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									                                       Fact Sheet
              IBEW® Code of Excellence Program

What is the Code of Excellence Program? The IBEW Code of Excellence Program for the
outside line construction industry is designed to implement professionalism and best
practices on each and every IBEW jobsite. Through the Code of Excellence Program we,
as IBEW members, insure that our jobs meet the highest standards, including:

       The safest possible workplace,
       The ultimate in quality and quantity of work,
       Unsurpassed work skills, and
       The most productive and safe work methods.

Why is the Code of Excellence important? In line construction the utility customer or
end-user of our services will determine whether we perform future work. If the IBEW
name becomes synonymous with quality work done right, on time, and under budget,
then the initial cost of our electrical construction becomes less significant and the
overall value will be recognized. Our goal is to create a favorable, lasting impression on
our utility customers, thereby prompting each customer to demand IBEW members and
contractors for future projects.

Is this a Labor/Management program? The Code of Excellence is strictly an internal
IBEW program, designed to instill a sense of pride and professionalism in our members.
However, the program does have indirect linkages with contractors and the customer in
insuring quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

How is the Code of Excellence Implemented? Once a local union expresses interest, an
IBEW international representative will make a presentation to the officers of your local
union. If they agree that the Code of Excellence is valuable, membership presentations
will be offered, and members will have the opportunity to learn and adopt the program.
It takes a solid, overall commitment by the local union membership for the Code of
Excellence Program to succeed.

Is additional training required? The Code of Excellence depends upon leaders, called
excellence stewards, at each jobsite. The local union will provide additional training to
members interested in becoming excellence stewards.

Where can I get additional information concerning the Code of Excellence Program?
Additional questions concerning the program should be directed to the local union
business manager. Local union leaders can contact their respective international vice
president’s office for additional information.

Fact Sheet–Outside Line Construction
Rev. 059/06

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