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					              Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Auto Body Shop

 So, you had a fender bender and now your insurance company is asking for you to get three
estimates for collision repair services. Other than the local body shop you drive by on your way to
work, you may not have any idea of where to start. The first thing you should know is that no
insurance company can legally force you to use their shop of choice. You have the right to select
the one shop you want to repair your car. Here are the top things to consider when choosing that
auto body shop.

First, do they have the needed experience and talent to put your car back the way it was? Look for
shops with certified technicians that have years, not weeks or months of experience. Look for a
shop with an established reputation that has done business in the same place, under the same
name for an extended period. This is a good indication that they have satisfied customers, or have
been able to settle disputes that have arisen, rather than moving, or changing names.

Next, what about their shop? Is it equipped with the latest equipment and techniques for today's
automobiles? Paint and body repair change along with manufacturing practices, and a quality
body shop will keep up with the trends, allowing them to make the proper repairs. If a shop has not
upgraded their equipment in a while, chances are they may not have kept up with changes in the
automotive industry that may effect the outcome of your repair.

Last but not least, are they able to give you a clear idea of how much your repair will cost, how
long it may take and what needs to be done to complete the restoration of your vehicle. If not, that
may be a sign that they are not equipped to do the job.

In the Oklahoma City market, one auto body shop runs a collision repair center that meets and
exceeds customers expectations in all three of these areas. To learn more about what you can
expect when you trust your car to the professionals at Advanced Collision Repair, visit us online at

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