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					                  Group Booking Form 2012
Finlaystone Country Estate is a great place to bring a group. With 10 acres of
gardens to enjoy, 140 acres of woodland to explore, adventure play areas to
discover, visitor centre with gift shop incorporating an international collection of
dolls and a tearoom, there is something for everyone.

  Please phone 01475 540505 to check availability and then email this booking
     form to or post to Finlaystone Ranger Service,
        Finlaystone Country Estate, Langbank, Renfrewshire, PA14 6TJ.
                        Finlaystone is a pay for entry estate
          £4.00 per Adult & £3 per Child or Concession.
Group Name ______________________________________________________________

Contact Name_________________________ Telephone no._______________________
Address        ______________________________________________________________
Day & Date of Visit _________________________________________________________
Arrival Time _________________                  Departure Time           _________
Total number of Children       ______           Number of Adults         _________
Method of Transport                               Coach / Cars / Walking / other ________________
Method of Payment                                 Paying as a group / Paying individually
Facilities Requested :
Reserved BBQ site Yes / No                Preferred BBQ location__________________________
Do you require Catering? If so, please contact Frances in the Tearoom on 07845 527804
Hire of Old Laundry building:              £40 per 4 hour session day time Yes / No
                                           £45 per 4 hour session evenings Yes / No
Ranger Led Activity:                       £37.50 per ranger per hour               Yes / No
       Ranger topic ________________________________ Age range _________
              *subject to availability & payment of non returnable deposit in case of cancellation
Signature ___________________                   Print ___________________Date _____________
Finlaystone use only:
Booking confirmed and entered in diary on                        by
Reservation notice put out on                                    by                         collected
Ranger activity to be undertaken yes/no                          by
Payment received for :         admission yes/no    Old Laundry yes/no     Ranger activity yes/no

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