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									                                 Montreat Presbyterian Church EPC
                                    Director of Youth Ministry
                                      The Qualified Applicant

Position: Director of Youth Ministry (full-time position with benefits)

Our Vision and Ministry Description for the Director of Youth Ministry: The Director of Youth
Ministry is responsible for providing imaginative leadership and advocating for the church’s youth
(defined as middle school, senior high and college age). The DYM must understand and embrace the
challenge of this population in the congregation to explore ever more deeply the meaning of belonging
to Jesus and to the people of God. Working with and on behalf of the adolescent youth and young
adults, the DYM will help select curricula; teach and apply sound doctrine to ensure effective learning;
disciple young people; recruit and equip volunteers; provide logistical support; seek to intentionally
integrate youth into the life of the church in cooperation with the ministerial staff; serve as a resource
to church leaders and parents on cultural trends and issues impacting young people and their families;
and collaborate with the other Montreat Presbyterian Church, EPC ministers and staff teams to further
ministry to this demographic and their families, where relevant, as it relates to outreach and

The qualified applicant will:
    Exemplify in word and action a living relationship with Jesus Christ
    Possess a passion and calling for developing youth and young adult faith in Christ
    Understand incarnational ministry and demonstrate ability to make disciples of Jesus
    Embrace a missional understanding and approach to ministry
    Minister from an agreement and clear understanding of the Christian Faith as stated in the
      document Essentials of Our Faith found at
      our-faith/, and be in substantial agreement with the Reformed Faith as set forth in the
      Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.
    Demonstrate a proven ability to work with people of all ages including previous experience in
      disciple making (teaching, training, serving) in a particular church
    Have received appropriate theological and practical training (seminary training preferred)
    Evidence of a deep love for Christ and the people of God
    Have served in youth ministry for a minimum of 3-5 with at least 2 years in a senior leadership
    Possess a vision for helping create inclusive youth and young adult programs
    Have demonstrated an ability to organize, lead, encourage, and motivate
    Communicate well orally and in writing
    Demonstrate excellent relational skills for working with fellow staff members, volunteers,
      youth, young adults, and parents
    Be able to establish goals and to evaluate whether they have been met
    Ability to communicate well through social media and technology

                                                                                          Updated 8/27/12
                      Detailed Ministry Description of Youth Ministries
                           For Montreat Presbyterian Church EPC

Primary Functions: This position exists to oversee the equipping of youth to be disciples of Jesus
Christ by grounding them in God’s Word for lifelong ministry, challenging them in works of service,
encouraging incorporation in the life of the church and providing opportunities to proclaim the Good
News of Jesus Christ both locally and internationally. It also exists to come along side the parents of
these youth and to aide parents in raising their youth in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The
Youth Ministry Director must provide effective leadership, help equip and enable the church to
minister to its youth as well as oversee the ministry to them and their families.

Duties, Responsibilities & Program Development:
    Provide oversight and direct supervision for all aspects of youth ministry (middle school, high,
       senior high and college age) including all youth staff employees and volunteers.
    Equip college and adult leaders to effectively minster to youth.
    Implement the vision set by the Session in developing goals and objectives for leaving a
       spiritual legacy.
    Oversee the youth portion of the “Cradle to Graduation” Christian Education model adopted by
       the Session.
    Provide Biblical counsel and resources to youth and their families as needed.
    Oversee the local and overseas mission programs of the Youth Ministry.
    Serve as a staff liaison and support person for the Youth and Family Ministry Team.
    Serve, with the approval of the executive pastor, as a resource person to our presbytery and
       denomination in these areas.
    Supervise and enhance the church’s ministry to youth through programming outside Sunday
       morning services.
    Intentionally encourage, challenge, and equip youth (recruiting parental support where
       applicable) to be involved in the life of the church, promotion of intergenerational involvement.
    Organize, with the help of planning teams, off-campus activities: fun events, retreats, service
       projects, and annual mission trips.
    Coordinate fund-raising initiatives, when needed, to help support the activities of adolescent
       youth and young adults.
    Explore with church committees and staff innovative ways to reach out to the community
    Work with College Age Ministry to help plan and promote age appropriate activities.
    Educate the ministry staff, leaders and parents on social and cultural trends impacting youth
       and their families, and recommend possible responses.
    Annually assess the effectiveness of existing programs and make any necessary
       recommendations to the Youth Ministry team for consideration.
    Discern the Holy Spirit’s leading for new ministry opportunities and provide leadership as to
       their potential contribution to MPC’s commitment to equipping and making disciples.
    Adhere to safe church policies and procedures and annually review them, recommending
       changes when necessary.
                                                                                        Updated 8/27/12
      Carry out any additional responsibilities as assigned by the pastors.

   Regularly and proactively communicate with youth, parents, volunteer leaders, and the
   Oversee the Youth Ministry webpage and ensure social networking is up to date and active.

Leadership Development:
    Recruit, equip, and oversee other qualified adult mentors for ministry to youth.
    Recruit, equip, and encourage leaders: selecting appropriate youth ministry curriculum and
      providing resources.

Professional Development and Networking:
    With direction from the Executive Pastor and Youth Ministry Team, engage in professional
       continuing education opportunities especially related to adolescent youth and family ministry.
    Participate in a local, regional, and/or denominational youth ministry professional network.
    Partner and collaborate with other local youth directors in combined church programming when

   Work with church staff on managing ministry details (e.g. mandated background checks on
     volunteers, event planning logistics and registrations, and ordering supplies).
   Attend and deliver reports at Youth Ministry Team meetings.
   Prepare, manage, and oversee the youth and ministry portion of the church budget.

    Reports directly to the Executive Pastor
    Provides monthly written status reports to the Session
    Participates in annual evaluation
    Adherence to policies in the MPC staff handbook
    Mutual accountability among fellow staff members

                                                                                      Updated 8/27/12

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