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									Local Government Law 1                     Page 1 of 2                         June 1999


                           Local Government Law 1


1.     The law, including case law, relating to:

       1.1    The nature and establishment of local authorities.
       1.2    Municipal elections.
       1.3    Rating of property including valuation procedure.
       1.4    Municipal contacts including tender procedure.
       1.5    Books of account, revenue of and capital expenditure by local authorities.

2.     The law, including case law, relating to the granting and refusal of business

3.     The most important provisions, other than in respect of matters referred to in
       paragraphs 1 and 2, of:

       3.1    Black Local Authorities Act
       3.2    Promotion of Local Government Affairs Act.
       3.3    Local Government Bodies Franchise Act.
       3.4    Regional Services Councils Act.

4.     The law relating to civil defence and, in broad outline, the National Key Points

NB:    Students should bear in mind that the onus rests upon them to ensure that they are
       familiar with the law as it stands six months prior to the examination. They should
       in this regard, remember that certain textbooks, in particular Dönges and Van Winsen,
       are not completely up to date and prepare for the examination accordingly.


1.     Municipal Law in the Cape of Good Hope, by Randall and Bax (Juta).

2.     Municipal Administration, by D L Craythorne (Juta).
Local Government Law 1                     Page 2 of 2                         June 1999

3.     Willie’s Principles of South African Law (8th edition), by Hutchison, van der
       Merwe and Visser (Juta) – this should be used as a supplementary textbook.


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