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8 February 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the letter that will be giving useful details about me and the
reasons why I am applying for German Visa. My name is Miss
Pharima Jumpathong. I am now working at Siam Yamato Steel
Co., Ltd the present position is Accounting operator, Accounting &
Finance Department. Since January 16, 2008 to present.

I would like to visit Germany Country and visit my friend. And this is
first time for me for travel abroad. I have known Mr. Sebastian from
Thailovelinks web at 19 Oct 2011. Mr. Sebastian is my good friend.
He comes to met me for two times, first time he come to Thailand
at 25 Oct-8 Nov 2011 and next time at 24 Dec 2011-6 Jan 2012.
We have been in contacted ever since by Mobile phone – TLL
Web-Messages. And after that he has invited me come to
Germany for meet his family and visit his town and show me on
Germany Culture same I show he about Thailand when he comes
here for two times ago. I intend to leave from Thailand on 9 April
2012 and return to Thailand on 23 April 2012 for my vacation.
Which I have already reserved my flight with Thai Airways TG 920
leave from Thailand and Thai Airways TG 923 leave from Frankfurt
Germany. I have some money for expense and when I am in
Germany and staying there Mr. Sebastian will be responsible for
my accommodation and all expenses for me

I wish I had given useful information for your consideration. After
you have an opportunity to review my documents and examine the
enclosed data sheet, if you have any further question please let me
attend the interview I would be very grateful to answer. And I
promise that after the expiry of vacation and visa I definitely
comeback to Thailand.

Faithfully yours

Miss. Pharima Jumpathong

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