MAHU Board Meeting Minutes
                          Tuesday, December 5, 2006
                               Conference Call
                             10:00 am – 2:00 pm
                        Conference Center Call In Info:
                                Pin: 1236248
Roll Call – Present: Mike Embry, Suzy Alberts, Pat Pennefather, Dave Cluley, Michael
Burdo, Richard Duffield, Steve Wisneski, Nicole Rodriguez, Dan Blakemore, Marcy
Lay, Cindi Crandall

Excused - Mary Balaythy, Paul Goldman

Absent – Jackie Letts

Guest – Carl Jasperse, chair WMAHU Expo committee

1. President’s Report – Mike Embry
    Open Board Positions – Awards, Education
    Capitol Conference – attendees Steve Wisneski, Suzy Alberts, Richard Duffield,
      Pat Pennefather, Michael Burdo, Dan Blakemore, Dave Cluley, and maybe Mike
      Embry – Michael Burdo is requesting a list of all local members who will be
    Adopt a Local program – on going – nothing to report
    Michigan Health Policy Forum on October 30th – Michael Burdo, Dawn Kafka,
      and members of Leg Council attended – info on CDHP and consumerism in
      general – no new info shared
    OFIS Hearing on November 13th regarding BCN purchase of M-Care – no one
      was able to attend
    Region 3 Teleconference – November 20th – info on Cap Con, encouraged
      attendance at Leadership Conference for those invited, LTC partnership study
      guides to be coming out in January, seven RFP’s for regional meeting sent out,
      some scholarships available for Cap Con (Dan Blackmore maybe?), Marcia
      Wilcox awards training (setting up a training program)
    HUPAC Contributors – info sent to Val Cramer, some among leadership are not
      yet contributing
    OFIS Review of Licensing Examination Workshops – January 17, 2007 – Mike
      Embry and Steve Wisneski have volunteered to serve – OFIS looking for 5 people
      from insurance industry – encourage applicants
    South Central AHU Update – Dan Blakemore and Ginger Safford have not been
      able to link up – Dan has contacted agents within 20 miles of Ann Arbor – interest
      level lukewarm – no one interested in serving on board – Dan has secured By-
      Laws and binder – Jim Campbell not forthcoming with check book – about $1800
      in account – Mike Embry will contact Jim Campbell to obtain check book and
      other records; particularly, since Jim has lapsed his NAHU membership
    NAHU – Presidents Forum – upcoming and being coordinated by Dave Fear
                        MAHU Board Meeting Minutes
                          Tuesday, December 5, 2006
                               Conference Call
                             10:00 am – 2:00 pm
                        Conference Center Call In Info:
                                Pin: 1236248
2. President Elect Report – Nicole Rodriguez
    November E-Board Meeting – conversation with Pat McLaughlin, a NMAHU
      member from Traverse City, regarding relationship with Chambers – how aligned
      on issues to form a more formal alliance/partnership – same with SBAM and state
    Newsletter Discussion - Marcy did a great job – do we continue to have Marcy
      generate newsletter until we decide on securing an outside vendor? – invite
      vendor to participate at January E-board meeting – target a January issue to
      update on election , changes in procedures, etc

3. Secretary’s Report – Dave Cluley
    Approval of minutes from October 3, 2006 meeting. – motion by Suzy Alberts,
      second by Pennefather to accept – unanimous acceptance

4. Treasurer’s Report – Pat Pennefather
    Approval of current financials – motion by Dave Cluley, second by Nicole
      Rodriguez to approve – unanimous approval
    Budget discussion and approval
    Funding for Capitol Conference

5. Committee Reports:
    Membership - Paul Goldman (no report due to Paul’s absence)
      Membership growth and retention strategy and plan of execution
    Legislative – Michael Burdo
      Lansing Capitol Day – general support to change format to a CE day followed
        by legislative reception, maybe partner with MAIA or other organizations –
        reserve “Capitol Day” for major issues
      Update on changes in procedures for Legislative monitoring – will discontinue
        tracking all bills introduced – have developed five guidelines for determining
        recommended position – will use a color coded system to facilitate this – bills
        will be posted to web site using color coded system – further ideas discussed
        around becoming more effective with legislators as a resource
     Motion to join state Chamber of Commerce (annual dues are $295) by Dave
     Cluley, second by Steve Wisneski – motion passed with one abstention
      BCBSM Experience rating for 51 to 99 market – latest information is that the
        request was sent back to BCBSM by OFIS for further refinement
      State Planning Project for the Uninsured – no activity until January
      Michigan Business Tax Plan – not enough information at hand yet – will the
        premium tax apply to BCBSM as well?
                        MAHU Board Meeting Minutes
                          Tuesday, December 5, 2006
                               Conference Call
                             10:00 am – 2:00 pm
                        Conference Center Call In Info:
                                Pin: 1236248
          Cancer Vaccination Bills – passed out of House committee – looks like it will
           pass before end of session
          MAIA Collaboration – Dave Cluley – work with Mike Embry and Michael
           Burdo to arrange a meeting
          Michael Burdo proposed holding a large employer focus group as a means of
           providing direction to legislators on key issues and concerns to them

6. Old Business:
    Database clean up project – Marcy – on going – database in best shape it has ever
    Newsletter RFP – Suzy – see previous minutes under President-Elect report
    Website updates – Marcy – 255 “hits” in the 18 days between 11/15/06 and
    Julie Cassens Update – Suzy – no update as Julie has moved out on her own
    Cvent – Dave or Nicole – item closed – MDAHU has ability to extend contract to
      other locals

7. New Business:
    CKR 2006 Election Report – Marcy – all up to speed on this – no discussion
    Cap Con motion by Wisneski second by Alberts to fund $1800 per person based
     upon MAHU P&P, for up to 4 people to attend (Nicole Rodriguez, Pat
     Pennefather, Marcy Lay, and one other with possible partial funding not to exceed
     $500 for Dave Cluley) – unanimous approval
    E-Survey Results – Marcy – 491 members sent e-survey – 12% response, 60
     members – top requests: quarterly newsletter, monthly legislative update (or as
     needed), national speaker – appropriate actions on the detail questions has been
     taken – board members agreed to contact respondents who indicated they would
     like to be involved in the Association
    West Michigan Expo – Carl Jasperse – WMAHU Expo will be held March 7,
     2007, at DeVos Center in Grand Rapids – goal is 500 attendees and 75 exhibitors
     – any member of any local can attend for free and bring up to two support people
     with them – in return, promote Expo within local chapters and at any chapter
     events – attempting to bring in HSA custodians, wellness vendors, practice
     management providers at a reduced fee – normal fee is $750 – exhibits open
     10:30 am to 5:00 pm, CE in the morning, cocktail reception afterwards, lunch

8. Chapter Reports
       West Michigan – ethics issue – agent committed fraud with BCBSM and was
          terminated from agency – both BCBSM and OFIS are investigating – agent
                       MAHU Board Meeting Minutes
                         Tuesday, December 5, 2006
                              Conference Call
                            10:00 am – 2:00 pm
                       Conference Center Call In Info:
                               Pin: 1236248
          involved lapsed NAHU membership in 2000 – discussion about MAHU’s
          role, if any, here – agreed that our Code of Ethics compels us to act as a
          watchdog and police our industry – Embry suggested board members write
          letters to OFIS and BCBSM supporting pursuit of these investigations leading,
          where warranted, to prosecution
         Mid-Michigan – using Cvent, learning curve is steep and cumbersome – was
          not aware of MDAHU’s contract
         Southwest – extended invitation to all to attend Toys for Tots Christmas party
          at Kalamazoo Country Club on December 13th.

9. Adjournment - motion to adjourn Pennefather second Wisneski – unanimous
   approval – meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm

   Next meeting is an Eboard Meeting in Lansing on January 9, 2007

 Next full Board meeting is February 6, 2007 in Lansing.

    Thanks for all of your support in 2006!

Have a Very merry Christmas and a happy
               new year!

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