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									                             TOWNSHIP BOARD MEETING
                               Thursday July 10, 2008
                                     7:30 P.M.

                               Ela Township Senior Center
                              1025 East Old McHenry Road
                               Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047

1. Supervisor Prouty called the meeting to order at 7:34 P.M

2. Roll Call: Present: Trustee Dobbertin, Trustee Reck, Trustee Siri, Trustee Thompson,
   Supervisor Prouty, Highway Commissioner Kruckenberg, Assessor Schweda (absent at
   Assessors required course), and Clerk Donnan (arrived late, at Cubs game).

3. Supervisor Prouty led those in attendance in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the
   United States of America.

4. Public comments: Mark Zeffery of Praireland Disposal Services, Inc. Mentioned about
   their program of ecology and greening up the environment.

5. Motion to approve the minutes of June 12, 2008 by Trustee Thompson, seconded by
   Supervisor Prouty. Motion passed 5 - 0.

6. Motion by Trustee Thompson, seconded by Trustee Dobbertin to approve the board audit
   for disbursements for the time period 6/11/2008 to 7/08/2008 for a total of $260,311.30.
   Motion passed 5-0. Totals were as follows: General Town Fund $211,147.63, General
   Assistance $4,273.46, Park Maintenance $6,113.56, Permanent Road Fund $27,227.11,
   General Road Fund $11,472.05 and Cemetery Maintenance $77.49.

7. Monthly updated from elected officials and department heads.
     a) Supervisor Prouty: We are in the Alpine Parade in position B- 4. We have two
     trucks and two trailers. The Rockettes are on one float and the Elected Officials on
     the other. Arrive at 10:30 with parade step-off at 11:30. Had a meeting at Bacchus
     Nibbles and took the opportunity to visit Sturm Subdivision and look at the retention
     ponds. They look great, especially the back pond. It is worth a visit to see how
     beautiful they are and how our money is working. Mileage is up to 58.5 cents per
     mile as of July 1, 2008. I will participate in the breakfast with the mayors and
     township on July 23 at Kemper Lakes. The township was added because of a
     suggestion by Bob Vitas. Thank you very much.
     b) John Schweda, Assessor. No Report.
     c) Bill Donnan, clerk. No Report.
     d) Report from senior director Sue Neuschel is in part 7 of Board Packet.
     Gave a video presentation on the Sitting Rockettes. Well done and the board
     recommended that it should be sent to Channel 4 of Comcast’s
     Governmental channel. Received a $15,000 grant from the state for a van to
     transport the seniors.
     e) Report from Susan Kostner, social worker is found in part 7 in the Board Packet.
     I will be meeting with the Junior High School students during the year. The students
     are in 5th thru 8th. Also will meet with Barbara Haff, of the Gift of Love program, to
     find out how we can help some of the clients. This has been a very busy month.
        f) Trustee Dobbertin, August 22, at 5:00 will be the youth splash-bash at the
        Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center. The Township will pay a reduced fee of $200.00
        to Hawthorn Woods. We need help with supervision of the guests. We will get a
        reduced fee for the food from Culvers and the Township will pay for the band.
        g) Trustee Thompson: Really enjoyed the senior appreciation lunch, well done and
        the seniors really enjoyed the program. I was contacted by the Chamber of
        Commerce to write items for the newsletter. I am going to answer the questions of
        “What Ela Township does and what services we have”
        h) Bill Kruckenberg, Highway Commissioner: Work is slowed by the excessive rain
        but we are catching up with the grass cutting at the parks and the cemeteries. Should
        start the blacktopping in Forest Lake. Whenever Peter Baker gives us the date to
        start, we will be doing the work. We had over 100 applications for the parking lot,
        and only able to accept 45 permits. We turned over those we could not use to St
        Peters and they have room for 80 cars.
        i) Mike Siri, Trustee: We are going to have a meeting for the park Committee
        Wednesday July 16.
        j) Justin Pathmann, Pathman Construction Management: We are getting the
        foundation going, the parking lots ready to go, and the elevator is being fabricated at
        the Otis plant so we can install when the time comes.
        The concession stand has a preliminary approval from the Village of Lake Zurich.
        This means we can proceed when we pay the necessary fees.

8.   Knox Park Concession Stand: Information is in the report from Justin
     Pathmann in j) above.

9.   Elected Officials Compensation: Will wait until next meeting to discuss.

10. Waste Disposal Contract: Will wait for the report from Walter Willis,
    Executive Director of SWALCO.

11. Cemetery signs: Highway Commissioner Kruckenberg will get final price for the two
    signs and order them. Each will cost less than $1,000, and we will add the date of
    establishment for each cemetery. Motion by Trustee Dobbertin, seconded by Trustee Siri
    to proceed with getting the signs made.

12. Motion by Trustee Siri, seconded by Trustee Reck to move to Executive Session at 9:01
    P M.

13. Motion by Trustee Reck, seconded by Trustee Siri to move out of executive session and
    return to regular meeting at 9:16 P M. Motion passed 5 – 0. Motion by Trustee Reck,
    seconded by Trustee Sire to move No Action resulted from Executive Session. Motion
    passed 5 – 0.

14. Motion by Trustee Reck, seconded by Trustee Siri to adjourn meeting at
    9:20 P M. Motion passed 5 – 0 on voice vote.

     William L. Donnan, Ela Township Clerk               July 11, 2008

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