Common Terminology for The Puzzle Activity by HZPSpuY5


									                            Common Terminology for Puzzle Activity
   Three Structural              RBT             Facts/Factual      Concepts/Conceptual           Procedural
   Changes In Social          Knowledge           Knowledge             Knowledge                 Knowledge
   Studies Essential          Dimension
    Revised Bloom’s             Factual,         Concrete non-      Abstract transferable         The skills and
   Taxonomy (RBT),            Conceptual,         transferable       ideas that students          processes that
Conceptual Framework,         Procedural,       information that     should understand          indicate what the
Five Conceptual Strands      Metacognitive      students should
                                                                                               students should be
                                                                                                    able to do

Conceptual Framework          Conceptual        Generalizations      Guiding Questions           Performance
                                  Lens                                                               Tasks
Three dimensional model          A broad,        Statements of           A mix of factual,        Authentic or
     that focuses on           integrating,      understanding            conceptual and         scenario based
   transferable ideas         transferable        that includes      provocative questions      assessments in a
                            idea that focuses     two or more         that guide students’     concept-based unit
                             a unit of study        concepts        thinking from concrete
                                                                        to abstract levels
 Learning Experiences        Social Studies     Inter- or Intra-        Information and          Disciplinary
                                Strands           Disciplinary             Technology              Literacy
                                                      Unit                  Standards
The student engagement        Organize the       Integrates the           Intended to be        Emphasizes the
 in a concept-based unit    factual content,    strands of social     integrated into each         specialized
that prepare students for   skills, concepts,    studies and/or      discipline and seek to     knowledge and
      success on the               and              multiple            develop students’      abilities possessed
    performance tasks       generalizations       disciplines in         ability to classify      by those who
                                 that are       one unit of study            sources of               create,
                              essential for                                information,        communicate, and
                             understanding                                understand the         use knowledge
                               the social                            research process, the      within a specific
                                 studies                              differences between       subject/content
                                                                    informational text and       area or field of
                                                                      fiction, and issues of           study
                                                                       safety and ethics in
                                                                     using information and
  The NC Balanced          Formative           Learning             Unpacking             Crosswalks
 Assessment System        Assessment            Targets             Documents
   Includes a mix of    A process used           “I can”           A tool to help       A tool that helps
formative, benchmark,     found at the     statements that     educators understand        educators
    and summative       classroom level       represents        specifically what the   determine gaps
 assessment practices    that provides       student goals     new standards mean a      and overlaps
                          feedback to       that should be      student must know,      between two or
                        adjust teaching    accomplished in       understand and be        more sets of
                        and learning for   1-2 class periods         able to do            standards
                         teachers and

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