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					                                           Personal Finance
Instructor: Gwen Baugh                                         FACSE Dept:
(425)431-6210                                                  Office: F100
Required Class for Graduation                                  Course Credit: .5 Required CTE
                  “Students who obtain a “B” grade or higher may earn college credit at little to no cost.
                 Information about registration dates & procedures will be provided later in the semester.

                                        Enduring Understandings
* Knowledge of one’s interests, skills, values and goals is an essential element in determining career interests
and one’s post-high school ambitions.
* Acquiring employment requires effective job-seeking skills, knowledge and resources
* Success in achieving post-high school plans requires self-understanding and the ability to effectively
        manage financial resources

Week(s)                             Topic                                         Major Assignments

INTRODUCTION TO CLASS                                                   Student Information Sheet,
                                                                        WOIS Assessments,
                                                                        High School & Beyond Plan
CAREER UNIT               Career Survey                                 Career Search
     2-4                  Interview Preparation                         Professional Portfolio
                                                                        Mock Interview – Oct 10/11
     5-6                  Taxes, Gross/Net Income                       Income Test

     7-8        Banking fees, types, reconciling                        Balancing a Checking Account
     9-10                 Using Credit Wisely                           Credit Card Comparison
                                                                        ID Theft Activity & Credit Test
     11-13     Budgeting for Your Future                                Spending Diary
                                                                        On-line Budget

     14-15      Consumer Rights & Responsibilities On Your Own Legal Rights

     16          Investing Options                                      Stock Market Activity/Presentation
      17       Insurance                                                Insurance Test (CBA)
     18-19      Creating a Budget                                       Financial Planning Final Activity (CBA)

Hastler                                             Personal Finance                                            2012-2013
                     Student Expectations/Guidelines to Success
Students are expected to follow school rules as stated in the EWHS student planner and online school

                1.   Punctuality; come prepared with necessary materials
                2.   Attitude which supports learning; use your time productively
                3.   Participation; wait for teacher recognition before speaking
                4.   Respect for each other’s space and differences

Grading: Your grade is based on points accumulated throughout the semester through Daily Work,
                       *Journal entries, Participation, Activities, Projects and Final *
   Late Work: if due to an un-excused absence or turned in after the grace period, will receive points at
   the discretion of the teacher. Major assignments will be accepted until the end of the grading period,
   with a point value of 50%.

       Grading Scale: A =100-93, A- =92-90, B+ =89-87, B =86-83, B- =82-80, C+ =79-77, C =76-
        73, C- =72-70, D+ =69-67, D =66-60 F = below 60

       Make-up work: is entirely YOUR responsibility. You need to arrange a time outside of class time
        to pick up make-up work. Remember, not all assignments can be made-up; class attendance is
        essential for success in this class. (If absent, you will need to find someone who will loan you
        their journal notes or lose all the available points.)

       Extra credit assignments will only be accepted from students who have a “C” or better. Students
        with a grade of D or F need to focus on completing their required class work.

    As per EWHS policy, all electronic devices (phone, I-PODS etc) are not allowed during the school
       day or used in this classroom. Backpacks and purses should not be on the tables, store
       everything under your table. Phones are to be out of sight at all times and turned off/silenced.
       1st Offense: Phones will be handed to teacher and kept until the end of the period. Note: teacher
       is not responsible for lost or stolen goods confiscated as a result of students not following the
       2nd Offense: Phone sent to attendance office. Parent will be notified.
       3rd Offense: Determined by EWHS Dean of Students.
    Excused absence: You have a one-day grace period for each day you are absent. However, if an
       excused absence occurs on a day that an assignment is due, you must turn in the assignment on
       the day you return in order to receive the maximum points possible.
    Cheating and plagiarism will result in a zero for that specific assignment/test and will be reported
       to the Dean of Students.
    Parents/student can track progress from the district’s Skyward Family & Student Access:
Classroom Items:
(Needed the 1st day of the second week of the semester)
    Composition Notebook, pen, pencils, USB drive

Attendance & Tardies:
        Several of the class presentations require attendance and some can not be made-up.
            Attendance and Disciplinary Procedures are based on the School Policy:

              Tardies: Students less than 10 minutes late to class are considered tardy.
                            Tardy 3 = Call home and 1 hour Detention
            Absences: Students more than 10 minutes late to class are considered absent.

                                           Edmonds Woodway High
                                                  Page 2
                    EWHS COMPUTER LAB & LAPTOP RULES

The following rules apply to all computer labs. Anyone violating any of the following rules
will lose their computer-use and may be financially responsible for any repairs.

  Food, drink, gum and candy are not allowed in THIS CLASSROOM!
 1. Available technologies in the computer labs are to be used for academic purposes ONLY.
       NO On-line games, card games or recreational gaming.
2. Do not move computers or disconnect any cords.
3. Do not attempt to access the computer hard drives or use security-breaking programs.
4. Do not load/download personal programs on any computer.
5. Scanner and printer use is by Instructor/Facilitator Permission ONLY.
                NO COLOR PRINTER USE!
6. Do not waste paper by printing multiple copies or unnecessary documents
       – Print only FINAL copies after Instructor has checked.
7. Laptop (if used) should be removed and reconnected by the teacher only.
8. Cooperation, respect, and good computer-use behavior is expected.
9. Report any problems or security violations to the Instructor/Facilitator immediately.
10. Students who abuse computers or alter programs in any way will be financially responsible for
11. Students are expected to use appropriate language for file names, documents, and other activities.
       A. Pick up garbage around your area (even if it is not yours).
       B. Turn off your off your monitor at the end of the period. Keyboards, mice, mouse pads, tables
       and chairs need to be in order before leaving.

                                         Edmonds Woodway High
                                                Page 3
                               Personal Finance: Parent Letter

                 10 Points for bringing back to class with a parent signature

Dear Parent,
Senior Year is a very busy and exciting year. Personal Finance is a required class for graduation, which
will help students plan for their future career goals and develop skills in financial resource management. At
times, we invite guest speakers from community agencies to talk about issues related to the class
curriculum. Attendance is required for Guest Speakers and the points missed cannot be made up
unless arrangements, including an alternate assignment, have been made with the teacher before the
speaking date.

The syllabus & guidelines will give you the basics about the class, including an outline of topics and major
assignments, but if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know by including them in the
signature section of this page.

This is a 10 Point assignment, so please give it to your son/daughter to return by the next class period.

Thank you for your time and I hope to have a chance to talk or meet you sometime this semester.


Gwen Baugh

        We understand and agree to the guidelines by which this class is run.

 PRINT Student Name: _________________________Emancipated ___yes ___no

 Student Signature _______________________________ Phone # ___________
              Email: _____________________________

 Parent signature___________________________________Phone #________

             Please contact me: ____no, everything is clear ___yes, I would like to discuss:

 ____________________________________________________ ______________________

 Best time to contact me is ____________________________at #___________________

                                             Edmonds Woodway High
                                                    Page 4

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