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									                                            Table of Contents

Article I: Membership .................................................. 3                  Section 8: Rules and Policies Committee 14
        Section 1: Statement of Equal Opportunity 3                                         Section 9: Historian Committee          15
        Section 2: Size                                                  3                  Section 10: Advisory Committee          15
        Section 3: Vote Required for Pledge Status 3
        Section 4: Requirements for Active                                        Article V: Activities/Meetings.................................. 15
                Membership                                               3                Section 1: Time and Day of Meetings                      15
        Section 5: Associate Membership                                  4                Section 2: Special Meetings                              15
        Section 6: Leaves of Absence                                     4                Section 3: The Quorum                                    16
        Section 7: Advisory Membership                                   5                Section 4: Absences                                      16
                                                                                          Section 5: Rules for Meetings                            16
Article II: Officers ........................................................ 5
        Section 1: General Duties                                             5   Article VI: Fees and Assessments ............................ 16
        Section 2: President                                                  5           Section 1: National Fees                              16
        Section 3: Service Vice President                                     6           Section 2: Annual Active Membership
        Section 4: Membership Vice President                                  7                   Dues, Regional Dues and Sectional
        Section 5: Fellowship Vice President                                  8                   Dues                                          17
        Section 6: Secretary                                                  8           Section 3: Assessments                                17
        Section 7: Treasurer                                                  9
        Section 8: Sergeant at Arms                                        10     Article VII: Pledging Regulations ............................ 17
                                                                                          Section 1: Eligibility for Activation of
Article III: Resignation, Inactivation, Removal of                                                pledges                                        17
        Members and Re-Activation ........................10                              Section 2: Times for Pledging                          17
        Section 1: Resignation                            11                              Section 3: Duties of the Pledges and Pledge
        Section 2: Inactivation                           11                                      Class                                          17
        Section 3: Removal of Officers                    11
        Section 4: Removal of Members                     11                      Article VIII: Credit Hour System ............................ 18
        Section 5: Re-Activation                          11                              Section 1: Definitions of Credit Hours 18
                                                                                          Section 2: Procedures                                 19
Article IV: Committee Duties and Regulations ......12
        Section 1: General Committee                                              Article IX: Definitions............................................... 19
                Requirements                       12                                     Section 1: Standing Rules                                      19
        Section 2: Committee Decisions             12                                     Section 2: Absences                                            19
        Section 3: Executive Board                 13                                     Section 3: Inactive Status                                     20
        Section 4: Service Committee               13                                     Section 4: As Circumstances Warrant                            20
        Section 5: Membership Committee            13                                     Section 5: Key Terms                                           20
        Section 6: Fellowship Committee            14
        Section 7: Fundraising Committee           14                             Article X: Amendments ............................................ 20
                                    Article I: Membership


        Eta Sigma will not engage in discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color,
religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, martial status, familial status, sexual orientation,
or disability in the consideration of pledge invitations.


       It shall be the aim of this Chapter to maintain a size of active membership that
ensures all offices are filled and the three cardinal virtues are actualized sufficiently.


       An affirmative vote by secret ballot of two-thirds of the active and associate members
present at a regularly called bid meeting in which a quorum prevails shall be necessary to
send pledge invitations. If a potential rush has been denied a pledge invitation, a two-thirds
majority vote of the actives and associates shall be required before he/she may rush Eta
Sigma a subsequent time.


   A. All active members shall perform twenty (20) hours of service per semester from at
      least three distinct and separate service projects.

   B. Each active member shall be required to earn twenty (20) Fund-raising hours per
      semester. Fund-raising hours can only be earned for projects that intend to
      monetarily benefit Eta Sigma. No more than fifteen (15) of these hours can be from

   C. Must attend all scheduled Chapter meetings.

   D. Each member is required to be on at least 2 committees with at least one being an
      Executive Board committee.

   E. Each member shall be required to participate in hall cleaning duty and flag duty at
      least once per semester.

                                                                                          Page 3
                                                                        Effective January 1, 2004
                                                                First Ratified November 12, 2003

   Petitioning procedure shall be:

   A. A petitioning letter shall be presented to the Recording Secretary to be read and
      voted upon, no later then the fourth business meeting of the semester, stating the
      reason for the petition and other commitments. A two-thirds majority vote of active
      membership is needed to confer associate status on the active member.

   B. At the end of each semester, associate members shall return to active status.

   C. Should an associate member wish to return to active status before the end of the
      semester, his/her written petition must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of
      active members. Any absences incurred as an associate member shall not be counted
      against the number allowed for active members (see Article V, Section 4, Paragraph

   D. Associate members are responsible for one-half the duties of active membership
      unless otherwise specified.

   E. Has the right to vote on: Pledge Initiation/Activation, Elections, Removal from
      Office, Removal from Active Status, and legislation.


The procedure for dealing with such shall be:

   A. A petitioning letter shall be presented to the Secretary to be read and voted upon,
   no later then the fourth business meeting of the semester, stating the reason for the
   petition and other commitments. A two-thirds majority vote of active membership is
   needed to grant associate status to the active member.

   B. Members must be active for the first semester of the leave of absence.

   C. Leaves of Absence shall be by semester; however, a member may petition for two
      semesters simultaneously.

   D. At the end of each the leave of absence, members shall return to active status.

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                                                                    Effective January 1, 2004
   E. Members may attend all activities and meetings; however, they may not vote nor can
      they hold membership on committees or hold any elected office or an appointed
      chair position.


The procedure for membership of advisors shall be:

   A. Any active member can bring up the names of prospective candidates before the
      Chapter. Reasons for nomination of the candidate shall be stated at the same
      meeting. Each candidate shall be voted on at the following meeting. A two-thirds
      majority of the quorum is needed for approval of the nomination.

   B. This Chapter shall have one or more scouting advisors, two or more advisors from
      the faculty or administration of this college, one from the community, and any other
      advisors that it deems necessary.

                                     Article II: Officers

        The following are the elected officers of this Chapter, with their respective duties and
qualifications. Each officer must be an active member. Officers shall train their successors
and turn over all their records in an up-to-date condition within two weeks of elections.

   A. Carry out other such assignments as the President or Chapter may prescribe.
   B. Be chairperson of the respective committee.
   C. Direct all committee events or appoint a member of your Committee to do so in case
      of your absence.
   D. Perform all presidential duties in the absence of the president in order of succession.
   E. Keep a binder with all pertinent information to this office.
   F. Present to the President any items to be included in the agenda at least twenty-four
      (24) hours prior to the meeting.

This officer shall:
   A. Be the official representative of the Chapter unless this officer elects to delegate that
       authority to some other capable member.
   B. Be responsible for seeing that the Chapter is operated in conformity with the policies
       set forth in the National Constitution and Bylaws and the Chapter's Bylaws.
   C. Serve as presiding officer at all regular and special Chapter meetings and meetings of

                                                                                         Page 5
                                                                       Effective January 1, 2004
      the Executive Committee.
   D. Shall serve as recording secretary at Executive Board meetings.
   E. Coordinate the functions of all Chapter officers and committees, and make certain
      that they are all performing their duties.
   F. Be responsible for appointing temporary committees and officers for a specified
      period of time, with the approval of the Chapter.
   G. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
   H. Shall enforce the risk management policy.
   I. Work in cooperation with all officers to develop events that are open to members of
      other chapters and to promote these events to said chapters.
   J. Initiate and maintain contact with other chapters, especially those in Section 47, and
      report to the chapter on any events these chapters are hosting.
   K. Work in cooperation with all officers to implement web-events or website related
   L. Update website at least twice a month and communicate updates on home page.
   M. Be the liaison with the Educational Technology department and make the website in
      accordance with Educational Technology Policies.
   N. Submit additions or removals of email accounts and login accounts to the
      Educational Technology Department.
   O. Prepare an agenda prior to each business meeting and distribute copies of the agenda
      to members at the start of each meeting.

This officer shall:
   A. Organize a minimum of four major service projects that allow a semester that benefit
       the fraternity, campus, community, and/or nation. These projects should provide an
       opportunity for at least one half of the active and associate members of the chapter
       to participate.
   B. Keep a record of each member's reported service hours from Fraternity service
       projects. At the midterm of each semester, the Service Vice President shall calculate
       the total number of hours each member has earned and report this information to the
   C. Keep a list of contact information for past service projects carried out, so that they
       may be done in the future if so desired.
   D. Submit total service hours to the Sectional Service Chairperson by December 31 for
       the fall semester and May 31 for the spring Semester.
   E. Strengthen the chapters program of service by actively encouraging members to help
       in the development of additional service projects, which fit their individual goals and

                                                                                       Page 6
                                                                     Effective January 1, 2004
This officer shall:
   A. Work in conjunction with the Rush Coordinator and the Membership Committee to
       organize a complete and thorough rush and pledging program within the bounds of
       the National Pledging Guidelines, Chapter Bylaws and Standard Articles of
       Association, and Illinois College Pledging Protocol.
   B. Distribute a copy of the tentative pledging program to every member of the Chapter
       by the first meeting of each semester that pledging is held.
   C. Conduct the nominations for bids and activation.
   D. Serve as Pledge Trainer giving all pledges the opportunity to learn the fundamentals
       of Alpha Phi Omega and to grasp the spirit of this Fraternity before initiation into
       active membership.
   E. Present a completed pledging program before the Chapter at the second meeting of
       each semester where pledging will take place. It must be approved by two-thirds of
       the active membership at two consecutive meetings.
   F. Send to the National Office the necessary pledge ship and membership applications
       for all new pledges and all new members within the time limit prescribed by the
       National Office.
   G. Be the liaison with the Illinois College Administration concerning all pledging and
       rushing matters.
   H. Membership Vice President shall serve for one pledging cycle.
   I. Work with the Fellowship Vice President in educating risk management policies.
   J. Work with the Fellowship Vice President and their respective committees in actively
       strengthening membership retention.
   K. Be responsible for creating a membership phone/e-mail directory at the beginning of
       each semester for distribution among the Chapter members and section staff.
   L. Present Awards as provided for in the standing rules.
   M. Appoint a member, who will then be approved by the chapter, to be responsible for
       the following duties related to Rush.
         A.Coordinate all rush activities following all National and Illinois College guidelines
           for prospective pledges in consultation with the Membership Vice President,
           including at least 3 open rush meetings.
         B.Be a member of the Membership Committee.
         C.Distribute a copy of the proposed rush program to every member of the Chapter
           at least three business meetings before the commencement of the rush period.
         D.Keep in written communication with prospective pledges during the summer
         E.This office shall be held for one rush cycle. If a rush program is carried out only
           one semester there shall be at least two rush activities in the semester without

                                                                                         Page 7
                                                                       Effective January 1, 2004
         F.Not include any activity into the Rush Program where consumption of alcohol is

This officer shall:
   A. Be responsible for the planning of at least three non-alcoholic social events each
   B. Work with the Membership Vice President in educating risk management policies.
   C. Work with the Membership Vice President in actively strengthening membership

This officer shall:
   A. Keep an accurate written record of the proceedings of all Chapter meetings and type
       up the records of all Chapter meetings by the following business meeting and e-mail
       it to all appropriate people. All these records of the meetings shall be collected in the
       Chapter files at the end of each semester.
   B. All members shall be informed about the vote regarding their written letters before
       the next business meeting.
   C. After two unexcused absences send a written notice to the member stating that two
       meetings have been missed and that another absence will result in deliberation on
   D. Be prepared to read the minutes of any meeting of the semester.
   E. Update the annual Chapter membership roster and send it to the National Office.
   F. Maintain a central location within the chapter room where important information is
   G. Post monthly updates in the society box in Caine.
   H. Be responsible for keeping membership records in accordance with Article XI of the
       Standard Chapter Articles of Association.
   I. Pick-up and distribute the Chapter mail on a daily basis to the appropriate officers,
       handling any mail not directed to a particular office.
   J. Write letters of appreciation to persons and organizations that have cooperated in
       connection with Chapter projects.
   K. Send out a Chapter newsletter, The Mallard, at least once a semester.
   L. Maintain a list of person whom the chapter maintains regular contact with such as
       civic leaders, newspapers, and radio stations.
   M. With a committee, keep a scrapbook including a complete, detailed and accurate
       history of the Chapter covering the semester including but not limited to projects, list

                                                                                         Page 8
                                                                       Effective January 1, 2004
        of officers elected, humorous happenings, photographs and an account of fellowship
        activities through the specific use of photographs and newspaper clippings pertaining
        to activities of the Chapter and any other items which contribute to the scrapbook.
   N.   Bring a camera to all Fraternity functions or appoint another member of the Chapter
        to do so.
   O.   Be responsible for writing an article and turning in pictures to the yearbook.
   P.   Work in cooperation with the other Chapter officers in carrying out at least one
        major event each semester to which alumni will be especially invited and at which
        they will have an honored position.
   Q.   Inform all alumni of the chapter’s current status by writing an article for each Alumni
        Quarterly and emphasize projects, especially fundraising through a newsletter, created
        with a committee, to come out at least once per semester.

This officer shall:
   A. Be responsible for all monetary property of the chapter, including handling the single
       checkbook of the chapter, and keep accurate records of said property, which should
       be audited at the close of each spring semester.
   B. Deposit funds in the Chapter bank account. Give detailed information of deposits.
       Balance the Chapter checkbook monthly, marking which checks have cleared and
       which are outstanding. Save all bank statements.
   C. Make payment of Chapter accounts by check upon the authorization of the Chapter.
       Never pay with cash unless the store only accepts cash.
   D. Shall propose an estimated Chapter budget after receiving budget requests from each
       officer, keep the Chapter within the scope of the budgets, and submit an updated
       budget with a comparison to money spent at mid-semester.
   E. Be diligent in the collection of initiation fees and Chapter dues and inform each
       member who has not paid Chapter dues before the third meeting of each semester.
       Assess penalties passed by the Chapter to any member who does not pay within the
       allotted time.
   F. Keep an accurate record of the payments made by each individual member of the
       Chapter, either for National, Regional, Sectional, or Chapter payments.
   G. Make certain that the items for members' personal use that are ordered and paid for
       by the Chapter are paid for promptly by members upon their arrival.
   H. Make a report at each business meeting stating the balance of each account, along
       with the names of members with outstanding balances.
   I. Organize a minimum of three Fundraising projects each semester. These projects
       should provide an opportunity for at least one half of the active and associate
       members of the chapter to participate.

                                                                                        Page 9
                                                                      Effective January 1, 2004
   J. Be a liaison between the Chapter and those coordinating Fund-raising opportunities
      on campus (such as banquets, alumni telefund, etc.).
   K. Be responsible for recording all reported Fundraising hours.
   L. Order Chapter supplies.
   M. Appoint two members, who will then be approved by the chapter, to be responsible
      for the following duties related to convocation.

        i. Follow all of the schools Convocation guidelines.
       ii. Be responsible for finding out when convocations are scheduled and where they
           are located.
      iii. Be responsible for finding members to work each convocation.
      iv. Get the convocation cards or appoint someone else to get them from the Dean's
           Office and bring them to the location of the convocation at least fifteen (15)
           minutes early. The Convocation Chairperson is also responsible for returning the
           cards to the Dean's Office or appointing someone else to return them.
       v. Keep track of the convocations worked by each member and report to the
           Chapter by midterm.

This officer shall:
   A. Keep an updated Standard Chapter Articles of Association and Chapter Bylaws.
   B. Be responsible for posting additions, corrections, or deletions to the Bylaws, Standing
       Rules, and Risk Management Policy upon amendment by the chapter.
   C. Distribute a copy of Chapter Bylaws to each member, Student Activities Center,
       Sectional Representative, Sectional Chair, Region VI Director and the National
       Office by December 1 and May 1.
   D. Have a working knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order.
   E. Proof and edit policies without changing actual intention of said policies.
   F. Be responsible for the Chapter room and non-monetary property of the Chapter.
   G. Be responsible for the promotion of all Chapter traditions which the chapter feel are
       appropriate and should be continued and do not violate any part of the governing
       documents of the Chapter.

    Article III: Resignation, Inactivation, Removal of Members and Re-Activation

   If an office becomes vacant, it will be filled by a special election at the next regular
business meeting.

                                                                                         Page 10
                                                                        Effective January 1, 2004

   A. A letter of resignation must be presented and read to the Chapter at a business
      meeting. There will be no discussion or questions.

   B. If an officer resigns in writing from required duties due to extenuating circumstances,
      the resignation becomes effective upon acknowledgement of the letter by the


   A. A member may request to be relieved of any responsibility or affiliation through a
      letter of intent to become inactive [See Definition: Article IV], presented to the
      Chapter during a regular business meeting.

   B. The status of an inactive member is self-imposed; no active membership rights are


   A. The intent to remove an officer must be brought to the attention of the officer and
      the Chapter one week before the specially called review meeting. A majority of the
      Chapter, including associates, must be present at the review meeting.

   B. At the review meeting, the officer will be present and his/her conduct will be
      reviewed. A two-thirds-majority vote of actives and associates shall be needed for
      removal from office.


   Any member can be removed by two-thirds majority vote of actives and associates at two
consecutive meetings.


   A. Any person who has been in Alpha Phi Omega and transferred to Illinois College, or
      any Eta Sigma member who has gone inactive, may petition to enter or re-enter Eta

                                                                                     Page 11
                                                                    Effective January 1, 2004
   B. A petition for re-activation must contain the date and reason of inactivity, and why
      the person wishes to re-activate. The petition must be submitted to the Recording
      Secretary before the business meeting.

   C. In the case of a member who has gone inactive by letter of intent, one vote shall be
      taken at the business meeting. If the inactivation is not due to a letter of intent, one
      vote is required to be taken at the meeting at which the letter is presented and
      another vote at the following business meeting.

   D. No member may be re-activated more than once in a single semester.

   E. A member may be returned to active status from inactive status no more than twice.
      Any member who wishes to re-activate for a third or subsequent time may return
      only to associate status. Should the member then fulfill the service hour and meeting
      attendance requirements of associate status, he/she may then return normally to
      active status the following semester.

   F. A two-thirds majority vote of actives and associates is necessary to activate or re-
      activate any member.

                     Article IV: Committee Duties and Regulations


   A. Meetings are called by the chairperson or by a chapter or Executive Board vote.

   B. If the need for an AD-HOC committee arises the President appoints an AD-HOC
      committee chairperson, with the approval of the majority of the Chapter. The
      President with the approval of two-thirds of the Chapter may remove AD-HOC

   C. The Executive Board is required to meet once every week.


       If a committee decision can be construed to affect the whole of the Chapter, the
decision must be presented at a business meeting as a motion before the action of the
decision is to take place.

                                                                                        Page 12
                                                                       Effective January 1, 2004

   A. This board will consist of the President, all Vice Presidents, and the chairperson of
      the Advisory Committee, who shall serve as an ex-officio member.

   B. This board shall finalize a budget for the Chapter prepared by the Treasurer before
      the fourth business meeting of each semester.

   C. This board will prepare and adopt a semester calendar including meeting dates and
      post it by the fourth week of the semester in the Fraternity hall. The calendar should
      include dates of sectional meetings and tentative and final dates and times of projects.

   D. This group will make a written analysis of past projects, and oversee the general
      functioning of the Chapter.

   E. Each member will serve as a liaison between the Chapter and the advisors.

   F. Help the Interchapter Relations Officer develop and promote events for other APO

   G. Strive to make personal connections with members from other APO chapters,
      especially those in Section 47.

   H. Be responsible for sending a representative to meetings of the Alpha Alpha Eta
      Chapter, MacMurray College, at least once monthly


   A. This committee shall coordinate service projects.

   B. It shall be this committee's function to look for new and better ways to service the
      fraternity, campus, community, and nation.


This committee shall:

   A. Find effective ways of communicating the fundamentals of Alpha Phi Omega to
      pledges and prospective pledges.

                                                                                      Page 13
                                                                     Effective January 1, 2004
   B. This committee will take suggestions from any member throughout the semester to
      aid in the improvement of the next semester's rush or pledge programs. The
      committee should present these suggestions to the Chapter in order to get the
      Chapter's feedback and opinion, which will assist in the designing and assembling of
      the future rush or pledge programs.

   C. Vote on Membership Awards as provided for in the standing rules.


This committee shall:

   A. This committee shall be responsible for all social activities.

   B. This group shall organize what maintenance is necessary to keep the Hall a source of
      pride for the Chapter.


This committee shall:

   A. Be responsible for proposing new ideas and planning activities.

   B. Ensure that Chapter members participate in events, evaluate the success of each
      fundraising project once completed, and report the activities.

   C. Assist treasurer as requested.


This committee shall:

   A. Ensure conformity of the Chapter to National, Illinois College and Chapter rules and

   B. Hold at least one policy review each semester. As a committee it shall review all
      proposed resolutions and present these changes in written form to each member of
      the Chapter to vote on.

                                                                                        Page 14
                                                                       Effective January 1, 2004
   C. Will strive to better the hall’s environment for productiveness.


This committee shall:

   A. Carry out at least one major event each semester in which alumni will be especially
      invited and to which they will have an honored position.

   B. Create a newsletter to come out at least once per semester that informs all alumni
      about Chapter activities.

   C. Assist Historian


This committee shall:

   A. This committee shall consist of all advisors.

   B. The chairperson will be an advisor selected by active members, and will serve as an
      ex-officio member on the Executive Board.

   C. Assist Chapter at members request

                               Article V: Activities/Meetings


   A. Business meetings will be held in the hall unless otherwise stated.

   B. Business meetings will be held on the day and time listed in the standing rules.


   A. Special meetings of the Chapter may be called by the President, Executive Board, or
      by written request of the majority of the active membership of the Chapter.

   B. A written notice must be given to all members at least twenty-four (24) hours in
      advance of the meeting, except in emergencies.

                                                                                         Page 15
                                                                         Effective April 10, 2003
   C. A member of the Executive Board will preside over the meeting.

   D. All special meetings are mandatory.


       A quorum is necessary in order to vote on proposed motions. Quorum is fifty (50)
percent of the active membership, plus one.


   A. Letters written by the member wishing to be excused can be accepted by a majority
      vote within two weeks of the activity/meeting missed.

   B. Three absences will result in inactivation.

   C. If a member cannot attend a required meeting then a letter of excuse must be sent to
      the committee chairperson before the committee meeting. Excuse letters shall be
      voted upon for approval by the committee members present at that meeting and can
      be passed by a majority.


   A. Parliamentary authority for this chapter shall be the most recent edition of Robert’s
      Rules of Order, New Revised.

   B. All meetings shall be in accordance with Parliamentary authority unless otherwise
      stated in the bylaws or standing rules.

                            Article VI: Fees and Assessments


   A. Each person, in order to pledge, shall be required to pay the National Induction Fee
      (non-refundable) within ten (10) days of the Bid Acceptance Ceremony. Each person
      who does not pay within the allotted time will be charged a five-dollar ($5) late fee.

   B. Each person, before becoming an active member of this Chapter, shall be required to
      pay the National Activation Fee within ten (10) days of the Induction Ceremony.

                                                                                      Page 16
                                                                      Effective April 10, 2003
       Each person who does not pay within the allotted time will be charged a five-dollar
       ($5) late fee.


   A. Per capita fees for the National Fraternity shall be paid to the Treasurer, so as to be
      due concurrently with the Chapter dues owed by each active member for the fall

   B. Associate members are not obligated to pay Annual Active Membership Dues,
      Regional Dues, or Sectional Dues.


       Assessments may be levied on Chapter members by an affirmative vote of two-thirds
majority of the active membership present at a regular business meeting where a quorum

                            Article VII: Pledging Regulations


        Pledges that complete all requirements of the pledging program are eligible for
activation into Alpha Phi Omega and Eta Sigma Chapter.


   A. There shall be one pledging period in the fall semester. The Chapter may elect to
      have spring pledging by a two-thirds majority vote.

   B. The pledging period shall exceed the time prescribed by Illinois College policy.
      Weekends may be used for pledging activities in accordance with Illinois College

   C. The academic program of each pledge shall not be infringed upon.


   A. Each pledge class over three in number must elect a President. This person will be

                                                                                        Page 17
                                                                        Effective April 10, 2003
     responsible for the actions of the pledge class.

  B. All pledges must present a pledge paddle to his/her pledge parent. It is to be
     presented at the initiation ceremony as a token of appreciation. All wood for these
     paddles must be supplied by the pledges.

  C. The pledge class will present the Pledge Trainer with a completed pledge paddle at
     the initiation ceremony, which is to be kept in Eta Sigma Hall. The Pledge Trainer
     will define the specifications.

                            Article VIII: Credit Hour System


  A. Service hours, upon their approval by the President and the Service Vice President,
     will be distributed according to the following: Credit hours for service activities will
     be earned in equivalence to the number of hours worked rounded to the nearest
     fifteen (15) minutes.
  B. “Frat” hours are defined as service to the Fraternity, at the discretion of the
     Executive Board, but not to include business meetings or Fund-raising hours. Each
     frat hour shall be recorded as one-half of a service hour and the total frat hours
     should not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the required service hours.

  C. Any active may petition in writing to the Executive Board to receive "frat" hours for
     any services above and beyond the duties required for their office or their role on a
     committee as stated in the bylaws.

  D. All hours performed which do not fulfill service to campus, community, nation, or
     world shall be defined as "frat" hours. The Executive Board will decide for which
     activities "frat" hours may be earned.

  E. Automatic exceptions shall be that members will earn two(2) service hours for the
     Launch, Achieve, or Discover APO LEADS courses; four(4) service hours for the
     Explore course; and ten(10) service hours for the Serve course. Members will also
     receive ½ of a service hour for every hour of workshop attended during sectional,
     regional, and national conference. And shall receive ½ serve hours based on the
     amount of time serving on the legislative floors as a voting delegate. These hours will
     not count as ‘frat’ hours, but will be considered as regular service hours, because
     these experiences help the member in his or her carrying out of the chapter service

                                                                                       Page 18
                                                                       Effective April 10, 2003

   A. All requests for credit hours must be turned in by members to the appropriate officer
      no later than two (2) weeks from the date of the project completed in order to receive

   B. The Executive Board shall rule on any questionable cases.

   C. Members failing to meet the hour and/or project requirements may petition to re-
      enter Eta Sigma and must show just cause why they failed to meet the requirements
      and why they should be re-activated.

   D. If a member has an unexcused absence for a service activity or project that they
      signed up to work, one-half of the total hours they agreed to perform shall be
      deducted from this member's total service hours as penalty.

   E. If a member has an unexcused absence for a Fund-raising project that they signed up
      to work, they are required to pay a fine to Eta Sigma not to exceed five (5) dollars per
      event. Fines for Fund-raising activities at which the Chapter is not being paid a
      standard rate (such a car washes, concession sales, etc.) shall be determined by the
      Executive Board.

                                  Article IX: Definitions

Section 1: Standing Rules

   A. The purpose of standing rules is to have conformity with Chapter business, but to
      allow leeway for a multitude of situations.
   B. Standing rules can be added or suspended with a two-thirds affirmative vote. If a rule
      is suspended, it will be reinstated at the end of the meeting.
   C. The Sergeant at Arms shall edit the standing rules as the chapter amends them.

Section 2: Absences

   A. An absence is defined as missing more than seventy-five (75) percent of a meeting.

   B. An absence from a business meeting or mandatory meeting will count towards a
      members three allowed absences.

                                                                                      Page 19
                                                                     Effective January 1, 2004
   C. An absence from a committee meeting will count towards the members three allowed
      absences if that member does not attend the required meetings as stated in Article IV,
      Section 1, Paragraph D.

Section 3: Inactive Status

   A. Inactive status is given to a member who has been suspended, or for failure to meet
      Active requirements.

   B. The National Fraternity considers inactive status “Alumni” membership.

Section 4: As Circumstances Warrant

This may occur if any of the following is met:

   A. There is a shortage of members to hold office.

   B. There is an unexpected resignation.

   C. When there are no other options in concurrence with the bylaws that are possible.

Section 5: Key Terms

   Ex-officio: defined in Roberts Rules of Order.

                                  Article X: Amendments

        Any member may bring up amendments to these Bylaws. The Rules and Policy
Committee will discuss the proposed change, and if a change or addition is warranted, will
present the proposed amendment in writing to be read before the Chapter and voted upon.
A two-thirds majority of actives and associates is required to accept an amendment to the
Bylaws. All amendments shall, in their final form, be added to the Bylaws by the Rules and
Policy Committee. All amendments are subject to the approval of the National Office when
submitted by the Rules and Policy Committee. Amendments and changes to the bylaws are
effective as soon as they are ratified.

                                                                                     Page 20
                                                                     Effective April 10, 2003

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