Moisture Lotion Normal to Dry Skin by 5T50Mu5c


									Material Safety Data Sheet
Date prepared: May 9, 2012                           Revison: 1

1.      Product and Company Identification

        Product Name: Moisture Lotion Normal to Dry Skin Fragrance Free

        Manufacturer/Distributor name:
        Garcoa Laboratories, Inc.
        26135 Mureau Road
        Calabasas, CA 91302 – (818) 225-0375
        Emergency telephone number: CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300

2.      Composition / Information on Ingredients

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Sorbitol, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100
Stearate, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Lanolin Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Dimethicone, Lanolin, Triethyl
Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Laureth-14, Methyldibromo

3.      Hazards Identification

        Eyes: Contact can cause mild irritation and redness.
        Skin: Not expected to cause skin irritation upon direct single or repeated use.
        Ingestion: Harmful if ingested. May cause temporary gastrointestinal irritation.
        Inhalation: Not expected to cause any irritation upon exposure.

4.      First Aid Measures

        Skin contact: If a mild irritation occurs, wash immediately with soap and water.
        Eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice.
        Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. If patient is conscious, give 2 glasses of water or milk. Contact a
        Physician or Poison Control Center immediately.
        Inhalation: Move person to fresh air. If breathing is difficult get medical attention.

5.      Fire Fighting Measures

        Suitable extinguishing media: Use dry chemical powder, chemical foam, carbon dioxide or water.
        Unsuitable extinguishing media: Not applicable.
        Special hazards in fire: None identified
        Required special protective equipment: None necessary. Recommend self-contained breathing

NFPA Ratings: Health: 0 Fire: 0 Reactivity: 0
Hazard Scale: 0=Minimal 1=Slight 2=Moderate 3=Serious 4=Severe

6.      Accidental Release Measures
        Personal precautions: Wear personal protective equipment to reduce eye and skin contact.
        Environmental precautions: Contain the discharged material and dispose of in accordance with
        applicable local, state and federal requirements.
        Methods for cleaning: Dilute with water and mop up or absorb with an inert or dry material and place

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Date prepared: May 9, 2012                          Revison: 1

      In an appropriate waste disposal container.

7.    Handling and Storage

      Handling: No unusual handling is required when using the product for the intended use. Keep out of
      reach of children.
      Storage: Store in a cool, dry area.

8.    Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

      Engineering measures: Provide adequate local exhaust ventilation.
      Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
      Eye protection: Wear dust goggles.
      Hand protection: Wear gloves.
      Face protection: Use a mask to prevent skin contact if splash hazards exist.
      Hygiene measures: Eye wash and emergency showers are recommended.

9.    Physical and Chemical Properties

      Appearance: White Uniform Lotion
      Odor: Fragrance Free.
      pH: 6.50 – 7.50
      Boiling point: >212°F (100°C)
      Melting point: Not Applicable
      Flashpoint: Not Applicable
      Solubility (H2O): Partially Insoluble
      Vapour pressure: Not Applicable
      Relative density: 0.90-1.50

10.   Stability and Reactivity

      Conditions to avoid: None. Product is stable under normal conditions.
      Materials to avoid: None identified.
      Hazardous decomposition products: None identified.

11.   Toxicological Information

      Acute toxicity: Slight. No specific information available.
      Chronic toxicity: Slight. No specific information available.

12.   Ecological Information

      This product is not expected to be harmful to aquatic life.

13.   Disposal Considerations

      Waste information: Must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local environmental
      control regulations.

14. Transport Information

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Date prepared: May 9, 2012                             Revison: 1

          This product is not regulated as a hazardous product by the USDOT or Canadian TDG.

15. Regulatory Information

          All ingredients are listed or are excluded from listing under the US Toxic Substances Control Act
          (TSCA) Inventory List and the Canadian Domestic Substance List.

16. Other Information

The information herein presented makes no representation or warranties and it is based on ingredients MSDS
and/or recognized technical sources. This information is believed to be accurate and it is intended solely to assist
in evaluating the suitability and proper use of this product following the safety precautions and procedures. Final
determination as to its suitability for health and safety purposes is the sole responsibility of the user. This
information applies only to the product designated above and does not apply to its use in combination with any
other materials, products, or chemical compounds.
Issue date: 5-9-2012
Prepared By: Garcoa Labs

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