MTSBOA MARCHING FESTIVAL
                          Saturday, 22 September 2012

                                   FINAL INFORMATION PACKET
Please find enclosed:                         Festival/Contest Schedules

Thank you for participating in the MTSBOA Marching Festival, the Columbia Invitational Marching Contest
(CIMC), or both. The Columbia Band Boosters will do everything possible to make your visit to Maury County
comfortable. If there is anything you need, please ask.

Please make yourself familiar with all the information in this packet. Questions? Call Connie or Rick at school
931.381.2222, Connie’s cell 931.215.3896 or Rick’s cell 615.335.6681.

A few particulars to assist you:

Dressing Times:            These are scheduled to avoid overcrowding the dressing rooms. Please stay as close as
                           possible to your time. At the conclusion of your performance, use your buses and the
                           stadium restrooms for changing clothes where possible.

Warm up:                   No playing outside of designated warm-up times or areas at any time. Guard/visual
                           warm-up may take place other than designated times if in an area outside of contest flow.
                           Percussion may choose to warm-up in the designated band area or in the designated
                           percussion area only during your scheduled warm-up time. A penalty of 5 points will be
                           assessed for a violation.

Concessions:               All concession stands (at stadium and school) will be operational at 8:30 am. A varied
                           menu is available at reasonable prices. Please encourage your parents to eat with us
                           during the day.

Equipment Trailers:        Because we have experienced several issues/concerns regarding the Columbia Boosters
                           providing front ensemble transportation in years past, we will not be providing the
                           service this year. Please announce this to your help. Trailers must stay off the playing
                           surface at all times. A penalty of 5 points will be assessed for a violation.

Enter/Exit Field:          All bands will enter the field from the judge’s left (stage right, side 1) and will exit the
                           field to the judge’s right (stage left, side 2). Equipment trailers will be allowed on the
                           field as soon as the preceding band has begun their exit. Bands will be allowed on the
                           field two (2) minutes prior to their scheduled performance time.

Band Seating:              All bands will sit on the visitor’s side of the field unless you purchase a ticket.

Director’s Seating:        A VIP section will be reserved for all directors, staff, and significant others. This section
                           is directly in front of the press box in the top two rows.
Hospitality Room:   Directors, staff and bus drivers are invited to enjoy the hospitality areas located in the
                    Senior Citizens Center just outside of the stadium gates in Columbia. Cool, refreshing
                    beverages and food will be available from 10:30 am – 7:15 pm.

Video Equipment:    A DVD of your band’s performance will be made and included in your packet at the
                    conclusion of the contest. Bands participating only in the MTSBOA Festival will be
                    given their DVD at the conclusion of the festival. Private video equipment is allowed in
                    the stadium but not in the press box. Please ask your parents to NOT block the view of
                    others in the process of filming performances.

Awards Ceremony:    See enclosed schedule for times and who should report to the field.

Festival Rules:     Refer to the MTSBOA Handbook.

Contest Rules:      Show length:               minimum of 6 minutes, maximum of 10 minutes

                    Total ON FIELD TIME:       Maximum of thirteen (13) minutes
                                               Penalties for time violations will be .1 for each ten (10)
                                               seconds of violation. This penalty will be deducted from your
                                               composite score.

                    Adjudication Format:       Bands will be evaluated using caption judging: two music
                                               performance, two visual performance, music and visual effect.
                                               Appendant units will not be used in band placement or
                                               division placement.

                    Tie Break procedures:      Music performance scores will be used to break a tie, followed
                                               by music effect, then visual effect, and lastly visual

Awards:             Class Awards               1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for Guard, Percussion, and
                                               Field Commanders

                                               1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Bands

                    Division Awards            1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for Guard, Percussion, and
                                               Field Commanders

                                               1st, 2nd, 3rd Place for Bands

                                               Bill Hull Small Division
                                               Grand Champion

                                               Tom Tucker Large Division
                                               Grand Champion

                    Overall Awards:            Phillip Brown High Music Award for highest music score

                                               Best Overall Guard, Percussion, and Field Commander

                                               Overall Top Ten Bands

Admission Prices:   MTSBOA Festival            $5.00, $3.00 for students

                    CIMC                       $15.00, $5.00 for children under 6

Parking:            MTSBOA/CIMC                All car parking in Maury County Park is now handled by
                                               Knights of Columbus-$2.00

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