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									                   BOROUGH OF PITMAN
                       April 28, 2008
                         8:00 P.M.
Call to Order


Salute to the Flag/Invocation

Councilman Swartz

Open Public Meetings Act Statement - Pursuant to the Open Public
Meetings Act, I hereby announce that adequate notice of this
meeting has been provided by adopting a schedule of regular
meetings for 2008, which was posted on the Borough Hall bulletin
board, sent to the "GLOUCESTER COUNTY TIMES" and "PLAIN
DEALER", and filed with the Municipal Clerk on January 6, 2008.
Roll Call

Councilman Razze, Councilwoman Higbee, Councilman Swartz and Mayor

Presentation to EMT & Volunteer Firefighter Ryan Pierson

Proclaimation of the Borough of Pitman where Ryan Pierson provided basic
life support to victim Russell Kirk Dunn of Pitman Fire Patrol.

Ordinance #O-08-12 Certification of Occupancy, Swartz made a motion to
approve seconded by Higbee.

Second Reading Open to the Public – None

On roll call all members of council voted affirmative.

Ordinance #O-08-16 Amending Chapter IXB Entitled Uniform Fire Safety
Code, Swartz made a motion to approve, seconded by Higbee.

Second Reading Open to the Public – None

On roll call all members of council voted affirmative.
Committee Reports

Councilman Razze –

Envirnomental and Recreation committees has not met since last meeting
they will meet Wednesday 7pm and then at 7:30pm, also the pageant
committee will be meeting at 7pm.

Channel 19 did meet and they discussed sponsorship, they will be setting a
meeting up with Telview regarding getting different sponsorships.

Youth week begins next Sunday night with youth council at 7pm.

Earth Day will be May 10th from 10am to 2pm in Ballard Park.

Thank you to the Kwanis Club for the clean up at Dell Park.

Councilwoman Higbee –

On April 15th we had a very productive budget meeting.

I attend the PATCO meeting regarding the transit expansion.

I attended with Dawn Human the Garden State Preservation at Rowan

Councilman Swartz-

On Monday April 14th there was a burglary and all suspects were arrested.
I received a very nice letter from the victim telling what a great job the
police department did.

I received a letter from Gerald White regarding county road work and when
they need to hire a officer they would pay $55.00 per hour and a $5.00
administration fee.

There was a speed survey completed at the request of a resident who
resides on Woodbury Glassboro Road. They survey 1800 vehicles traveling
north at a rate of 37.743, and 1800 vehicles traveling south at a rate of
35.980. Survey is available in the main office.

The Board of Fire Engineers met the same night as our budget meeting.
Old Business – None

New Business

Disbursements, Higbee made a motion to approve, seconded by Swartz, on
roll call all members of council voted affirmative.

Event Permit – Concert on May 25th at Sunset Auditorium, Hosted Jordan

Mayor – at the time of approval there were only two bands 100 people, this
has changed now.

Jordan Slack – All the information regarding this concert had been

Mayor – We are worried about the number of people and the noise that it

Peter Slack – Is there a number of maximum people that Sunset holds?

Clark Pierpont – Not posted but in the fire codes we can find this number.

Councilman Swartz – this application has changed since approval.

Peter Slack – The expenses have been already put out for advertisement.

Jordan Slack – It will be starting at noon, and should end by 6pm.

Councilman Razze – Did you discuss this with Captain Zimmerman and did
you say that you were going to notify the neighbors?

Jordan Slack – Yes we want to notify the surrounding neighbors.

Councilman Swartz – The security would be an issue with that many people.

Councilwoman Higbee – Did the time change on from what was on the
event permit?

Jordan Slack – We should start at noon there will be five bands booked with
three local bands starting at noon. I estimate about 400 people.

Councilman Razze – What do we do if 1000 people show up?
Chief – Call in extra patrols. One officer for every 100 people. If three
people complain this event will be shut down.

Mayor Batten – The 25th is open at Alcyon Park.

Councilwoman Higbee – We have an open out door auditorium, this concert
is during the day and will end at 6pm we should give it a go.

Mayor – Let’s talk to the neighbors, Chief, Captain and the Fire Department
and then make a decision.

Open to the Public

? 32 Grandview Avenue, I have a complaint about the VFW, no one is
checking up on these events when they are going on. People are always
drinking in the parking lot when they come out to have a cigarette. Both
doors are supposed to be shut and can you drink alcohol in this building?

Mayor – When both doors are shut can you hear any noise?

? – No you do not hear anything. I did call Ed Campbell during one function
to complaint while it was happening and he told me to go over there and
talk to Mike Brewer. I will not do this.

Mayor – You should call the police every time this happens.

Chief – There is a borough ordinance no open containers, just continue to
call the police.

Chuck Solvati – No address, I have a business on Pitman Avenue, and I
park my commercial vehicle over night. Can I receive a copy of the new
parking ordinance?

Dawn - Yes, stop by my office and I will give you a copy.

Councilman Razze – Where do you park you vehicle now?

Mr. Solvati – on Ballard Ave. in the dirt area.

Chief – That will still be available that is conrails property.
Peter Slack – 160 Cyrus Ave., I just want to thank the fire departments for
a job well done with this past fire. Can I have the name of the fire
companies that attended.

Mayor – All three pitman companies, two Mantua companies and one
Washington Twp.

Councilwoman Higbee made a motion to accept the signs for the Pitman
museum’s location which will be placed around town, seconded by Swartz,
all in favor Yes.

Closed session, Razze made a motion to approve, seconded by Higbee, all
in favor Yes.

Adjourn – 9pm

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