             -   Priestley College
              Jan Parker              -   Warrington Borough Council
              Neil Kelly              -   Warrington Borough Council
              Kirstie Simpson         -   University College Chester
              Lesley McAllister       -   Warrington Borough Council
              Alan McGinty            -   Warrington Sports Forum
              Dave Maskery            -   Warrington Borough Council
              Jameel Hadi             -   NSPCC

Apologies:    G Leader                -   Warrington Disability Partnership
              S McCurrie              -   Warrington Collegiate Institute
              Councillor C Froggatt   -   Warrington Borough Council
              Peter Leyland           -   University College Chester
              Paula Pearson           -   Warrington Borough Council

Matters Arising
It would be useful to have a contact list which could be circulated to partners.

DM to compile contact list and circulate to partners.

Audit Results
Five audit sheets returned, copied and circulated.

Partners who have not completed their audit sheets are encouraged to do so, as
soon as possible. If new audit sheets are required, contact Dave Maskery on
(01925) 442876.

Coalfields Regeneration Fund
DR     - Outlined the scheme which provides funding for those communities who
         have been affected by the loss of mining employment. The scheme
         commences April 2005 and finishes October 2007. There is £450k available
         for both capital and revenue projects.

SM     - Will talk to colleagues at Sport Cheshire re the scheme.

JH     - NSPCC would be interested in joining up with any bid which involves
         working in the Bewsey and Whitecross wards.

WBC Sports Strategy
DR    - Presented the background paper on the proposed Warrington Borough
        Council Sports Strategy. The Strategy would encompass a 5-year period
        and include an action plan. Feedback on the document is welcomed,
        comments to Dave Maskery.

CB    - Would like to see that outdoor pursuits were contained in the Strategy, not
        just mainstream sports.

SB    - Raised concerns over risk assessments on outdoor pursuits.

JH    - Raised concerns over child protection.

DR    - Confirmed that comprehensive child protection and risk assessments are
        undertaken prior to any activity.

KS    - University College Chester expressed interest in some type of involvement
        in the production of the Strategy.

NK    - Felt that the Strategy could be expanded to cover a Strategy for the Sport
        Alliance, this received universal agreement.

        To be raised on next meeting’s agenda to discuss way forward.

Local Sports Alliance
Paper produced by Sport Cheshire detailing the proposed way forward for Local
Sports Alliances, which looks at the areas of:

        i.     Communication
        ii.    Core areas of work / outcomes for each LSA
        iii.   Core membership
        iv.    LSA within the wider sports partnership structure
        v.     The way forward

Comments on the paper should be addressed to Sharon Marley at Sport Cheshire –
e-mail address: SharonM@sportcheshire.org

Warrington’s LSA will disseminate information to the Local Strategic Partnership
Health & Wellbeing Thematic Group.

Whole Sport Plans – not an agenda item but information supplied by SM for interest.

31 NGB’s (National Governing Bodies of Sport) have been identified to produce
Whole Sport Plans (WSP’s). The plans should show the development progression
from “grassroots to the podium”. Timescale: November – January 2005. Funding for
the plans will come directly from Sport England to the NGB’s.

SM currently writing to the NGB’s to ascertain whether they view Warrington and
Cheshire as priority areas for development.

The Cheshire Partnership are looking to work with 6 Core Sports and have contact
with the remaining 25 sports as we are limited with current resources. Timescale:
March – April 2005 for which focus sports will work with Warrington and Cheshire.

Community Learning Floor
Room usage on the floor will be for:

i.      Sports Development Office
ii.     Sport & Leisure, Community Centres, Office
iii.    Education Department, Training and Development
iv.     Learn Direct
v.      Education, Other Than At School
vi.     Warrington Wolves Community Team
vii.    Playing For Success
viii.   Health and Wellbeing Suite

Warrington Wolves Community Team and the Learning Floor are currently
progressing with plans to take both into a Trust, the “Warrington Wolves Community
Learning and Sport Foundation”.

There has been a high level of interest shown by lower league Football Clubs with
the developments on the Community Learning Floor.

Completion date for the Floor is 11th March 2005.

Warrington PCT are locating several of their services in the East Stand.

Within the Stadium concourse of the North Stand, there is to be a children’s activity
zone located. The zone will include Tri Golf and 3 Smart Walls. Looking for a
sponsor for the Tri Golf and play markings.

Community Sport Coaches Scheme
Two successful applications have been submitted by Warrington Borough Council in
partnership with NSPCC and DAT (Drug Action Team) for a part-time netball coach
(18 hours) and a part-time football coach (18 hours). The NSPCC have an existing
football scheme with over 100 young people taking part. The girls have a football
group who play on a Thursday. The CSC’s would help in providing a better structure
for the young people.

University College Chester have successfully applied for one full-time multi-skills

There is to be an appraisal of the applications unless each host organisation can
contribute an additional £2,500 funding.

UEFA – Euro 2005 Women’s Football
5th – 19th June 2005

There are to be three matches at the Halliwell Jones Stadium between Germany,
France and Norway.

Women’s Euro 2005 Fixtures:

Group A

Sunday 5 June:               Sweden v Denmark, England v Finland

Wednesday 8 June:            Denmark v England, Sweden v Finland

Saturday 11 June:            England v Sweden, Finland v Denmark

Group B

Monday 6 June:               Germany v Norway, France v Italy

Thursday 9 June:             Italy v Germany, France v Norway

Sunday 12 June:              Germany v France, Norway v Italy


Wednesday 15 June:           Winners Group B v Runners-Up Group A

Thursday 15 June:            Runners-Up Group B v Winners Group A


Sunday 19 June

There will be a legacy programme in place locally – contact Clive Jones (Warrington
Borough Council) – Tel: (01925) 442880 – for details.

Coaches in Schools
Discussions have taken place between Sports Development and Education
Department regarding the issue of sports coaches working in schools. Both
Departments are working towards a standardised, more professional approach.

Coaches will be expected to undergo:

1.      CRB check
2.      Insurance / liability check
3.      Child Protection training
4.      Induction programme

Sport England will be launching:

‘On the Move’ – 3rd March 2005 – Sharon Burns is the Sport England contact:

‘Outcomes of the Consultation Review Day’.

SM        - Circulated document on behalf of Sport Cheshire.

KS        - University College Chester have embarked on a jointly funded research
            assistant with Sport Cheshire.

Date of Next Meeting

13th April – 6.00pm – Halliwell Jones Stadium.

DM/SJ/Misc/WSP Activity Alliance (01.02.2005am11.2.05)

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