My Wife Wants to Leave Me - Here are Some EASY Ways to Make Her Want to Stay! by haze321


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      My Wife Wants to Leave Me
     Here are some EASY ways to make her want to stay!


                                             Sabrina Werles

Whether she has told you, or you are just thinking of it, you say ‘ my wife wants to leave me ‘. There ARE ways
to make her WANT to stay with you, and they are much easier than you think. In fact, even though it really
seems that way, she may not really want to leave you at all!
 My wife wants to leave me – Here are some EASY ways to make her
                                    want to stay!

My wife wants to leave me.   This is one of the worst things a man can think.          Has
your wife told you that she wants to leave?       Or is she doing things that make you
think that she wants to leave?   Either way, is there anything that you can do to
make her stay with you?

You obviously can't just TELL her not to leave.         You can't force her to stay in a
situation that she doesn't want to be in.     BUT....     has she said (or hinted)
anything about WHY she isn't happy?         WHY she wants to leave the marriage?

See if you can get her to tell you why she wants to leave.          When you say ' my
wife wants to leave me ', the first thing that goes through your mind is that you
have to and or will do ANYTHING to get her to stay.

You will probably get many excuses - she needs space or time to 'find herself'.
She says that she's just not in love with you anymore.         She may say that she's
sick of being 'stuck' in a marriage, and that she wants 'freedom'.       There are many
other excuses that she can use, of course.

Although there ARE a few serious reasons that a woman wants out of a marriage,
(such as abuse of addictions), most of the time they really don't want to leave.

If she doesn't really want to leave, then why would she say that she does?

When you are thinking to yourself ‘my wife wants to leave me’ , have you ever
thought that she might feel like you don’t love her anymore?         When people are
married for a while, they tend to stop showing each other that they love each other.
They assume that the other knows.       This is a common rut that many marriages fall
into.   But this can EASILY be fixed!
Has your wife been feeling down lately?      Maybe she has put on a few extra
pounds, or her hair is graying?     Maybe she is afraid that since she doesn't look
the way she used to, you will fall out of love with her.     That you will want to find
someone younger – prettier, etc.

She might think that if she leaves now, then it won't be as bad as if she would
stay there and both of you live miserably together.    You know that’s not true, but
people do think that way – both women and men.

If she DID gain alot of weight, then maybe the two of you could join a gym
TOGETHER.        When you say ‘my wife wants to leave me‘, doing things together will
bring the two of you closer.     There are gyms that cost about ten dollars a month.
I know money is extremely tight right now, but even a few months will bring some
of her self-esteem back.

When you say that YOU are thinking about it, and ask her if she wants to, you will
get a much better response.      She (and you) will start to feel better – both
physically AND mentally – exercise relieves stress.

Take some time to talk to her.      Tell her that you love her, and you will continue to
love her, no matter what.      Tell her that even though the two of you may be going
thought some tough times right now, it doesn't mean that she has to leave.         Try
to make her see that you really care, and that you really want to make your
marriage work.

My wife wants to leave me - what should I do?         Imagine that you were at a
marriage counselor.    What do you think that they would say?     (==>> Click Here
<<== to discover how you can get excellent marriage counseling, inexpensively, and
in the privacy of your own home!)

Think back a little bit.   When did you first think that something was wrong?     Or
what was going on in your lives when she said that she wants to leave (if she
said it)?
She may be suffering from a midlife crisis.    If she is older, she may be having
hormonal changes. If you think that this is what may be happening, then give her
some time.      Give her some time to settle down - her mind may be reeling right
now, just like yours is.    She may be wondering WHY she is feeling this way.

You could suggest that she visit her family or a friend.    If she could stay for a day
or two, that would be better.     It will give her a chance to talk to someone else -
she might feel like she's burdening you by telling you.

After she gets all the negative thoughts out of her mind, then she will be free to
think of the good things again. The love will start to show again.

She may or may not tell you what has been going on with her.              Women are funny
like that. You will be amazed what good a day or two apart can do for the both of

When you are thinking that my wife wants to leave me, there is one very important thing
that you have to remember.....

While all of this is happening, YOU can, very easily, fall into a deep depression
yourself.       Keep yourself busy.

I don't mean for you to ignore your wife and go out and do things constantly.          I
only mean that you can very easily 'lose yourself' right now.      You keep thinking
about what went wrong, and what you can do to make everything right -

I'm not going to try to tell you that - if anyone does, then don't believe it.      It's
just not that easy.    It WILL happen - you CAN make your marriage happy again,
but it won't happen overnight.

During this time, do some things that will make YOU feel        better.     Going to the
gym will help - it will let you get stress out, and it will be very good for your
body, period.
It may help to know that there are many couples that go through this – many men
say ‘ my wife wants to leave me’ - and they get though it just fine.     Most of the
time, their marriage actually becomes stronger in the process.

The two of you will realize just how much you mean to each other.      You will both
see that you don't want to be apart.   In a much shorter time than you think, your
marriage CAN be happy again.

It is much easier to do than you think!

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