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									Angola National + WASH Coordinator

                       ToR: Angola National + WASH Coordinator

Position:                            WASH Coordinator

Starting Date:                       1st November 2010

Duration:                            6 months

Based:                               Luena, Moxico province

Reporting to:                        Country Director

Managing:                            up to 1st January 2011: manage WASH Project Officer in
                                     Moxico (Community Mobiliser and Accountant: tbc).
                                     From 1st January 2011: Lead, support and build capacity of
                                     national staff (WASH coordinator and WASH Project
                                     Officer, in Moxico) and partners.

                                     Angola has submitted a 3 years EC Water Facility proposal
                                     so scope of work and management may change if proposal
                                     is accepted.

Budget Responsibility:               up to 1st January 2011: post holder will manage UNICEF
                                     contract ( about 800,000 USD)
                                     Budget responsibility may change based on EC Water
                                     Facility result.


Working in Angola is challenging: The Government of Angola has huge financial resources
from its petrol revenue; however the country still ranks as one of the worst country for under
5 mortality. WASH related diseases, notably diarrhoea, are one of the causes of this mortality.

The Angola programme is currently undergoing its Single Management Structure change: it
is anticipated that this change will be effective from March 2012; following the current
development of a SMS country strategy.
Within this new country strategy, it is expected that WASH will remain an essential
component of Essential Services (alongside HIV and AIDS), while also providing the
necessary capacity for our humanitarian work in Angola and within Southern Africa.

Angola programme has just started the implementation of a 2 years UNICEF contract aimed
at improving access to water and sanitation facilities, through training of water committees,
installation of new water points (mainly open wells), increase in hygiene awareness and
elimination of open defecation using the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)

Purpose of recruitment:

Long term retention of international staff in Angola has proven very challenging. Angola is
one of the most expensive country to live in (cost of life in Luanda is more expensive than

The current WASH team (WASH Programme Manager and WASH Project Officer) have been
working each with Oxfam GB in Angola for more then 10 years. They have seen Oxfam GB
moving from a mainly humanitarian programme with direct implementation towards a
developmental approach emphasising on local partnerships and active communities.

The purpose of this recruitment is two fold:

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Angola National + WASH Coordinator
    -   Up to 1st January 2011: the post holder will manage the current UNICEF project in
        lieu of the WASH Programme Manager, who is seconded to Pakistan flood response.
    -   From 1st January 2011: the post holder will focus on capacity building of current
        Oxfam staff and partners, as well as the development of the WASH programme in
        Angola. Such capacity building will be performed through mentoring and coaching.
        The post-holder will need to establish with current staff, which area needs special
        attention for capacity building. However, some of the main competencies to be
        transferred are:
             o Holistic programme design to proposal writing.
             o Water and Sanitation Rights framework and policy analysis.
        In addition, an important role of the WASH coordinator will to lead the strategy and
        development of WASH programme for Angola, advising Country Leadership and
        seeking funding opportunity. The WASH coordinator will be expected to make
        recommendations regarding the future of WASH in Angola and its human resources

Key Responsibilities

       Manage WASH programme implementation, with regular reporting (internal OPAL
        and donor).
       Support partners’ implementation by providing technical expertise.
       Represent Oxfam in front of stakeholders in Moxico province and at national
       Ensure good integration of the UNICEF project within the overall Angola program to
        ensure that they can support and sustain each other. This will be done through close
        coordination with the other projects
       Maintain strong relationship with national stakeholders, with an emphasis on
       Promote WASH with country leadership (Oxfam GB and Oxfam Novib).
       Progressively build capacity of Oxfam GB WASH staff and partners with essential
       Support Angola WASH programme with technical expertise, as required and in
        particular humanitarian work.
       Update WASH country analysis as required, with a strong emphasis on potential
        climate change impact and influence on gender equality.
       Ensure that WASH remains a key sector in Oxfam Joint Country Analysis and
        Strategy, as well as Oxfam joint operational plan.
       Share experience and lessons with Regional Centre and other countries in the region
        (especially Zambia and Zimbabwe).
       Support Humanitarian Programme Coordinator in developing WASH component of
        Angola contingency plan and Disaster Risk Reduction.
       Advise Angola program on all WASH development for the future

Person Specification

       Experience of stakeholder (local government and UN) liaison/networking.
       An excellent communication skill in English.
       Portuguese (preferred) or Spanish communication skill is essential.
       Substantial knowledge and experience in water, sanitation and hygiene promotion
        (WASH) sectors, with corresponding degree.
       Knowledge and experience of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) methodology.
       Experience in conducting formal training and performing informal skill transfer
        (through mentoring and/or coaching).
       A strategic perspective and approach with ability to develop long term plans. An
        ability to work with others to develop vision into strategy and communicate and
        influence this to a wider audience.
       Commitment to and good knowledge of creating efficient, independent partner
        organisations, through effective capacity building and learning and development

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Angola National + WASH Coordinator
       A high level of self-awareness, personal energy, stamina and flexibility.
       Strong analytical and conceptual thinking skills; able to understand complex issues
        and translate them into simple, workable actions and plans.
       Proven experience as a team worker and demonstrably cooperative with members of
        other teams.
       Commitment to Oxfam’s overall aims and policies and experience of promoting
        gender equity and diversity and the interests of marginalized people in humanitarian

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