TWIN BROOKS NEWSLETTER
                                                       May - June 2009

Meeting called to order at 7 pm. Secretary Minutes from April 09 read and approved. Treasurer Report provided.

                    !!!!THE JULY MEETING WILL BE HELD JULY 13 INSTEAD OF JULY 6!!!!

Membership Report – 108 memberships for 2009. The winner of the membership drawing at the Spring show for a free
magazine subscription compliments of Equine Network was Heidi Courneya. The winner of the membership drawing at
the Dressage Show for a free 1 year membership was Dominique Guimond.

Treasurer Report – provided. Information also provided on moving the accounts to a new bank. The action was
completed the end of May.

Special Committee Reports:

Show Committee – Diane Cicak (717-903-8543) and Marisa Chew (717-469-7390) - Show Committee Co-Chairs for
2009. Hollywood Horse and Tack donated an exceptional saddle stand to the organization to provide as a prize. The
stand will be displayed at all of the shows this season and the drawing will be held at the Fall Show. The stand was
donated in exchange for a sponsorship on the TB web page. A picture of the saddle stand is show on the web page.

We are looking for a Show Manager for the All Western Horse Show being held this Saturday – June 13. Most of the
staff is in place for the secretary’s stand, the concession stand is fully staffed, and the judge(s) is scheduled. The Show
Manager would need to put together a grounds crew and fill in some other volunteer spots, as well as be on site for the day
of the show. If you are interested in taking on this responsibility, please contact Diane or Marisa.

The Spring Show and the Dressage show both turned out well.

The Muckleratz Trail Ride and Camping event was an excellent adventure for all who attended. Food was great, riding
was great, and the camping was spectacular. There were lots of innovative corralling for the horses for the overnight
camping trips, and plenty of space for more campers.

The Extreme Trail Event is in the planning stages. We have several ideas for judges, for new temporary obstacles, and for
permanent obstacles, depending on what the membership votes on. Extreme Trail requires a lot of volunteers so keep the
date in mind if you’d prefer to not ride in the event, but want to learn more about it, come out and volunteer for the day!

While you are attending the shows and events at the Twin Brooks grounds, please make sure to support the concession
stand. This season the kitchen is being run by different vendors who are working for funds for their non-profit
organizations. For the June 13, June 24 and June 27 events the concession stand will be run by the Dogs’ Den. The
Dogs’ Den is located in Grantville. They are a 501c non-profit and publicly supported group dedicated to improving the
quality of life for pets through education and adoption. The Dogs Dens is A TOTAL VOLUNTEER organization. The
Dogs' Den is a rescue, NOT a shelter. The dogs and cats are all kept in several foster homes. There is no kennel. The
animals by APPOINTMENT ONLY (NO EXCEPTIONS ). If you would like to see the pets up for adoption you can call
or email us to make the arrangements.

The Dogs' Den, 127 SanJo Drive, Grantville, PA 17028, Phone: (717)469-7325,

The Dogs’ Den has done several events on our grounds, their food is really, really great with lots of choices, including
vegetarian. Breakfast and lunch will be available at great prices, so hopefully you will support them!!!!!!

    Attention – In accordance with PA Act #93 of 2005 you assume the risk of Equine Activities Pursuant to
                                             Pennsylvania Law.
Publicity Committee – Patriot News published several good articles on recent shows and on the recent equine retirement
held at a Twin Brooks show. We’ll be putting an ad or article in the Equine Marketer, as well as the Paper Horse.

Future Direction Committee – Considering starting a phone tree again in search of volunteers to help set up for the
shows. We are seeking volunteers who could lend us a hand a few hours a day on show days, at the Wednesday Night
Schooling shows, or for set-up night before the shows. If you can volunteer for any future shows, as listed on the calendar
in this newsletter, please contact the show committee chairs, Diane or Marisa.

Correspondence – none.

Old Business – Thanks to Lynn Witmer for updating the website! At this time the website is fully up to date and looks

New Business – The Manestreamers 4H group is planning on finishing the work on painting the wooden jump rails, and
completing the bathroom paining as well as the bleachers and varnishing the picnic tables.

Another young member has volunteered to paint murals on the walls in the new bathrooms.

The Cowboy Mounted Shooting group from Fredericksburg, has asked us about renting the grounds for one of their
events. Board members will research with the township the appropriate permits, as well as indemnity clauses, etc.

Donna Graeff will contact a local electrician to check the lights, speaker system, and the electric outlets in the secretary’s

Reminder – the fees per class at the horse shows has been raised from $8.00 to $10.00.

                                           CALENDER OF EVENTS for 2009:

All events are held on the show grounds unless otherwise noted:

June 13 – All Western Show
June 20 - CATRA
June 24 – Wednesday Night Schooling Show
June 27 – All Beginner Show
July 13 – Business Meeting – 7:00 pm
July 8 – Wednesday Night Schooling Show
July 18 – Fun/Theme Show – Medieval
July 22 – Wednesday Night Schooling Show
July 25 - CATRA
Aug 3 - Business Meeting – 7:00 pm
August 5 – Wednesday Night Schooling Show
August 22 - CATRA
Sep 7 – Business Meeting – 7:00 pm
September 12 – Extreme Trail
September 27 – Fall Open Show
October 3 – Driving Show
October 5 – Business Meeting – 7:00 pm
October 10 – Fun Show and Tack Swap
November 2 – Business Meeting – 7:00 pm
November 7 – Banquet

    Attention – In accordance with PA Act #93 of 2005 you assume the risk of Equine Activities Pursuant to
                                             Pennsylvania Law.
2009 Officers and Board Members
 President: Terri Dickson
 Vice President: Diane Cicak
 Treasurer: Sue Kuntz
 Secretary: Teresa Brantner
 Board Members:
  Donna Graef (2008-2009); Larry Graef (2008-2009)
  Jim Theurer (2008-2009); Kelly Bugden (2009-2010)
  Marisa Chew (2009-2010)
 Junior Board Members:
   Amalia Dickson-Preston; Rainsong Ryan
Membership: Lynn Witmer
Our website address is Twin Brooks is The email address is

To renew your membership for 2009 visit our website ( for an online version of the membership form, or
complete your membership form at one of our events and be entered into a prize drawing at that event. The member
waiver is on the reverse side of the membership form and must be signed.

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    Attention – In accordance with PA Act #93 of 2005 you assume the risk of Equine Activities Pursuant to
                                             Pennsylvania Law.
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home with someone who will. $900.00 or best offer. Call
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    Attention – In accordance with PA Act #93 of 2005 you assume the risk of Equine Activities Pursuant to
                                             Pennsylvania Law.

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