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                                                 Rss To Blog Pro - A 6-Month Review
                                                                     By Will Lee

    Background Search engines are particularly interested in websites with constantly updated,
relevant content. Websites that appear static without a supply of fresh content may be viewed as
dormant and in their drive to provide the latest, most relevant search results to users, search engines
may rank such a website lower than a website that is updated regularly.

What Is It? RSS to Blog Pro is a fully automated blog posting tool offering self-updating websites. It's a
PHP script that is installed on a single web hosting account. From this centralised installation, multiple
blogs can be maintained with fresh content from various sources. Also available is an earlier, non-pro
version, which has the same basic functionality, but requires a separate install for each blog it

What Problem Does It Solve? Adding fresh - and importantly, relevant - content to websites can be a
resource consuming task. Either you spend time finding and creating new content or you pay someone
to do it for you. Without fresh content, your websites can appear stagnant and drop off the search
engines radar. This impacts your website rankings in search results and ultimately has a detrimental
effect on any free traffic coming from the search engines. If your websites rely on search engine traffic
then this can mean their downfall.

What Are The Benefits? RSS to Blog Pro tackles the problem of needing to regularly update website
content by automating the whole process from finding relevant content based upon keywords that you
provide through to posting content to your website blog. In the eyes of search engines, updating a
website with irrelevant content isn't nearly as good as having relevant content. The tighter your niche,
the better chances you have of ranking higher as you'll be competing with a smaller number of
websites. Using a scattergun approach to website content can mean you end up competing with
websites across a large number of niches.

If you're building content websites with the aim of earning an AdSense income then you'll know that the
ads shown are dependant upon the surrounding content on your webpages. Irrelevant content results
in ads that are irrelevant to your website visitors, which means they'll have no interest in clicking on
them and your generated income will be poor.


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* Supports multiple blog types including WordPress, Blogger Blogs, Movable Type, Type Pad, Live
Journal and MSN Spaces. * Keywords and RSS feeds can be specified for automatic content
generation or you can supply your own content. * Posting to your blogs can be scheduled at random
intervals e.g. once or twice a day so that posting appears natural. * There are no 'footprints' to identify
the content as being automatically generated. * Log records are kept so you can see exactly what has
been posted and to where. * Built-in ping functionality for blog and ping. * A single installation will post
to an unlimited number of blogs. * Regular updates. * User support forum. * Two tier affiliate
programme offering 40% commission to the top level and 10% for any sales from affiliates you recruit.

My Experience With RSS to Blog Pro Since August 2005, I've been using RSS to Blog Pro on an
increasing number of blogs in various niches. I'm pleased to be able to say that my income from
AdSense has increased month upon month since then. With the software installed on my virtual private
server (VPS), I currently manage around 50 blogs, posting relevant new content every day or two. I'd
recommend that you don't install RSS to Blog Pro onto a shared server because if you're updating a
large number of websites or you're running the script frequently (every couple of minutes) then your
host is likely to take a dim view on it. Considering how inexpensive and how much more reliable a VPS
is to operate there just isn't any reasonable justification for risking a shared server. A VPS is like
having your own server, completely isolated from any other peoples websites so you can't affect them
and they can't affect you. There is the exception of disk IO, but that isn't something that should be of
any real concern.

The issue of relevancy is really what makes the difference between an effective auto content
generation tool and one that will never do anything for your bottom line. I can't stress it enough; without
relevant content, search engines won't be able to categorise your niche and won't be able to rank you
fairly amongst your peers. That means you won't do well in searches in your subject area. It also could
mean your website will serve ads for tennis equipment when your niche is dog care. Visitors looking for
information about dog care are highly unlikely to be interested in tennis equipment when they come to
your website because it's not something which is relevant to their needs at that time.

There's no doubt that this helps to keep those websites looking fresh and my website stats show a
constant stream of visits to my blog pages each month. And of course, lots of targetted visitors and lots
of targetted content means a lot of clicks on targetted ads!

Support-wise, Michelle (creator of RSS to Blog Pro) has answered my email queries promptly and
there's an active user forum for peer support. Michelle also visits the forum to provide assistance
although some queries can take a couple of days for a response, however the user base, support
forum and software is mature enough to be able to cope with almost every common question a new
user might have.

Fortunately, the software is easy to install and set-up so you can expect to be running within an hour or

One feature that I haven't used is the ability to ping blog directories from within RSS to Blog Pro. The
reason for this is that if I pinged these websites for every post made to each of my blogs then I'd
actually end up pinging up to 50 times a day from the same domain (the domain on which RSS to Blog
Pro is installed). Rather than risk being blacklisted for pinging too much and hogging the resources of
the directories, I use the ping facility from with my WordPress blog software instead so that the
individual pings come from the individual domains. Again, this will appear to be a lot more natural and it
also helps RSS to Blog Pro to work more efficiently by decoupling some of the work away from it.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Conclusion After 6 months of constant usage, I'm pretty happy with RSS to Blog Pro's performance.
and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to have self-updating websites that attract
targetted traffic. Care needs to be taken when selecting a host for the script, but once installed,
operation of the script is simple and reliable. An excellent script in the toolbox of AdSense earners and
affiliate marketers alike.

Will Lee is the Internet Marketing Fool (, sharing real life Internet
Marketing advice and product reviews. RSS to Blog ( is an automated
blogging tool, created by Michelle Timothy. United Articles ( offers free
syndicated content.

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                                 How to Increase Your Website Traffic With RSS Feeds
                                                              By Serge Dandelin

Introduction to RSS Feeds

 RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. In layman terms, it is a way to syndicate
information on blogs and other websites so that it can be delivered through a software platform to a
person without actually having to visit a website. Software like Google Reader can be used to read
RSS feeds and they are a way to allow a person to read a blog's material without actually having to
visit that blog.

 For most people, this seems like a bad idea for blog marketing simply because all of your money is
made through getting people to come to the blog. However, this is a short term view and one that you
absolutely can not take if you want to be successful at blogging in the long run. There are many ways
that RSS feeds can help you increase your traffic.

Additional Readership

 There are many internet savvy people that do not read blogs that do not have RSS feeds simply
because they can not be bothered going back to the blog in order to visit it on a consistent basis. They
don't like surfing blogs and therefore would not read your blog if you did not have an RSS feed. These
people are important because from time to time when you have special offers, posts that require
commenting or posts that they find interesting enough to come to your website for, they will visit. While
it won't be every day, it will happen a few times each month and that can definitely increase your
website traffic.

 Blogging is not about website traffic as much as it is about maintaining a readership that is of a very
high numerical amount. You might have 30,000 page views on your main page in a single month, but
what use is that if you only have a dozen readers that just visit multiple times each day? More readers
are the key and the RSS feed that you offer can be your ticket to getting more of them. Review Me and
other similar advertising services take into account RSS feeds as well and there are ways you can
advertise on RSS, filling your need for extra website traffic.

 With RSS, it's really the best of both worlds. You can get more traffic through occasional website visits
and you can get more advertising revenue through showing a larger readership.

 Its easy to create your RSS Feeds. I recommend to use a good software unless you like to write XML
manually. Then once your feed is done you have to upload your feed (XML file) on your web hosting
account. I like to use to create RSS feeds. That software will automatically create your
feed into the XML format. RSS is a free and simple way to publish for internet marketers. RSS allows
your content to be delivered fast to your subscribers and other web media. So be sure to add RSS
feeds to your internet marketing arsenal!

To Your Success!

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here: Best Regards, Serge

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