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					Leominster Local Policing Team - Rural                             September 2012 Edition (Incidents in September)

 Dear Neighbourhood Watch/Parish Councillors/Rural Watch and Members of the Public,
                                                    These items of note are for you to be aware of and
                                                    monitor as you see fit. Please be aware that
                                                    Herefordshire is a safe place to live! However keeping
                                                    Herefordshire safe relies on communities and the
                                                    police working together, you are the eyes and ears of
                                                    the community!

                                                                     Feel free to distribute or circulate any of the information
                                                                     contained within this e-mail, its intent is to gather any
                                                                     information about crimes already committed and
                                                                     prevent further crimes from taking place in the future!

 Priorities for Leominster Rural:             1) Speeding traffic through rural villages.

 30/08/2012 - CSO HARRIS conducted speed monitoring in LUSTON between 09:00-09:20hrs. All vehicles were in order.
 10/09/2012 – CSO HARRIS conducted speed monitoring in LUSTON between 08:45-09:10hrs. All vehicles were noted
 to be with in the speed limit. One driver did pull over to speak with officers to discuss his speed and was advised.
 14/09/2012 – CSO HARRIS conducted speed monitoring in LINGEN between 15:50-16:10hrs, all vehicles were in order.
 14/09/2012 – CSO HARRIS conducted speed monitoring in COMBE MOORE between 16:18-16:35hrs all vehicle were
 with in the speed limit.
 14/09/2012 – PC TOBEY conducted speed monitoring in WIGMORE between 19:00-19:30hrs, all vehicles were noted to
 be with in the speed limit.
 15/09/2012 – CSO HARRIS and PC TOBEY conducted speed monitoring in WIGMORE 19:25-19:45hrs. All vehicles
 were noted to be in order.

  (Action taken by the LPT can be viewed on the West Mercia Police Website: http://www.westmercia.police.uk)
 For those that do not have internet access when you receive a copy of this bulletin please find below a brief input on actions taken by
 LPT on the above PACT priority as taken from West Mercia’s Website.

 Surgeries/Events on Leominster Rural:

 18/09/2012 – 19:00hrs CSO BODEN on behalf of CSO HARRIS will be attending the parish council meeting at Adforton
 19/09/2012 – 11:00hrs Orleton Village Hall, coffee morning.
 19/09/2012 – 11:00hrs Richards Castle coffee Morning at the village hall.
 21/09/2012 – 15:30hrs CSO HOWARD will be attending on behalf of CSO HARRIS to Kimbolton School fete. CSO
 HOWARD will be available to answer questions and offer crime prevention advice along with the opportunity for younger
 attendees to take part in some activities including the chance to take a close look at a police car.
 22/09/2012 – 14:00 – 16:00hrs CSO HOWARD will be attending on behalf of CSO HARRIS to Wigmore School Fete.
 CSO HOWARD will be available to answer questions and offer crime prevention advice along with the opportunity for
 younger attendees to take part in some activities including the chance to take a close look at a police car.
 01/10/2012 – 19:00hrs NHW meeting for Brimfield at The Roebuck Inn.
 07/10/2012 - From 10:30 Leominster in Bloom will be under-planting at Leominster Jubilee Orchard in Ginhall Green.
 16/10/2012 – 11:00hrs CSO HARRIS will be attending Yarpole’s Coffee Morning.

 (There will always be an intention to attend and support these events, however due to the nature of
 policing, attendance by an officer is not always guaranteed)

       Policing Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire
                             Incidents of Note and Useful Information
                         (Please note that the below is not every incident/crime reported for Leominster Rural)

  September 7th, a report was made to police reference the use of mini motorbikes with in the area of Orleton.
Police attended and the riders of the mini motorbikes were spoken too. After enquiries were made it was noted
that the riders of the motorbikes were on private land and had permission from the land owner to be on the site
   and engaging in this activity. Nevertheless they were advised ref noise levels and considerations towards
  On the 28/08/12 police were informed that entry that had been gained to a property in the area by unknown
 offender(s). Only jewellery had been taken from with in. Occupants of the address were away at the time this
             incident occurred and enquires reference this incident have been negative at this time.

   On September 7th, a member of the public reported that two transit vans were acting suspiciously in and
  around the area of the reclamation yard, A49, Brimfield. On being observed the vehicles drove off at speed
towards Ludlow and then turned right at the junction with the Salway arms towards Tenbury. One vehicle was
     a white transit van VRM V742 **D, the other was a burgundy transit van, no further details obtained.
     Observations were passed and an area search made but no trace of either vehicles in the local area.


Anti social behaviour has been reported to the local policing team for 21/08/12 and 02/09/12 where by a group
  of youths have been noted congregating in around the area of Wyson Close being a general nuisance to
 residents. It is yet to be confirmed but near by trees have also suffered some damage and a gardens back
gate which was closed was observed open the next morning and it is believed that both incidents occurred at
                                 the same time the youths were seen in the area.

Between Sunday 19th August to Thursday 6th September person/s unknown have walked into a field of approx
200 sheep and stolen approx 45. 40 ewes and 5 lambs - mixed breeds Suffolk cross and Texel Cross. Hedges
  checked and no holes or 'escape' routes and gates were closed upon farmer’s arrival. Surrounding fields
        checked and no sign of the sheep and nothing to indicate who or how they had been taken.

 Between Sunday 2nd September to Monday 3rd September person(s) unknown have entered St James Church
 at Kimbolton and have used unknown implement to cut open a black tower donation box, which was screwed
into the floor by the font near the main door at the rear of the church. 4" x 4" x 1ft high metal sleeve of donation
box damaged and contents of box stolen. Nothing has been seen or heard by residents and there is no CCTV,
                                              suspects or witnesses.

A Fiat Punto was parked outside Leintwardine post office on Sunday 26th August into Monday 27th August and
 sustained damaged to its rear, nearside passenger window. Nothing was taken. Enquiries have been made
    with near by domestic and business properties but no information has been provided. CCTV has been
   checked and is negative. The Lion Inn also suffered a broken toilet window on the same night; however
                                   believe this was done by a customer.

   Between Monday 10th September to Friday 14th September on an isolated farm, person(s) unknown have
entered the farm and proceeded to take approximately 1000 litres of heating oil from a metal tank situated next
  to the farm house. This tank was unlocked. They have then proceeded to take 800 litres of red diesel from
                                  another tank which was again unlocked.

                                        GENERAL OBSERVATIONS.

Police have been notified today Monday 17th September that on several occasions, drivers have been flagged
down by a male on the side of the road. This male has then proceeded to speak with the driver, stating that he
needs money for petrol so that he can take his friend/brother to hospital. In return for some money the male is
    offering a gold ring. Several calls were made and each call offers a different description of the male(s)
however one part of the description remains the same across the calls made and that is, that the male making
this request is of an Eastern European ethnicity and does not speak English very well and that other males of
 Eastern European ethnicity are seen with in the parked vehicle. A possible description of the vehicle is that it
                                      may be a gold coloured Volvo estate.

                                 It is strongly believed that this is a scam!

 Officer conducted area searches of the areas given: Orleton on the B4362, Bircher and Leintwardine
but could not locate the vehicle or person(s) and the information provided has been obtained from the
                                    callers that informed the police.

BE AWARE other recent incidents of the same nature in Herefordshire have seen victims hand over cash for
petrol in exchange for jewellery and or drive the other party to a garage, giving them money to buy petrol and
       then taking them back to their vehicle, believing that it is a genuine request by an innocent party.

 The reason for the piece of jewellery that the offending party will give to the suspected victim is because the
offending party states that they will either make contact at a later date to exchange the piece of jewellery back
for the cash they borrowed off the victim or state that the jewellery is payment and they can weigh or sell it to
                                                  obtain the money.
                             In spite of this the jewellery is worthless and the victim:
                                       A) Never sees that person again and
                                      B) never gets their money back either.

             Please be mindful not to be victim of this crime and inform police immediately.

    If you have any information regarding any of the above you can contact Leominster Police on 101, in an
 emergency please dial 999. Please be aware that any information provided within this letter is to inform you of
  incidents of note and to request possible assistance. We do not want to worry you in anyway. Any incidents
            stated are infrequent and spread about a wide area. Herefordshire is a safe place to live!

    Security Reminder After Vehicles Stolen In North Worcestershire

Police in Worcestershire are again reminding residents to secure their doors and windows after two
               burglaries in the north of the county, in which vehicles were stolen.

       A home in Shaw Hedge Road in Bewdley was burgled on Tuesday evening (28 August).

On returning home at around 8.30pm, the householder left the back door unlocked and placed keys
to his red Ford Transit van on the kitchen table. Someone then sneaked in the house, took the keys
            from the table and stole the van from the car park at the rear of the property.

 The van was reported to police at 10.55pm as being on fire some six miles away from where it was
                      stolen, in a field off Larford Lane near Arley Common.

 The second burglary happened in Cofton Hackett when a house in Cofton Lake Road was entered
           between 10pm on Tuesday, 28 August and 5.45am yesterday (29 August).

It is believed thieves got into the property through an unlocked or open window in order to steal keys

to a blue Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck and a black BMW X5. Both vehicles were then stolen from the
                                     drive and are yet to be found.

 A police spokesperson said: "Following these two burglaries in the north of Worcestershire - which
   we do not believe are linked - we would like to remind residents about the importance of home

   "Both of these burglaries were opportunistic and the thieves were easily able to sneak into the
 addresses without disturbing the householders and take keys in order to steal the vehicles parked

"Don't make it easy for thieves by forgetting the basics: make sure doors and windows are shut firmly
                         and locked - especially overnight when you go to bed.

"You can find a range of crime prevention tips on how to protect your home from burglars by visiting
                    our website: http://www.westmercia.police.uk/advicecentre/.

Though these incidents occurred in Worcestershire, I would personally like to remind everyone about
   the importance of locking windows and doors to properties and vehicles and at the same time
  ensuring that no valuables including keys are left on show. By making sure that this is the case
                       victims of this crime will remain low in Herefordshire!

 If you would like any advice on crime prevention then please contact CSO HARRIS on 0300 333 3000
                            who will be happy to help you with you enquiry!

 A neighbourhood watch meeting for Brimfield will be being held on:

                                                      Monday 01st October


                                                         The Roebuck Inn.
                                      Many areas of the country now benefit from neighbourhood
                                      watch schemes. By becoming a member you can help the
                                      police and your neighbours to strengthen your community. You
                                      can make your area a better place to live in!

                                  Aims of neighbourhood watch

                              Cut crime and the opportunities for crime.

                          Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime.

                         Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.

        Tell the police and your neighbours about suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood.

             Two Liverpool Criminals Jailed for
                  Herefordshire Robbery

                      Peter Oates                    Stephen Sweeney

Two men from Liverpool were sentenced yesterday at Hereford Crown Court for committing a
robbery against security guards in Herefordshire in 2010.

The robbery occurred at 1.20am on Friday 3 September 2010 at the branch of HSBC in High Street,
Leintwardine, and more than £50,000 in cash was stolen.

Peter Oates, aged 26 of Picton Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, was sentenced to six years and eight
months imprisonment.

Stephen Sweeney, aged 24 of Colin Drive, Liverpool, was sentenced to two years and eight months

A third man, Joseph Vincent Garrigos, aged 24 of Hampstead Road, Liverpool, was also due to be
sentenced for the offence, but he failed to appear at court and a warrant for his arrest has been

In the robbery, two security guards were delivering cash to replenish the HSBC cash point and as
they entered the front area of the bank, a number of masked men followed them in and forced the
doors open before the guards could secure them. During the struggle one of the guards was struck
over the helmet with a stone slab which resulted in him being knocked to the floor; he was not
seriously injured. Threats were then made by one of the offenders, who threatened to shoot the
guards, although a firearm was not produced.

Demands were then made for the guards to open the ATM and the assailants left the bank, taking
with them three cash boxes, which were recovered later at the nearby hamlet of Whitty Tree between
Craven Arms and Ludlow, across the border in Shropshire.

The men were seen driving off in a silver Ford Focus and intelligence searches found the car had
been stopped and checked in Liverpool by Merseyside Police the day before the robbery.

Although there was no direct evidence that a crime had been committed or was about to be, an
intelligence report was entered that in the car officers had found cable ties and gloves as well as a
printed route plan from Liverpool to Leintwardine.

Sweeney, Garrigos and Oates were all occupants of the car when it was stopped and they were all
arrested in Liverpool the same day of the robbery in a joint operation by West Mercia Police and
Merseyside Police.

In June 2011, Sweeney and Garrigos were charged with robbery, but Oates failed to answer his
police bail and West Mercia Police launched a nationwide hunt for him, which included a public
appeal and an offer of a £25,000 reward supplied by the British Bankers' Association.

In February 2012, Oates was arrested on Merseyside, charged and put before the courts. All three
offenders pleaded guilty at different hearings over the last 12 months (since August 2011).

Detective Inspector Carl Moore of West Mercia Police's Serious and Organised Crime Unit said:
"Oates, Sweeney and Garrigos were all arrested within 24 hours of the robbery taking place, but it
has taken two years - almost to the day - for our investigation to be concluded.

"This has been a long and drawn out investigation, not least because Oates went on the run for more
than eight months and I am glad that the judge has reflected this in his sentence.

"I would like to thank our colleagues at other forces, especially Merseyside Police, for all their help in
gathering the intelligence and evidence against this organised crime group.

"We will now be working with them to arrest Joseph Garrigos and ensure he is put before the courts
for sentencing. Our previous efforts to arrest Oates when he went on the run shows that we will not
rest until this is done.

"The case is a good example of how modern criminal investigations are now borderless and
technology means police forces can share information immediately, wherever in the country it comes

"Information from a stop-check in Liverpool identified suspects almost immediately and we were then
able to build a case against them.

"I want organised crime groups from our neighbouring large cities to know that they cannot come to
normally peaceful counties like Herefordshire and commit crime without being pursued and


                YOUTH CLUB
                  & MYLO
                    (Mobile Youth Led Opportunities)

            13th September
                    6.30PM - 8.30PM

            Drop in Sessions & Hot Chocolate
Woring in Partnership for the benefit of the Young People of Leominster MYLO -
            Herefordshire’s Mobile Unit Youth Led Opportunities,
     West Mercia Police, Bridge Street Buddies & Herefordshire Council

            For More Information Contact MYLO @ HVOSS

             01432 277822 or will@herefordshirevys.org.uk

PC Angie Hull (Leominster Town and Rural):   (any of the below three LPT addresses)
CSO Adam Harris (Leominster Rural):          leominsterrural.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
CSO Gareth Maddox (Leominster town):         leominstertownnorth.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
CSO Christina Howard (Leominster town):      leominstertownsouth.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

Leominster Rural Team E Mail:                     leominsterrural.lpt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Leominster Rural Tel Num:                         0300 333 3000 ext: 4539

Non-emergency number:                             101
Emergency Number:                                 999

   Victim Support                           01432 347208
   Childline                                0800 1111
   Domestic Violence Helpline               0800 7831359
   National Drugs Helpline                  0800 776 600
   National Neighbourhood Watch Association 02079 630160
   Herefordshire Road Safety Hotline        01432 364582
   Website: www.westmercia.police.uk
   Hfd Neighbourhood Watch: www.communigate.co.uk/here/hfdsneiwatch/

    If you wish to report a crime or incident you must do so via the 101 (for non
emergency) or 999 in an emergency. It is not effective or correct to e-mail or contact
   a particular officer directly regarding a crime that needs to be reported. West
 Mercia Police has trained staff to deal with the recording of crime and incidents.
  You can still request a particular officer is tasked with or informed of your call.
            Please don’t report crime without the correct procedures!


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